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A Definitive Guide to Car Transport Melbourne to Perth

A Definitive Guide to Car Transport Melbourne to Perth

Need to transport a car from Melbourne to Perth?

Find and compare the best transport companies in Australia, helping you get an unbeatable price and a schedule that suits you.
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Need to move a new or used vehicle from Melbourne to Perth? Whatever the car type or age, this guide will give you a breakdown of your available options, the expected time frame and the major factors affecting the cost. 

This guide details everything you need to consider when searching for reliable companies that provide car transport from Melbourne to Perth, ensuring that every aspect is discussed in detail so you can make an informed decision. 

How much does car transport from Melbourne to Perth cost?

The cost to transport a car from Melbourne to Perth is $1,400 - $2,300, with an approximate time frame of 3 - 7 working days. There are several factors that influence the cost, these are:

  • The car type and size (see full breakdown on vehicle types)
  • If the car is running vs non-operational
  • If belongings will be in the car during transit
  • If you prefer delivering the vehicle to your new house directly or pick up from a depot
  • The location of the destination

What is the usual duration of car transport from Perth to Melbourne?

On average, it takes 3 - 7 working days to transport a car from Melbourne to Perth, with the major influencing factor being if you're looking for the convenience of door-to-door transport or if you're able to drop off and pick up your vehicle from a local depot. This second option, known as depot-to-depot, enables a quicker transport time as the transport provider will have your car ready for loading sooner.

If in case you have a hectic schedule and you wanted it to be delivered quickly, there are companies offering choices that allow you to have your car transported in the quickest way possible, often referred to as 'express car transport'.

The expected duration of the transport will vary depending on the carrier you choose and how frequently the service that route. Other factors are unexpected weather conditions, traffic, road construction, and other unforeseen causes of delays.

To make your car transport planning a more convenient experience, there are apps used to provide tracking so that you get to check the updates regarding the shipping of your car.

What is the closest and safest route that will have my vehicle delivered?

Your vehicle will be passing along the National Highway A1 or circle around between the Perth and Adelaide coasts. You’ll know more details about the delivery as soon as you’ve scheduled your transport and experience the tracking app of the company which is much easier to use.

Are there any options for collecting the car as well as having it delivered directly?

There are four main delivery options for car transport; these will differ in cost and convenience. The following car shipping options are detailed below; these are listed from most expensive (and most convenient) to more affordable (and less convenient). 

  • Door-to-door car transport
  • Door-to-depot car transport
  • Depot-to-door car transport
  • Depot-to-depot car transport

Is it possible to get an estimated cost for my car move?

Yes, to obtain a quote the simplest way is to use a service like Upmove; by submitting your car moving details, you'll get multiple quotes from vetted and trusted experts at no cost to you. 

Final thoughts

Whether it’s from Melbourne to Perth or anywhere else in Australia, shipping your car can be a seamless and hassle-free experience; use a trusted service like Upmove to get multiple quotes from experts.

Auto transport services are extremely useful when moving home or purchasing a new and used car for further away. These services help reduce the costs of having to deliver the vehicle by yourself. It saves you time as you are not required to spend long hours on highways and other roads. The car's condition would also not be at risk as it would be under the carrier's care to maintain its quality while being transported to its destination. Transport companies are trained to handle unforeseen situations that usually happen while shipping the vehicle, so you are spared from the worries associated with unexpected circumstances.

Need to transport a car from Melbourne to Perth?

Find and compare the best transport companies in Australia, helping you get an unbeatable price and a schedule that suits you.
9.7 · 1,139 reviews
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