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Tips On How To Move With Plants

Tips On How To Move With Plants

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What are you moving?

Plants really drive on consistency. Consistency is key to keeping your plants’ lives especially when you are in the process of moving houses. Some people find moving plants a very hard and challenging process. You can either hire a removalist to do it for you or do it yourself. If you choose the latter,  you are surely going to be asking yourself numerous questions about moving plants and discussing getting them prepared for relocation.

What season are you moving in?

This fact is the most important. Remember that early spring and late fall are the perfect times for moving your plants. Due to their state of dormancy, the plants are best to adapt to new circumstances and new surroundings within those times of the year.

What is the climate of your destination?

This does not apply to all, only people moving long-distance and usually inter-state. If you’re planning to move interstate, make sure to take into account the climate at your new place. Some plants may not be able to survive there.  

How much does your plan mean to you?

Depending on the importance, the significance, or the sentimental value as well as how much money you’ve invested in your plant, it will be a good choice not to move it but leave it with some friends and family who can enjoy it as well. 

Pro tip: 

If you are moving your plants, select those that have some kind of sentimental value, plants that are unusual or rare that you are unlikely to be able to find someplace else. Plants that are stable, sturdy, and are going to thrive in a new environment. Make sure you check with the state’s agriculture department website before you start taking plants across the border because they might impose some pretty serious fines. 

Let’s go check the steps on moving your plants:

1. Prepare them

Two weeks before the move, take any plants from the pots that are breakable and put them in the nursery pots to give them time to settle in. 

2. Box them (also includes potted plants)

Keep it basic. Prepare strong cardboard boxes for your plants. Most of them are potted, thus, pretty heavy, so reinforcing the bottom or getting a really heavy-duty box would be useful in this case. Putting some packing paper around the plant on the bottom of the box will also prove necessary.

If you are deciding to move not just potted plants, but some of your garden plants as well, you know that the best option is to dig out the whole plant with its root system. Make sure to have enough soil on the roots and place them in a plastic bag. The ground should still be moist so it will have enough water for your plants to survive during the trip. 

3. Let them breathe

Poke some holes on the lid or the box that you will be transporting your plants in so they will get enough air during your relocation. 

4. Wrap them

Wrap your plants’ pots in a layer of wet packing paper and then a layer of dry packing paper on top of it. When it is just a plastic pot your plant is in, one layer of dry packing paper will be enough. 

5. Support them

Use support sticks. If your plant is a little bit tall, it will be really useful to place support sticks in that box with the plant. Make sure to wrap them together and then connect them to the box. This way, your plant will not get broken. 

6. Arrange them

Put the pots close to each other and put some crumbled packing paper in between them to avoid any dangerous collisions. 

7. Secure the box

The protected plants should be in boxes of corresponding sizes. Remember, there should be enough distance between the lid, or the top of your container, and the tallest plant in the box. 

Close the boxes. The holes that you made on the sides should be enough for the air circulation for your plant. Remember, if it’s a lid, don’t tape it up too firmly. 

8. Label the box

Take a marker and label the box with a couple of labels. First of all, FRAGILE, PLANTS, and, of course, THIS SIDE UP. 

9. Move them

Put your box with plants into your vehicle last right before you start the car trip. 

If you are travelling over a period of days, do not leave your plants in your car or in your van overnight. Get them out and bring them to your hotel room. Bring them inside and open the box, and let them have some light especially if you are going for more than a couple of days to increase their chances of surviving the trip.

In conclusion, moving plants is not as hard as you think. If you follow those tips we have listed, you will get yourself a happy and successful move especially if you cherish those little green friends of yours. But if you think you can’t handle this, hiring removalists who are experienced and fully equipped with the correct equipment can easily do this for you.

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Budget-friendly removalists. Trusted by thousands of customers. Door to Door delivery. Same Day service. Fixed Prices.
9.8 · 979 reviews
What are you moving?

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