Tips on How to Prepare Your Car for Transport

By Β· May 13 2021
Tips on How to Prepare Your Car for Transport

Nowadays, more and more people are getting their own car. It is considered a valuable and useful thing in a person’s life. If you are planning to purchase a car, or even bringing your car to a new place, you have the option to drive it. But if you are one of the people who don’t want the hassle of the long-distance drive or simply are not available to drive the car, getting help from removalists for your car is an alternative. This is also the best thing to do if your car is inoperable. 

If you consider transporting your car, you must know that there are still preparations you need to do before your chosen removalist collects it for transport. Not sure what to do? Here are some tips we gathered to help you prepare your car for transportation.

1. Washing your car

Once you have decided to have car transport, washing your car should be the priority, especially if the car is frequently used. This will remove the dirt and dust which may cause the car to look old and at the same time, it may cause some scratches and other permanent damage which you wanted to avoid. Also, washing your car’s exterior will allow you to find existing dents or scratches making it easier for you to identify new damages that occur during transport. 

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2. Cleaning your car’s interior

Your car may experience shifting or jostling around when in transport. It can also bounce up and down particularly on rough roads. Thus, cleaning the inside of your car is necessary to avoid any loose items to move around your car which can possibly cause damage such as phone holders, car chargers, air fresheners, etc. As long as it can cause potential damage to your car’s interior, remove them.

Don’t forget to remove personal items as well like electronic items. This will help decrease the risk of theft or loss of your belongings during transport. Car transporters don’t usually add insurance on the items left inside the car.

3. Checking insurance coverage

Transporting your car with the help of removalist Perth or removalist Adelaide, whatever region you currently are, will most likely avoid any damages during transport. But of course, there are some inevitable things that may happen, so checking your transporter’s insurance coverage is a smart idea.  But most of the time, car transporters will also advise you to have your own insurance. It is highly recommended that you have insurance in place at the time your vehicle is being transported. Once everything is in place, check both insurances for you to know the coverage and at the same time you will be confident of the transportation.

4. Gathering documents of your vehicle

Most car transporters will search and ask for documents that prove that you own the car. You will need to prepare this in advance to prevent delays in your transportation. The papers they generally ask for are:

·       Original vehicle registration and title

·       Bill of sale or other proof that you own the vehicle

·       A copy of your car insurance

·       Your identification (driver’s license, passport, any government-issued ids)

 5. Fixing of fluid leaks

Before your move, make sure to fix some issues in your car such as noticeable fluid leaks. Car transporters will surely refuse to transport your vehicle if it’s aggressively leaking so make sure to fix this before your removalist arrives. If your car has only minor leaks, inform your driver right away especially if they are using a multi-level trailer. This way, they can place your vehicle on the bottom row of the trailer to avoid dripping oil or transmission fluid to other cars.

6. Checking tires pressure

Your car’s tires should be checked prior to transport. Replace if there are bad tires. Furthermore, over-inflated or under-inflated tires may cause damages and some risk during transit.  One of the major issues that may happen if tires are not properly inflated, is a high chance of damaging not only the tires but also the car's rim. This is extremely dangerous when loading and unloading your car on the truck or trailer. But if your tires are properly inflated, you won’t be facing any problems.

7. Don’t gas up

It is not necessary to have a full tank of gas when you are transporting your car. A full tank of gas can make your vehicle heavier which will surely cost additional money for transportation. Since your vehicle will not be driven, it’s better to leave as little fuel as possible in the tank. Just leave enough to drive it to and from the trailer, which is usually a quarter of your car’s tank.

8. Disabling alarms

If you have added extra safety measures for your car such as alarms, be sure to remove them to avoid any distractions to your transporters. There will be chances that the alarm will be activated while in transit. This will add efforts to your transporter to disable it which may cause some delays which you wanted to prevent especially if you are excited to get your car.

9. Removing toll tags

Your car transporter will surely pass bridges and highways. Even if your vehicle is on the trailer, the toll tag will likely pick up the fee which is inessential. You need to keep in mind, the responsibility of the charges incurred during transit is yours and not your transporter. To avoid any unnecessary expenses and headaches, be sure to disable or even remove your toll tags before transportation.

 10. Locking your vehicle.

There is no reason for your vehicle to be opened until it is delivered. Therefore, if your car transporter arrives, make sure to lock your car before it will be loaded into a truck or trailer. This way, the risk of theft will be reduced. But of course, providing a spare key for your removalist is necessary.

These 10 tips will absolutely help you prepare for your upcoming car transport. Following these tips for preparations will lessen the stress and hassle, making your move safe, faster, and without any delays. If you are still looking for a car transporter anywhere in Australia, submit a listing on Upmove. This platform provides trusted and professional removalists with enough experience to help you out with your car transport.