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Registering Your Car Interstate: A Comprehensive Guide
Discover the essential steps to register your car interstate in Australia with our comprehensive guide. Contact Upmove for further information.
Best place to retire in Australia | Upmove
Discover the Best Australian Retirement Spots: Sun, Sea, and Savings Await. Find Your Dream Retirement Destination! #RetireInAustralia
Moving to the Sunshine Coast
Moving to the Sunshine Coast
September 29, 2023
Thinking of moving to the Sunshine Coast? We’ve got everything you need to know before putting down roots in this popular spot.
Prepare to be moved: What does it cost to move rental properties?
Embark on a budget-friendly rental property move with expert tips. From planning to hidden costs, we've got you covered. Get started with Upmove.com.au
The Essential Guide to Car Seats in a Rental Truck
Concerned about using a child car seat in a rental truck in your next move? Get the best advice from Melbourne's most experienced removalist, Upmove.
Top Car Rental Companies Across Australia [2023]
With so many car rental options, it’s impossible to know which company to choose. That’s why we've compiled a list of the top car rental companies in Australia.
The Ultimate Moving House Checklist | Australia
Looking for a moving house checklist in Australia? We got you covered!
5 Factors that Affects Removalists Adelaide Prices
Factors that affect removalists Adelaide prices and how we can help you get the right estimate to suit your budget.
Relocation During Pandemic | Can Removalists Work During Lockdown?
Basic guidelines to keep you informed about removalists work during lockdown within Australia.
Removalist Cartons and Other Packing Materials Needed for Moving
Tips in preparing for a house move and what packing materials are needed for moving and storage.
Removalist Cost Calculator: How to Calculate Removal Quotes
How to calculate removal cost using removalist cost calculator. This article will help you calculate cost so you'd know if it suits your allocated budget.
What is a Removalist and What are Their Duties?
Are they just mere deliverers of your belongings to your new house? Let this article help you in knowing more about movers and moving companies.
Billiard Table Removalists - The Ultimate Guide to Hiring
Some removalist companies will stick to a flat rate than the hourly rate or vice versa. The services include dismantling and assembling the table, lifting, and placing it in the designated area.
How to Move Furniture — The Ultimate Guide
Favourably, I learned that "being unprepared" is perhaps the biggest inhibitor to moving furniture, followed by an ever-dominating DIY ideology. A concrete and comprehensive "plan" is, therefore, a must
How Much Does A Removalist Cost and What Factors Affect Them?
Relocating is a one-of-a-lifetime experience an individual may gain but the things that go with it are not as enjoyable as a person would hope.
How Much Do Interstate Removalists Cost in Australia?
One of the common questions that come up when deciding to move to a new home is the expenses you’ll be making when availing of the moving services of a removalist company.
Top End Of Lease Cleaning Companies in Australia
End of lease cleaning requires knowledge and specialized equipment in order to bring a previously used property into it's original state. Therefore, choosing the right cleaning company is a task requiring particular attention. Here, we have a look at all of the top end of lease companies in Australia who are specialists in this particular field.
Best Vans And Dealers For Removalists Businesses in 2022
Removalists businesses heavily rely on their main work tool - their van. Choosing a vehicle that suits your needs as a removalist is crucial as well as having a reliable dealer who will always be available to discuss your issues, maintenance and financing.
Removalists Using Route Optimisation Software Are Saving Time And Increasing Profits
How route planning software helps removalists companies plan routes, optimize and save. Some of the best route planning tool providers available on the market and how removalists can utilize them to achieve their company goals.
Tips On How To Move With Plants
Some people find moving plants a very hard and challenging process. You are surely going to be asking yourself numerous questions and discussing getting them prepared for relocation.
List of Items You Should Toss Before Your Home Move
If you are moving out soon and are not sure what items you need to toss before you start the packing process, here is a list of items you should toss before your home move.
Common Home Moving Delays and How to Handle Them
Even if you hire a removalist, moving delays may still happen. To make this matter easier for you, we have listed the common causes of moving delays and how to manage them.
Things You Need to Include in your Essentials Box
Having a box of essentials will come in handy and will help you survive. But if you are not sure what to include in your box, this list of essential items will be your guide.
Guide for A Last-Minute Home Move
If this is your first time to experience an urgent move, don’t panic. Take a deep breath and read this guide we have created to aid you with your last-minute home move.
Guide on Moving Home When You Are Pregnant
With the right planning and help, you can move while pregnant and not lose your mind. Here is a guide that can be helpful when moving home in order to alleviate stress.
Tips for Moving During Winter in Australia
Everyone wants to move during great weather and winter is not essentially the best time for a house move. But if you still plan to move, here are 5 useful tips.
Is Moving Insurance Necessary Before Moving?
Moving insurance covers the risk of losses, damages, and uncertainties to your possessions during a move. Thus, this article will show you the necessity of getting one.
Essential Contacts to Notify When Moving Home
Not sure who to notify when moving? Don’t worry, we have gathered this list of important contacts. This way, your moving stress will lessen and avoid further problems.
7 Useful Tips for a Home Move in a Rainy Day
Rain can be predicted but can occasionally be forgotten to be checked due to hectic schedules and admitted carelessness. To help you be prepared, we have gathered useful tips that you can easily follow to keep your belongings safe and dry even it is raining.
5 Hassle-Free Ways in Moving Your Stove or Range at Home
If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to move your stove or range by yourself, here are some 5 hassle-free ways you can use in moving your stove in no time!
10 Essential Packing Materials for Your Home Move
Curious about what supplies you need for you to successfully pack your items? This will provide you with a complete list of all the essential supplies and their purposes.
Tips on Keeping Kids Busy on Moving Day
Are you moving soon and thinking of ways on how to keep your kids busy on moving day? Here are some tips you can follow to make your move safe for your whole family.
Guide on How to Move a Sofa
Everyone knows that moving furniture is not an easy task, especially if it is a big and heavy as a sofa. Thus, enough preparation should be done beforehand.
A Guide on How to Secure Your New Home
If you are getting ready to move in and not sure how to secure your new home to keep your belongings and family safe, this guide will help you with what to do.
Tips for a Successful Pre-Moving Sale
If you are thinking of doing a pre-moving sale, you need to plan and prepare in advance. We gathered these easy-to-follow tips for a successful hosting of your pre-moving sale.
7 Common Home Moving Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
Everyone hopes for a smooth move, but sometimes there are unforeseen things that may happen. We have listed 7 common home moving mistakes and how you can avoid them.
Moving a Fridge or Freezer the Right Way
If you are planning to move your fridge or freezer, here are tips on how to prepare and how to carefully carry your fridge or freezer to the moving truck.
Top Reasons People Use Self-Storage Units
In Australia, self-storage units are getting popular yearly. We have listed these main reasons why increasing numbers of people are now using a storage unit.
Should I Ship Furniture or Buy New when Moving?
Deciding whether to move your valuable furniture to your new home is difficult. To help you out, here are some of the factors that you can check before deciding.
7 Moving Tips for Seniors and People with Disabilities
Moving is physically challenging and a greater challenge for seniors and people with disabilities. Reading these tips is a good idea to manage and organize for a much easier move.
How to Meet Your New Neighbours
Meeting new neighbors may not be a priority for you after a move but this will help you feel more settled both into your new home and neighborhood.
7 Home Improvements to Make Before Moving In
With no furniture to worry about, whatever improvements you want to do in your new home will be easier and faster.
Tips for Moving Large Items with Ease
Before doing all the intensive labour, assess all the items first and create a plan for your move. Make sure to make an inventory of all belongings especially heavy and large items.
Tips for Unpacking After A Move
After you or your home movers have unloaded the last of your boxes and furniture, you will surely want to take a break and the last thing you will think about is unpacking.
How to Make Money in Australia's Gig Economy
The gig economy or also known as sharing economy is based on flexible, temporary, or freelance jobs which often involves associating with clients or customers using an online platform.
Tips for Moving Antique Furniture
Antique furniture comes in different forms, designs, and styles. It can be challenging to move these items since enough knowledge is needed on how to properly preserve and protect these precious items from possible damages.
Benefits of Hiring a Moving Company
With all the benefits of hiring a moving company, you will surely not regret doing so. You can save time, money and you will be stress-free.
How to Move Heavy Furniture Without Damaging Floors
It can be a challenging task to move heavy furniture if you are doing it yourself. A lot of people are having a rough time doing it without damaging the floors.
How Many Removalists Do I need?
House moves are challenging. One of the questions you have is the number of people needed for your move. You need to consider factors that affect the number of movers.
Tips on How to Pack Electronics For Moving
People invest a lot of money to be able to get the comfort that electronic devices provide. So, when moving to a new home, what you wanted to make sure is for these items to arrive in one piece, and still in a working condition. Here are some useful tips that can help you ensure the safety of your electronic items when moving.
Tips For Hiring Quality Removalist
Hiring a removalist for the move can help decrease your stress when moving to a new home. How do you find a removalist around your area to do the moving job?


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