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5 Factors that Affects Removalists Adelaide Prices

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5 Factors that Affects Removalists Adelaide Prices

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Getting the price estimates of hiring removalists usually is one of the primary tasks you have to carry out prior to scheduling your relocation. If you decide to relocate to Adelaide, being aware of the possible removal rates would be best for your budget preparations.

The entire relocation costs would highly depend on several factors that you need to consider. We’ve also come up with this article to guide you through the things that you need to know about removalists Adelaide prices. Have a read below:

Removalists Adelaide Prices: Factors that Affect It

Numerous factors are listed below that will directly affect the total costs of availing removal services when you plan to move to Adelaide. We’ve enumerated them below:

The Size of the House 

Your house size and the number of things you want to move will greatly affect the removal costs that you have to pay at the end of the relocation process. A larger house would mean more items to organize, load, and unload compared to smaller house units. The things you want to move, and by things we mean the pieces of furniture, appliances, and ornaments that you intend to include in the move would also affect the moving costs.

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Since larger houses usually house more objects than units with few rooms, the moving would cost more. However, this arrangement doesn’t usually apply to most relocations. Say, you have a house that contains a minimal amount of objects or a smaller house unit but houses larger furniture, you need to specify such details to the moving company when you ask them for an estimate of the moving quote so that they can input accurate computations according to what you indicated. This will also allow them to determine enough removalists and the appropriate truck size for your moving needs.

The Preparation Phase

One of the crucial aspects of moving, is adequate preparation will spare you from incurring multiple expenses. It would be a big advantage if you have organized all of the objects for moving by sorting and packing them before the scheduled day of the move, it will make the relocation an entirely smooth experience, both for you and for the removalists.

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If you have decided to shoulder the responsibility of packing the items on your own, remember to place clear labels in each box and the room where they belong. Additionally, dismantle furniture pieces and other objects so that they won’t occupy a lot of space in the truck and you spare the removalists from additional labour.

If ever you lack a cardboard box or would need packing material, you may request the removalists to provide it, but expect additional costs. Most companies have a wide array of packing materials that they usually bring with them just in case situations arise where they are needed.

The Distance Between Your Old and New Houses

If the location of the two addresses is near to each other, then it would mean lesser inconvenience for the movers to deliver your items and lesser costs too. You need to account for the factors on the road as well such as traffic, weather conditions, and the quality of the highways.

To make the relocation process faster, the movers will have to avoid moving during peak traffic hours within Adelaide. Moreover, the company will also have to observe the weather whether it is safe for moving and consider the number of routes so that your belongings will be delivered as quickly as possible.

Appropriate Parking Area for the Moving Truck

Looking for the right parking place for the moving truck should also be considered. This is necessary so that it would be easier to load and unload the items off the vehicle so best if you inform the movers of the parking zones near your houses ahead of time. Time will also be managed well once the movers are aware of the area for the truck to park.

Whether Your House Has a Lift or Staircases

If the removalists would need to travel within your house using the lift or stairs to place an item in a specific room, this will also mean extra charges to your moving costs. This is because when they have to utilize a lift, they would need to be more careful in handling your items. From lifting your items out of the old house using stairs or an elevator to loading them into the truck then arriving at your new home, you can say that moving is a very time-consuming and tedious task. Furthermore, they also have to consider how your furniture or appliance will fit in such places and how many trips they need to take within the house.

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Say, you live on the highest floor of an establishment and the lift does not operate really quickly which means the movers will take hours to load and unload. However, when there is no lift or stairs in both house, we recommend you request an additional mover in order to make the move more efficient and spare you further expenses.

Staircases also contribute more time to the relocation process just as a lift does. So if you have stairs in both homes, especially if there’s a lot then it would be best to ask for additional movers that can assist during the move.

The Duration of a Typical Adelaide Relocation

If you need a general idea of how long will Adelaide relocations take, we’ve listed them below. Most moving companies would provide them and they ensure that you get the best services possible at the rates they offer.

The hours are estimated averages that are based on the observed durations of moves within Adelaide. Do note that the factors we’ve previously indicated may change over time.

  • It would usually take an hour each in loading and unload 10 cubic meters of items.

  • For a studio or a single-bedroom unit, it would take 2-4 hours.

  • For a 2-bedroom unit, it would usually take 4-6 hours.

  • For a 3-bedroom unit, 5-8 hours is the average.

  • For a 4-bedroom unit, it will last 7-10 hours.


Searching through several moving companies will have you seeing various hourly rates but keep in mind that cheap doesn’t always mean excellent in quality. You also need to inspect the level of quality and professionalism in the services offered by the companies.

Those movers belonging to reputable companies are well-equipped and capable to handle all demands in a move while at the same time managing all kinds of items with care throughout the relocation process. You need to consider the capabilities of the removalists as well when choosing a company for your move.

One reliable way to check the company’s background is by reading through the feedback of previous clients and verifying whether these reviews are real. Although we can’t avoid the fact that each company would have negative feedback, it’s still essential to assess the entirety of the reviews listed and be wary of the companies’ legitimacy.

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9.8 · 1,035 reviews
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