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10 Essential Packing Materials for Your Home Move

10 Essential Packing Materials for Your Home Move

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Packing is one of the most time-consuming and arduous parts of every home move. Doing it yourself is a great challenge since you need to make sure to pack safely and securely each of your valuable items. As advised by most removalists all over Australia, doing it in advance will surely give you more time to make sure everything is properly packed and is done with packing early on. But before thinking of the actual process, you still need to prioritize one important task which is gathering all essential packing supplies. These supplies are not as expensive as you think and are mostly available at most local stores.

Curious about what supplies you need for you to successfully pack your items? Just continue reading the article as this will provide you with a complete list of all the essential packing supplies and their purposes.

1. Boxes

One of the most obvious materials needed for packing your items is the boxes. You need to make sure you have a variety of sizes of your boxes as you have multiple items to pack. Generally, you have small, medium and large boxes. Having the knowledge of which items to pack into which size of box is essential for more organized and successful packing. 

Small boxes are ideal for small, delicate, or heavy items. It is because small boxes have a small chance to break as they are compact and sturdy enough. You can use these boxes to store heavy items such as books or tools, small and valuable items such as jewellery or computer parts and delicate items such as small antiques or vases.

Medium-sized boxes are mainly the box you need to pack your items because they can hold almost everything. These boxes provide a larger volume for you to use for your items and at the same time maintain the durability of a small box. You can put several small items, a few mid-sized items or just one big item. You can use medium-sized boxes for small appliances, toys, lampshades and even pots and pans.  

Use large-sized moving boxes for lightweight but bulky items such as beddings, pillows and even disassembled furniture (bed frames, table legs). These boxes provide a lot of space for your items. But you need to remember that these boxes are not that strong. Large-sized boxes should be used for the items that a medium box can’t carry and home items that are difficult to squeeze in the box.

2. Bubble wrap

As you start packing each of your items, you want to make sure that everything is protected. Bubble wrap is the material commonly used for packing awkwardly shaped and delicate items during a home move. It can protect your valuable and fragile items against vibrations and shocks. If the box, by accident drops down on the floor, it can also prevent the items inside from breaking. Furthermore, bubble wrap is lightweight which means it does not increase the overall weight of your boxes.

It is highly suggested to use bubble wrap only for fine breakables such as small possessions like statuettes and figurines, your collection of snow globes or teapots, and your valuable glassware. Bubble wraps can take up more space in your box which means fewer items can be put inside and at the same time it is more expensive than packing paper. Also, since it is made from plastic, it is non-biodegradable which is a big no-no for the environment.

3. Packing paper

Packing paper is the most useful material during a home move. Without it, packing and securing your valuable items appears like an impossible task. You can use it in a lot of ways. One of its major uses is to efficiently wrap any item that you’re going to be moving. This includes fragile items such as dishes, glassware, cutlery, and other delicate items at home. But before wrapping your items, make sure that you have clean papers, either white or brown to keep your possessions clean and ink-free.

Another use is to fill the spaces in your moving boxes. This will avoid the items inside the boxes from shifting or bumping into each other while your removalist is still in transit, avoiding damages, especially on the fragile ones. Also, packing paper takes up less space in a box and it's particularly less expensive than bubble wrap. The best part is your move will be environmentally friendly because your packing papers and cardboard boxes are 100% biodegradable. You can also recycle them if you plan to move again in the future.

4. Packaging tapes

As advised by expert removalists Perth and removalists Adelaide, the best tape to use for packing your cardboard boxes is heavy-duty packaging tape. But just don’t pull any tapes you can find in the bookstore and don’t settle on a cheaper one. Make sure that the packaging tape is of good quality to avoid ending up with poorly sealed boxes that may burst open while being shifted.

When securing your box with tape, tape the middle where the flaps meet. If you want maximum security, instead of only one layer of tape, you can have a few layers more. For extra support, particularly heavy boxes, add tape on the side of the boxes, seal all edges and use the letter “H” seal method used by most removalists.

5. Stretch wraps

Large furniture such as vanity tables, cabinets and even nightstands obviously cannot be packed using a box. For this reason, stretch wrap is the best material to use. This can keep the drawers closed during transit and will surely protect furniture from damage.  This is most useful especially on wood pieces as this also protects the surfaces from scratches. If you have soft furniture such as couches and chairs, you can also wrap it around the furniture and even secure your loose items together like brooms, mops, and poles.

6. Scissors

A sharp and sturdy pair of scissors is also part of this essential list when packing for your home move. The main purpose is for you to cut tapes easier while you are packing your items and the first thing you think of when you arrive at your new home. Additionally, you can also use scissors to easily resize or modify your blankets or boxes if necessary to efficiently protect your possessions.

7. Box Cutter

People will usually disregard this item as this is unnecessary especially if they already have a sturdy pair of scissors. But box cutters can really help you, especially in an urgent matter. Take note that a box cutter is safer than scissors since the blade can be safely tucked back in its case.

Box cutters can easily slice through cardboard boxes when you need to reopen a box because of packing mistakes. It is also a great item to use when you arrive at your new home to cut thick plastic zip ties which sometimes break scissors. Lastly, when unpacking your boxes, it gives you control of the length of the blade which ensures that your items are safe inside, particularly the box with fragile items.

8. Toolset

This material is usually forgotten by most people when they start packing. However, this is quite useful especially if you have large furniture pieces. You might want to dismantle the furniture before your removalist loads it to the moving truck. This will make your move easier and faster. So make sure to have a toolset handy not only for packing but also when you arrive at your new home.

9. Markers

For an organized move, you need to remember that labelling is vital. Prepare permanent markers on hand to label each box. Don’t forget to label boxes with delicate items “FRAGILE” as clearly as you can, for your removalist to be aware and to be extra careful. Also, draw arrows pointing up to indicate which side of the box should be on the upper part.   

You may also include in your label on what room the box should be placed for your removalists to know which room in your house to set the boxes. This way, you won’t need to move the boxes from your front door to each room saving you time and energy.

10. Moving Blankets

A moving blanket, a.k.a furniture pad, offers protection to your pieces of furniture from getting scratched when all the items are inside the moving truck. They can also hold your items together, especially when in transit.

If you will be hiring a removalist for your move, you don’t need to worry about this as they provide the moving blankets themselves. But if you will be having a DIY move, you surely need this item. You can purchase or just rent one from moving companies near your area. The only problem when you are renting one is you don’t know where they have used it and if it is clean or not.

Proper planning and preparation are necessary before doing a task. If you decide to pack your items yourself, be sure to take note of the list of items we have mentioned above for you to save time and energy. But of course, every move will require different types of supplies, just prioritize those items that you identified as needed for your move.  

Another thing you need to prioritize is hiring a removalist. If you don’t know where to find trusted and professional removalists in Australia, you can visit Upmove where you can find removalists that provide services for a home move, furniture move and even car and motorcycle transportation. You can just sit back and relax as your trusted removalists take care of the loading and unloading of your boxes and furniture, making your move faster, more convenient, and more successful.  

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