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Guide on How to Pack a Bicycle When Moving

Guide on How to Pack a Bicycle When Moving

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Bicycles are undoubtedly the most efficient means designed to convert human energy into mobility. It is man's best buddy when it comes to refreshing cardiovascular exercises. During off-road movement or cross-country moves, unprotected and unsecured bicycles on the mobile truck are easily damaged. If you ought to have long-distance trips, then you need to keep your bicycle in top condition.

Not sure how to properly protect your bicycle during the move? Here is a step-by-step guide to keep your bike safe in transit.

Gather the Supplies

The first is to gather the needed supplies to ensure that your bicycle is packed properly before moving. Here is the list of the supplies for you to prepare:

  • 1 cardboard bike box
  • 1 small box for the disassembled bike parts
  • Cushioning materials (foam padding, bubble wraps, foams, towels, or rags)
  • 10 tube protectors (optional)
  • 1 fork protector
  • 4-wheel axle protectors
  • Cable ties
  • Scissors or carpet knife
  • Zip ties
  • Clear packing tape
  • Extra cardboard pieces
  • Permanent marker

You may contact your local bike shop, to get the supplies mentioned above as well as to request a special bike box. All you need to do is provide the size of your bike for a personalized one. Another option is to call a local removalist to see if they own such a container.

Disassembling Your Bicycle

To fit your bicycle in its moving box, you must remove any protruding parts from it. Your aim is to reduce your bike to a sleek, compact shape. To start, here are the bicycle parts you need to disassemble during your move:

  • Pedals and Handlebars
  • Saddle and Seat post
  • Wheels
  • Derailleur and Hanger
  • Racks, Fenders, and Decorations

Before disassembling, clean your bike with a soft rag and be sure to have the correct disassembling tools. If you don't have the necessary tools such as pedal and torque wrench, a set of hex wrenches, and pliers, it's best to buy them from your favourite bike store, as they will surely come in handy in the future.

Cushioning and Boxing Disassembled Bicycle Parts

Disassembling each part of your bicycle is a big help to protect your bicycle. All the parts that you disassembled should be wrapped with packing paper or bubble wrap. This way, you will be sure that your bicycle parts are safe during transit.

1. Frame

For the painted part of the bicycle frame, use a foam tube liner and fix it to the component with a cable tie or tape. If your foam is fragile, wrap it in cardboard to reinforce the foam.

2. Handlebars and Pedals

After removing the handlebar, leave the handlebar stem on the bike. After disassembling, replace the hardware (nuts, bolts, and panels) on the handlebar to ensure the safety of the parts. Leave your shift levers for the brakes and gears on the handlebars, but don’t overstretch the cables.

For pedals, cushion and secure them before placing them in the box. Once you place it in the bike box, make sure to secure them inside, so it doesn’t shake around.

3. Saddle and Seat Post

Once you have removed your saddle and seat post, cushion them with bubble wrap or foam before placing them in the box. Secure the seat post to avoid damaging other parts of the bike by using tape to avoid movement.

4. Disc Brakes

Take care when packing the disc brakes. If possible, remove all clamps, pad them, and then secure them to the bike with tape or zip ties. Put all the brake accessories you removed in a bag so that no parts are lost. During transportation, the disc brake is separated with a pad spreader.

5. Rear Derailleur

The rear derailleur is a very delicate part of your bike which means it can easily get damaged. For this reason, make sure that this part is properly protected. You must start by slowly shifting the small chainring and the largest rear cog.  After that, wrap the rear derailleur and the chain with bubble wrap and secure it with packing tape or zip ties.

6. Wheels

When wrapping the front wheel, be sure to cover both ends of the axle to prevent them from entering the box. Before you start packing the front wheels into the packing box, please pad the wheels or use the special padded wheel bags provided by the bicycle shop or your removalists.

7. Accessories

If you have some accessories in your bikes such as racks, fenders and bottle cages, be sure to remove them. Place all small pieces together with the hardware in a secured and closed box and place the box inside the bike box with tape or cardboard.

Box and Secure Your Bike

Once you have properly boxed all disassembled parts, place your bike including all boxes with each part in the bike box. Be sure to seal it properly.  Remember to add enough cushions such as bubble wrap or foam to avoid any movement inside your bike box. This way, your bike and all its parts are secured inside.

For special packaging materials, including bike cases and bubble wrap, you can contact the best Removalists Adelaide and Removalists Perth immediately. They provide the best moving services in Australia, including high-quality packing supplies for all your sports and adventure equipment.

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