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Billiard Table Removalists - The Ultimate Guide to Hiring

Billiard Table Removalists - The Ultimate Guide to Hiring

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What are you moving?

You need to be reminded that there are several factors that influence the quotation provided by a moving company when moving a billiard table. But before anything else, you need to find a respectable moving company that can cater to your moving needs. When you find one, they should ask you some things such as the distance between the point of origin to where you want the table transferred. Other factors also include the dimensions and material of your pool table can also affect the pricing.

If you’re still not sure where to start, here’s an article that can give you an idea of how much it costs to move a billiard table and find reliable billiard table removalists near you.

What are the usual factors that affect the quotation given by billiard table removalists?

Some removalist companies will stick to a flat rate than the hourly rate or vice versa. The services include dismantling and assembling the table, lifting, and placing it in the designated area. Flat rates aren’t similar to all companies and the type of billiard table you have will greatly affect the pricing. The distance covered will also determine the overall cost of the move.

How do I know if the company charges an hourly rate or a flat rate?

Asking for a price quotation from the moving company will have you inquiring first whether they rely on the flat or hourly rate. This will help you make price comparisons and select a moving company which would help you save money more.

Distance of the move

The price of the move will vary depending on the distance covered and how the move will happen. Would you want an in-house move? That is the most affordable among all the other types of a move but some companies will be asking for additional fees especially when you want it moved to a place that has numerous stairs.

Regardless of moving it to a warehouse or a new residence, there are additional costs associated with the transportation. The tolls and fuel are also other things to consider as well. So, expect that the shorter trip, the cheaper would your moving costs be.

Do check if your pool table can be dismantled and kept to be transferred to another state or country. Moving the item interstate or internationally will have you accounting for the table’s weight and the distance when computing the cost.

Dimensions of the billiard table

Discussion with the moving company will include indicating the size of the table so that they’ll have an easier time identifying the accurate costs of the move. Usually, table dimensions range from 5 to 12 feet, and of course, the larger the size, the more costly the price will be. The complexity of assembling and disassembling the table may also influence the table.

Ball return system and pockets of the billiard table

The company may request additional charges when the table includes a ball return system and the fee will also depend on the material of the table pockets as it is not easy to dismantle the parts.

These table parts would need special skills in removing and putting them back, so it would be best to have a qualified mover to carry out the said job.

Positioning of the billiard table

Say, the table will have to be moved not in the usual position, this means additional costs. Other moving companies will charge more if the table is required to be transported on its side or other positions.

Transporting your table to a new destination and you want the lights placed on top of the table, it is highly suggested to have the lights assembled in their designated place before putting the table.

Supplemental services to consider

There are removalist companies that also provide upgrading services for your billiard table once it’s already arrived at your place. They may offer pool table refelting which may cost an estimate of $150-$500, depending on the materials since felting will include the cloth, removal of the staple, installation, and levelling.

A more affordable option is letting professionals repair or change the table components when the table is dismantled. This will also have to reconsider pocket, cushion, or felt replacement and shining the wood.

Other factors to consider for the moving cost

What if you need multiple pool tables transferred? Moving companies will charge extra depending on the number of tables you want to be moved as well as the type and dimension of the tables.

Warranty of the billiard table

The moving company offers to gather the needed legal requirements for the entire pool table repair process. But some moving companies may provide warranties for their labour so it is important to discuss with them these matters.

Some companies already include these things inside their usual quotation but you can’t assume all companies are the same. So it is only necessary to ask whether they charge extra for them.

Other strategies that will help you save money

As much as possible, never try to disassemble the billiard table on your own before the movers arrive at your place. This is because the movers will be having difficulties in loading them onto the truck which would mean additional labour on their part.

As a consequence, they will have to charge you extra fees for the additional effort of disassembling the table. Indicate the type of table that you have so they will have initial ideas on how to work with the disassembly.

Do all moving companies offer pool table moving services?

Although removal companies include billiard tables in the objects they move, we highly recommend relying on companies that specialize solely in pool tables because they may be offering other services that would be of great help to you.

General moving companies may be inadequate or incapable of handling pool tables as they may treat the object similar to your pieces of furniture or appliance when that shouldn’t be the case. This kind of treatment will make the table prone to damage and other kinds of risks,

Wrapping up

Other than the tips stated previously, there are also misconceptions about moving a billiard table. You need to know that two movers with a pickup truck are not equivalent to a professional mover. They may have offered you cheap rates but they are not highly qualified to handle a pool table move. See to it if a company also offers table repairs and the price so that you can anticipate the amount to pay in case something happens to the table.

Lastly, always read through the feedback and comments of previous clients about their personal experiences with the company as these are the most reliable sources of information when it comes to checking the credibility of the removal company.

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