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How Much Does A Removalist Cost and What Factors Affect Them?

How Much Does A Removalist Cost and What Factors Affect Them?

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What are you moving?

Relocating is a one-of-a-lifetime experience an individual may gain but the things that go with it are not as enjoyable as a person would hope. Determining which items to keep and discard, renting a vehicle, or preferring to hire movers, one thing is for sure: expenses are inevitable. 

Selecting a removal company with affordable rates would totally reduce the possibility of paying a lot when moving with your items. But to make things easier, hiring professional movers is highly recommended for you to prevent any inconveniences while doing the move. Ensuring a smooth moving experience would mean spending reasonable moving expenses offered by reliable moving companies. 

If the intent to relocate lingers on your mind for the longest time, we’ve got you covered! Aside from discovering the probable costs of moving, we’ve also put up some details on what to consider in moving to make your preparation efficient. 

We’ve come up with this article in helping you provide the knowledge in answering your primary question: How much does a removalist cost?

How much does a removalist cost? 

A wise action to make while planning your move is having a list of estimates and looking for moving companies that are registered to ensure their legitimacy. It is crucial to check if these companies are highly reputable in handling removals to avoid getting scammed and for you to get the best value for your money.  

These are estimated moving costs depending on the house: For a single-bedroom apartment it may be priced at $380 and above; A two-bedroom house, the minimum would be $450 while a three-bedroom house would cost $660 and for houses that contain four bedrooms the possible minimum is at $880. 

The usual arrangement for typical removals is $140 hourly with two movers and a truck, given if the moving schedule is not during holidays or on peak days. However, if you opt to just rent a vehicle, you’ll just be paying an approximate $70 hourly and of course, you’ll do the packing and lifting all by yourself or ask some friends to help you. 

Registered removal companies are required to have trained removalists for them to be qualified in handling the removals. It is suggested for you seek help from them instead of doing it on your own so you can safely transport your belongings to the new address. 

Types of costs to expect for various removal types

Local move

An estimate of $119 hourly is expected for the usual two men and one truck type of removal. This also includes the insurance which covers, let’s say, a three-bedroom house as well as the mileage. 

Remember that there are increases on weekends or during national holidays which may be up to 15%. There are additional charges for hiring another mover to add to the removal team which may be of great help when the move requires multiple hands.

Interstate move

The distance is a big factor in estimating the cost, usually, it would be between $3500 to $5000, if the standard is a three-bedroom unit and is equipped with insurance, mileage, and packing materials.

International move

International removal is a very different matter when compared to domestic and interstate removals. Aside from the distance covered, the following are the factors that are considered when estimating the costs: 

The number of items to be sent 

Whether the delivery is a door-to-door or door-to-port style 

Charges and taxes imposed on the items 

The removal services of the company itself 

Factors that determine the removalist cost 

In order for you the company to have a reliable estimate of the moving costs, there are factors responsible for determining the expenses: 

Item Quantity

As previously mentioned, it is important to specify the number of items needed to be transported to the new location. It also includes the sizes of these items which is indeed a major factor in the costs since they’ll have to check the truck size needed to make the removal possible. To reduce expensive costs, consider items that can be folded and disassembled so that a lot of items could fit into the vehicle, 

The distance back and forth from the origin point

This is also already mentioned but the distance covered to and from the initial destination to the final is a major factor. The farther the distance, the more expensive the moving costs get. It is advisable to cut down trips in order to save.

Moving schedule

If a move would require multiple trucks and movers as well as a few days to make it possible, this would have them incapable of getting more clients. Thus, this will be compensated by letting the client pay more. 

Size of the moving company’s new site or building renovation

The size of the new site or area also contributes to the removal costs. There are companies that are in favour of increasing the space of their area and that would mean having to let their clients pay more than those companies that are still fine with their space size. 

Asking for insurance during the move 

There are some companies that automatically include insurance on the items on their usual moving quotation but just to be sure, ask them if there are additional fees when placing insurance. To ensure that the items are delivered with caution, check if the removalist company is legally certified in offering insurance, not only on the items but also on all kinds. 

Ways to keep removalist costs low 

No one likes having to pay for surcharges that were unexpected and in order to do that, is knowing the actual estimate of the totality of the removal costs so that you can easily budget the money needed to pay the company. Here are ways to help you save: 

Reduce the items and discard unwanted ones 

Anticipate possible scenarios during the move 

Organize your belongings for packing 

Check the packing supplies 

Plan a moving budget in advance so you can be ready for possible costs that may be not under your control 

If you have items that you can sell, set a schedule for you to market them and find buyers 

Avail of the moving insurance 

A checklist would always be handy 

Research and consult an affordable but reliable removalist company 

Essential questions that you need to ask your removalist company: 

How will the removalists transfer your belongings? 

Are the movers qualified and trained? 

What is their level of moving experience and skills? 

How do I guarantee that my belongings are transported safely? 

What does your company’s quotation cover? 

What more services do you offer aside from moving? 

How do you handle fragile items and furniture? 

Do you have a list of feedback or reviews from the previous clients themselves? 

Do you have industry certifications or accreditations? 

Is it needed to pay a downpayment? 

Is insurance already provided and what type of insurance are they? 

Wrapping up 

Even if your intention is not to avail of moving services but possibly, establish your own removalist company, you need to know and research the industry well. You need to observe and be aware of how things operate and what keeps the client consistent in hiring a company’s services. After all, no client would want a stressful moving experience.

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9.7 · 1,139 reviews
What are you moving?

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