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The Best Piano Repair Services and Music Stores in Australia According To Piano Movers

The Best Piano Repair Services and Music Stores in Australia According To Piano Movers

Choosing the right piano tuning service is essential to ensure your prized piano gets the TLC it needs. Piano’s need frequent maintenance to ensure they continue to sound impeccable.

An expert piano tuner will save you many headaches in the future. It’s important to do your research, as there is no shortage of shady piano repair services out there that put you at risk of damaging or incorrectly tuning your piano. 

We’ve put together a list of top piano repair and tuning services available nationwide to make choosing your next piano servicemen easier than ever before. We’ve researched all of these companies in-depth to provide you with a comprehensive overview of each of their offerings. A lot of them are used by our own customers who choose us as their trusted piano movers and then fine-tune their musical instruments after moving.

These companies are experienced, reputable, professional, and well-revered within the piano scene.

Piano Tuning Melbourne

Australasian Piano Technology

Australasian Piano Technology is a leading service based in Melbourne. Owned by Brent Ottley, a Master concert technician, Australasian Piano Technology has over twenty-five years of professional experience in maintaining pianos. 

Brent is known for being the owner of Melbourne-based Australasian School of Piano Technology, which helped train up over 30 piano tuners. Ottley has worked as the Senior Technician to Yamaha Music Australia and has traveled around the country servicing pianos. He now provides professional piano maintenance services to the greater Melbourne area.

Australasian Piano Technology has truly earned its place on this list, as Brent’s extensive experience and knowledge have set him apart from other piano tuning services in Melbourne.

Services 🛠️ Pros ✔️
Piano Tuning Incredibly Experienced
Regulation Grand Piano Specialist
Voicing Well-revered
Repairs Multiple Positive Reviews

Hendry Pianos

Hendry Pianos offers a team of expert piano technicians that specialize in piano tuning and repairs. Hendry Piano’s experts have impeccable aural sense and will ensure your upright or grand piano is taken care of.

Hendry Pianos prioritizes exceptional services and has operated within the international music industry. Hendry Pianos will get your piano to its best using immense attention to detail and over 40-years of industry experience.

Services ðŸ› ï¸ Pros âœ”️
Voicing Highly Experienced
Adjustments Team of Piano Technicians
Regulation Multiple Positive Reviews
Repairs & Restoration Services Specialized in Grand and Upright Pianos
Piano Tuning  

Sky Music

Sky Music’s director Anthony and the piano manager of the Clayton store, Terrance Huang are two of the most sought-after piano tuners in the Melbourne area thanks to their wealth of expertise.

With over 15-years of experience, Sky Music is one of the premier piano repair and tuning services operating in the greater Melbourne area.

Sky Music offers a professional experience for piano owners and will give your piano all of the TLC it needs to ensure it keeps operating impeccably. Sky Music offers services in English and Mandarin.

Sky Music is a leading music store that is operated by music lovers, for music lovers. Sky Music offers leading piano repair services and offers an extensive warranty on all of their products, which means your piano care will be hassle-free.

Services ðŸ› ï¸ Pros âœ”️
Piano Tuning & Warranty Competitively Priced
Music Store Multiple Technicians
  Wealth of Expertise

Piano Tuner Melbourne

Piano Tuner Melbourne is known for helping piano lovers to hit the right note every single time. Christopher Streader is the man behind Piano Tuner Melbourne, who grew up receiving training in piano and percussion during high school. He completed his formal training after this and has worked in his business of piano tuning, servicing, and repairs ever since.

The Piano Tuner Melbourne has been running his business since 1978 and has worked with premier clients including the Crown Melbourne Casino, television stations, and government schools. Christopher’s professionalism, expertise, and passion make him one of the leading piano tuners in the Melbourne area.

As piano restoration is a highly technical, specialized area, it’s crucial to only work with competent technicians and restorers. The Piano Tuner’s advanced knowledge and continued dedication to professional development make him one of Melbourne’s most knowledgeable piano restoration technicians.

Services ðŸ› ï¸ Pros âœ”️
Restoration Clients Including Government and Schools
Service Many Positive Reviews
Tuning Well-revered
  Wealth of Expertise

Bernies MusicLand

Bernies Musicland is a licensed music shop and live venue that offers a range of instrument maintenance services. Bernies Musicland offers piano services including tuning, repair, and cleaning.

Bernies MusicLand is highly professional and has a range of expert piano tuners who are ready to help maintain your piano to extend its life today.

Services ðŸ› ï¸ Pros âœ”️
Service & Repairs 44 Years in the Industry
Organs Services Dedicated Team of Passionate Technicians
Piano Services Competitively Priced
Keyboard Services  


Piano Gallery

Piano Gallery is a family-owned and operated piano services business in Melbourne. Beginning in 1980, the Piano Gallery has extensive experience in delivering, setting up, and maintaining your piano.

Piano Gallery offers a wealth of professional piano services, including restoration, tuning, and valuations. Highly respected within the Melbourne piano scene, the Piano Gallery is sure to provide much-needed TLC to keep your piano running smoothly.

Services ðŸ› ï¸ Pros âœ”️
Tuning Family-run
Rentals Wealth of Experience
Restorations Offering Repair Services Since 1980
Valuations Many Positive Reviews

Piano Time

Piano Time is based in South Melbourne and offers extensive piano services to suit all of your needs. Piano Time offers qualified piano tuners to come and service your piano when needed, adding years of life to your piano.

Piano Time offers extensive piano services Australia-wide, and you can contact them via their website now to find a piano tuner near you. 

Services ðŸ› ï¸ Pros âœ”️
Tuners Network of Piano Technicians
Accompanist Competitively Priced
Piano Rental  

Forte Piano Tuning

Christine McCrae from Forte Piano Tuning is a highly experienced and professional technician from the Greater Melbourne area. Trained at the Australian School of Piano Technology (ASPT) all of her work is fully insured and of expert level. An individual approach to each piano provides a service that is not only of the highest quality but also gives these musical instruments a chance to sound again as they should. 

There are a number of services and times available including evening and weekend call-outs. 

Services ðŸ› ï¸ Pros âœ”️
Tuning & Voicing Yamaha Accredited
Regulation & Repairs Member of Piano Tuners & Technicians Guild
Buyer's Appraisal Registered with ARPT
Piano Cleaning  

Abcon Piano Tuning & Servicing

ABCON Pianos run by Trevor George Stephens are highly competent and experienced piano tuners in Melbourne running since 1981. Covering the Greater Metropolitan area of Melbourne and surrounding rural areas Victoria they are committed to providing superior maintenance services and piano sales.

Furthermore, they can collect and deliver your piano as well for any necessary work needed. 

Services ðŸ› ï¸ Pros âœ”️
Tuning & Repairs 40 Years of Experience
Pianola Restoration All Areas of Melbourne Serviced
Evaluations Keyboard Upgrade Collection & Delivery Available
Pianos for Sale  

John Holmes Piano Tuning Service

John Holmes is a pianist, choirmaster, and a music composer - so knows well how a fine-tuned instrument should sound and perform. Running a music store and a music school, John prides himself in high-quality service and travels throughout Melbourne and surrounding areas to homes, churches, or other entertainment venues. 

Starting his career in Papua New Guinea, John knows very well how to maintain and repair an instrument even in the harshest climates.

Services ðŸ› ï¸ Pros âœ”️
Tuning Offering Services Since 1970
Maintenance & Servicing Extensive Experience
Piano Restorations Pianist himself

Precision Piano Tuning

Rest assured about your piano if it's in the hands of Stephen Peters from Precision Piano Tuning (PPT). Stephen is an Australian Registered Piano Technician and a member of the Piano Tuners Guild of Victoria, APTTA, and trained and authorized Yamaha Piano Technician.

It's a hassle-free, one-stop professional service that can maintain, and repair your piano to the highest standard. Covering in and around the Melbourne area.

Services ðŸ› ï¸ Pros âœ”️
Tuning & Repairs Highly Accredited
Piano Sales Worked with Award-Winning Artists

Gary Beadell

Qualified in Australia, Germany, and the UK, Gary Beadell is a highly-skilled professional you can trust. His impressive customer list includes names such as BBC, Wigmore Hall, Royal Albert Hall, Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, and many more.

Piano's of any model can be serviced or repaired by Gary and rest assured you will have all the attention to detail you need.

Services ðŸ› ï¸ Pros âœ”️
Tuning & Repairs Highly Experienced & Accredited
Replacement Parts Serves Geelong Too
Piano Valuations Available Any Day During The Week

Piano Tuning Sydney


Two Dogs Tuning and Piano Restoration

Two Dogs Tuning and Piano Restoration is based on Sydney’s North Shore founded by Madellen Cunningham. Madellen Cunningham is a Sydney based Piano Technician, Tuner & Restorer. She has completed his piano restoration training at Mason & Hamlin, Boston in PianoDisc installation and Disklavier training with Yamaha Australia. She has spent years building her workshop and improving her skillset to enable complete ground-up piano restorations regardless of age.

Madellen brings a reliable approach to piano restoration, tuning and repair. Servicing the Central Coast in NSW, Greater Sydney, Blue Mountains. 

Services 🛠️ Pros ✔️
Piano Tuning Trained at Mason & Hamlin and at Yamaha Australia
Piano Restoration Provides Complete Ground-Up Piano Restoration
Piano Repairs  

Henderson Pianos

Alex Henderson Pianos is your one stop shop Sydney Piano shop! Owned and managed by Alex Henderson, they offer a full range of technical services such as piano tuning, piano repairs, piano restoration, piano inspections, and piano valuation. Alex was trained in Germany’s Bluthner Pianos in London - one of the world’s top piano manufacturers and restorers.

Having been in the piano trade for since he was 15 years old, Alex is surely the piano expert you can surely trust to get the job done.

Services 🛠️ Pros ✔️
Piano Tuning Trained by Germany’s Blunther Pianos in London
Piano Repairs & Restoration Worked with the world’s most popular entertainers (Angus Wood, Vanessa Scammell)
Piano Inspections Piano veteran since 1980
Piano Valuations Featured in the Sydney Morning Herald

Theme & Variations

Theme & Variations Piano Services was established as a Sydney-based piano services business in 1985. Since then, the brand has expanded to offer new and used piano sales and piano maintenance services in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne.

Concert Piano Technician Ara Vartoukian OAM works with Melbourne-based senior piano technician Nada Jasz to bring a variety of piano services to the Melbourne area. These services include piano tuning, voicing, cleaning, repairs, and regulation. Theme & Variation’s extensive experience makes them one of the best piano tuners available on this list.

Services ðŸ› ï¸ Pros âœ”️
Voicing & Tuning Highly Experienced
Restorations & Repairs Worked with Sydney Symphony Orchestra
Evaluations Based in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane
Piano Hire  

Piano Tuning Adelaide

Furness Pianos

Established in 1966, Furness Pianos are experts in all-things piano. Run by Anthony Furness ARPT, this company is the oldest piano tuning and servicing provider in South Australia! They can also advice and mediate a purchase of a new piano for a very low fee.

Using latest computerised equipment and well-trained, experienced ears, Furness Pianos prides themselves as a local, family-owned business that delivers exceptional service.

Services ðŸ› ï¸ Pros âœ”️
Tuning & Repairs Family owned since 1966
Pre-purchase Consultation Reasonable fees
Piano Restoration Latest Equipment and Highly Experienced

Piano Tuning Brisbane

Gerard Wilkinson The Piano Man

Gerard Wilkinson The Piano Man is a family business offering piano services in Brisbane. With 29 years’ experience as a piano technician, Gerard Wilkinson is also a member of the Australian Piano Tuners and Technician Association and the Queensland Piano Tuners and Technician Guild. He also held the Northern Territory Education contact for maintaining school pianos and has worked extensively throughout Southeast Queensland repairing and maintaining pianos for piano retail stores, institutions, schools, private clients, and other piano technicians. They also sell pre-loved instrument. 

Services 🛠️ Pros ✔️
Piano Tuning and Pitch Raising 29 Years’ Experience as a Piano Technician
Full Reconditioning Dedicated to His Trade
Inspections for Pre-Purchase Strives for the Highest Grade of Workmanship

Brian Wilson Piano Care

Brian Wilson is a mastermind when it comes to pianos and tuning. A wealth of experience and accreditations speak for themselves - trained at Steinway & Sons Academy in New York & Hamburg, Brian is now one of the highest skilled tuners in whole of Australia.

Having worked with anyone from a small family piano tuning request, to preparing instruments for concerts, performances and studios, Brian is surely a highest level professional you can trust.

Services ðŸ› ï¸ Pros âœ”️
Piano Tuning Services Multiple Awards & Certifications
Piano Selection One of the Highest Skilled Piano Tuners
  Trained at Steinway & Sons Academy

Piano Tuning Canberra

Canberra Piano Tuner

Canberra Piano Tuner is owned and managed by Alex Royds, Braidwood’s youngest piano tuner. He gained his qualifications at the Australasian School of Piano Technology. Canberra Piano Tuner provides a variety of expert piano services in Canberra and surrounding regions.

Services 🛠️ Pros ✔️
Piano Tuning and Pitch Raise Trained at the Australasian School of Piano Technology
Piano Repairs and Rebuilding Australia's youngest piano tuner at age 19
Piano Regulation   

Piano Tuning Perth

Artiano Piano Tuning Service

Artiano Piano Tuning Service is managed by Colin Jang. Colin Jang is a certified piano tuner who value professionalism and is committed to serving their customers with high-quality piano restoration services. They serve as a leading Piano Tuning & Repair in the Western Australian area.

They always guarantee 100% satisfaction with the quality of work and impeccable customer service. Give them a ring on 0423788022 today!


 Services ðŸ› ï¸  Pros âœ”️
 Regular Piano Tuning  Satisfaction guaranteed
 Piano Repair & Restoration  Professional and highly-committed to quality service

Piano Tuning Gold Coast

Piano Tuning NSW

Kent Eastwood

Kent Eastwood is not only a qualified piano tuner and technician. He is also a musician and composer. He has studied and completed his certificate in piano technology at Melbourne’s NMIT in 1996. Kent was one of only six students accepted per year in a course set up by Wayne Stuart of Stuart & Sons pianos. Learning the intricate and detailed art of piano tuning, repair, and regulation is Kent’s specializations. His location has recently changed from Byron Bay to Central West NSW. 

Kent Eastwood is a Yamaha Authorised Service Agent (YASA-400). He is now based in Canowindra NSW and provide piano servicing in Orange, Bathurst, Parkes, Forbes, Cowra, and the surrounding areas.

Services 🛠️ Pros ✔️
Piano Tuning Over 20 Years’ Experience in the Piano Trade
Piano Regulation Trained in Piano Technology at NMIT Melbourne
Piano Repair Qualified Piano Technician You Can Trust

Music Stores

In need of a few things to update your piano? Upgrading or fixing it yourself? Check out these music stores in your local area who are highly experienced and will be able to help you out.

Music Stores Sydney

Big Music Shop

This shop is all about music life - from inspiration to create it to grabbing yourself a tool to fix your instrument. Since 2017, Big Music Shop has been ranked among Top 100 music stores in the world. Numerous other awards and one of the largest musical instrument showrooms in the country speak for themselves - when it comes to quality - these guys know what to do.

Services 🛠️ Pros ✔️
Contemporary Music School Voted Top 100 Best Music Stores
Recording Studio "Music Makes a Difference" Award by NAMM
Live Performance Venue Rated 'Excellent' On Trustpilot

Music Stores Melbourne

Eastgate Music

A specialist independent retailer well-known localy for their expertise in guitars, amplifiers, effects and home recording. They also run a sister company specialising in violins, violas, cello and double bass. Staff at Eastgate all know too well how important it is to take good care of your instrument, so they can advice and repair it for you too. Make sure you pay a visit to these guys next time you're in town.

Services 🛠️ Pros ✔️
Sales Of Musical Instruments Highly Experienced Staff
Repairs & Services Two Companies With Great Range Of Offerings

Final Thoughts

Maintaining your piano is key to ensuring it has an extensive lifetime. Pianos require regular TLC to maintain their sound, cleanliness, and more. It can be overwhelming to find a suitably-qualified piano tuner near you.

Your piano tuner needs the right knowledge to make sure your piano receives the right care, and to repair any issues they may find. Piano restoration requires a lot of technical abilities, so it’s important to work with a professional who has extensive piano knowledge.

We’ve compiled a list of best piano tuning, restoration and repair services. All of these piano service providers have a wealth of professional knowledge and experience needed to accurately maintain, diagnose and service your piano for an exquisite long-term use or after moving your piano.

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