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Transporting Furniture From Facebook Marketplace

How to use furniture removalists to ship big and bulky items bought on Facebook.
By · December 11, 2023
Transporting Furniture From Facebook Marketplace

Need to transport furniture from Facebook Marketplace?

Find and compare expert furniture removalists for a single item in a few clicks.
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When it comes to second-hand furniture, Facebook Marketplace has emerged as something of a gold mine. From preloved sofas, side tables, sun lounges and more, you’re bound to find a perfect fit for your home, at a fraction of the retail cost.

But, as any Facey furniture shopper or seller knows, there are sometimes issues that arise around getting items from A to B.

Picture this: you find the perfect piece of furniture on Marketplace and it ticks all of the boxes - size, style, shape, colour and budget. The problem is, it’s too big to fit into your hatchback or sedan, and it’s marked pick-up only. The last thing you want to do after scouring the internet for hours is abandon your purchase. Luckily now you don’t have to. The answer: use a furniture removalist.

You may think that a removalist sounds like an excessive or expensive solution for a budget Facebook buy. Or perhaps you’re worried it will be difficult to find a moving service for just one or two items. That’s where you’re wrong. Certain moving services now offer single item delivery for Marketplace sales and purchases.

Here’s what you need to know.

DIY vs professional movers - what’s best?

It goes without saying that a DIY job will always be cheaper than bringing in the professionals. But, there are times when DIY just won’t do. Here are some things to consider when weighing up your options.

Do you have a suitable van or ute to move larger items?

If the answer is yes and you feel confident with heavy lifting and loading, perhaps a DIY job will suit you best. If not, then best to leave it to the pros.

How far are you travelling?

If your pick up location is within your local area, it may make sense to jump in your car and pick up yourself. However, longer trips cost time, fuel and wear and tear on your vehicle. Be sure to consider the full cost associated with DIY moving before you decide against a moving service.

How big is the furniture that requires transportation?

As a general rule, items that are small, compact and/or easy to dissemble into smaller parts are more suited to DIY moves. Bigger, bulkier items can be tricky and there’s always a real risk of damage to the item in transit or even that the furniture won’t fit in your vehicle.As a rough guide, here’s a list of some items that are suited to DIY and those that aren’t.

DIY: Hardwood side tables, coffee tables, dining chairs, lamps, small mirrors, children’s furniture, bed frames (unassembled), mattresses and smaller televeisions and tech.

Don’t DIY: Large wardrobes, sofas, armchairs, large (fully assembled) dining tables, extra large televisions, oversized mirror, glass top tables - basically anything big and/or particularly delicate.

Why use furniture removalists for Facebook item?

Whether the item you've bought is pre-loved or brand new, you still want it to arrive at your door in the condition you bought it in. This can be tricky when it comes to big and bulky items such as tables, cabinets or sofas which can easily become dented or damaged through self-transportation.

Furniture is particularly susceptible to harm when you find yourself trying to fit larger items into smaller every day vehicles.

Using a moving company eliminates the risk of damage to your new items. Removalists are used to handling and manoeuvring chunky pieces of furniture and know how to do so in a way that protects your belongings.

Another perk of hiring a removalist is you don’t have to worry about heavy lifting or risk of injury to yourself. Picking up and moving sizable pieces of furniture can be a strenuous task - even for the fittest among us.

The right removalists will help you with everything from the packing, loading and transportation of your item. That removes any chance of injuring yourself and creates a seamless buying and moving experience for both you and the seller.

Is delivery safe?

When it comes to moving your items, you’ll want to know that your furniture and possessions are in the safest of hands, handled only by absolute professionals. To ensure the safety of your items, we recommend looking for packers that are vetted, trained and proven in removals of all shapes and sizes.

Most services will come equipped with all necessary packaging materials to ensure the safest transportation possible, but just be sure to ask ahead of time, especially if your item is particularly delicate eg. made of glass.

In addition to these safety processes, every moving company should have their own insurance, so you know, in the case of an accident, your item(s) is covered.

Can I arrange delivery for a single item?

The short answer is yes. Some services even offer same day or next-day delivery on single items. But, not all moving companies have the flexibility or capacity to do so. Compare furniture removalists who offer a tailored service, without minimum delivery requirements, and who can transport across Australia.

Is there anything moving companies won’t deliver?

Typically, anything that can be bought on Facebook Marketplace can be handled and moved by professional removalists. In saying that there are a few exceptions including living creatures and dangerous items. For the average furniture shopper, this won’t present an issue.

How much does it cost to use a furniture removalist?

The cost of furniture transportation varies depending on the size of the item(s), distance between pick up and drop off, and any special requirements. However, more and more companies are offering affordable moving solutions to meet the needs of Marketplace shoppers who only need to transport one or two pieces of furniture.

Where can I move from / to?

Technically you can arrange pick up and delivery of items from anywhere, to anywhere in Australia. However, not all interstate moving companies offer national service so best to use removalist services that operate country wide.

How far in advance should I book my Marketplace delivery?

Usually, the earlier you can book in, the better. By booking in as soon as you know you’ve made your purchase will allow you to reserve your spot and communicate pick up with the seller without any last minute stress. Booking in advance also tends to help you hold your delivery price and avoid any future price increases too.

How do I find the best removalist?

With more and more moving options available it’s best to explore a few providers. That way you can find a service that can meet your exact pick up needs within your budget. Upmove offers a simple, straightforward way to connect with and compare between providers.

Every partner listed is vetted by the Upmove team to ensure the best possible experience for you. Not to mention Upmove removalists compete for your job meaning you get the best quotes - keeping your delivery costs down.

Need to transport furniture from Facebook Marketplace?

Find and compare expert furniture removalists for a single item in a few clicks.
9.7 · 1,052 reviews

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