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Tips for Moving Large Items with Ease

Tips for Moving Large Items with Ease

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Worried about moving your large and heavy items? You are not alone. One of the most difficult tasks you may encounter if you are moving whether local or interstate is loading and unloading large and heavy items. Moving is a challenging job since it requires a lot of physical labour particularly if you are doing it yourself. There’s a possibility you'd damage the items or worse, inflict an injury on yourself if you don't take proper precautions.

Now, if you are planning to move large and heavy items, and looking for a way how to start, you are in the right place. Here are some useful tips you may follow for moving large and heavy items which could save you time and avoid unnecessary difficulties.

1. Assess and create a plan

Before doing all the intensive labour, assess all the items first and create a plan for your move. Make sure to make an inventory of all belongings, especially heavy and large items. This way, you will have an idea of how you load and unload these items on the truck to keep them secured.

It is also a great idea if you measure the route to and from your moving van or truck before you start moving large and heavy items. With this, you can avoid unforeseen problems and damage to the items.

Calculating the expenses is also a good start to having enough budget and saving money for it. Creating a plan will surely save a lot of time, effort and money in the long run.

2. Dismantle the Items to minimize weight

If there’s a possibility to take away large and heavy items apart, please do so. This will lessen the struggle of lifting heavy and large items. Dismantling all removable pieces, like cushions, legs, drawers, knobs as well as bed frames is essential to make the object lighter. Large and heavy items that cannot be dismantled should be secured properly to avoid any damage to the items, as well as injuries to the people lifting the furniture.

3. Use of Moving Tools

I’m sure you are worried about moving large and heavy items since it requires intensive labour but worry no more. There are moving equipment that are built to make tasks like moving as easy and efficient as possible. So before doing any strenuous physical tasks, preparation of all necessary moving tools is important.

If you are hiring removalists, they can provide these tools. If you are doing a DIY move, you might consider renting these tools as you will be using them only once. But if you are planning to save them and use them in the future, you can purchase them in a home depot or hardware. Here is a list of some helpful moving tools:

  • Sliders
  • Lifting Straps
  • Moving Blankets
  • Stair rollers
  • Moving dollies

4. Use the Right Lifting Techniques

If you are planning to hire local or interstate removalists, you don’t need to worry about this since the removalists can do all the lifting. But if you will be doing a DIY move, having the right lifting techniques is essential. I’m sure no one wants to move into a new home with a broken back and other injuries, right?

One thing to remember in lifting is to avoid using your back muscles but instead, use your legs. You need to bend your knees with your back straight and use the power of your lower limbs to lift heavy and large furniture and other heavy objects. It’s also advisable to push heavy items rather than pull them. Lastly, keep large and heavy items close to your body and eyes in front of you to avoid any distractions.

 5. Hiring a Trusted Moving Company

If you prefer to save time and avoid the hassle of moving large and heavy items during your home move, hiring a trusted and professional removalist is the best choice. This way, you will have the option to get enough men that move to help you out and you can just stand and watch the professional movers move your large and heavy items efficiently.

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Budget-friendly removalists. Trusted by thousands of customers. Door to Door delivery. Same Day service. Fixed Prices.
9.8 · 958 reviews
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