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9 Factors that Affect the Price of a Car Transport Melbourne to Perth

9 Factors that Affect the Price of a Car Transport Melbourne to Perth

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Sending your car to your new place regardless if it's a temporary or permanent stay, should be an overall comfortable experience. With the help of car shipping companies, they make the entire shipping process smooth and convenient for you, wherever and whenever you want to send your car.

It is a known fact that auto transport costs are quite expensive due to the many steps it takes to complete the delivery. You might be wondering how much does car transport Melbourne to Perth cost?

Keep in mind that the shipping rates will greatly vary depending on the several factors that will be discussed in this article. Don’t worry, we will briefly go through every factor so that you will gain a general understanding of the information regarding auto transport.

Determining the Costs of Car Transport Melbourne to Perth

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One of the important steps to carry out is comparing the rates of different car transport companies as well as their services. Companies may have different variations in the prices they provide and the equipment they utilize for their operations.

1.  Mileage

The distance travelled to and from the destination when shipping the car will be a determiner of the company’s shipping quotation. This means that the farther the destination, the more expensive the shipping rates will be.

2.  The Paths or Routes That Were Undertaken by the Company

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This shouldn’t be confused with mileage since the route taken deals with the paths and roads that the transporter will have to take in order to deliver your vehicle in the fastest way possible.

You should be specific in telling the company the exact place where you want your car to be delivered so they can plan their safest and quickest target routes. As much as possible, the company will do its best to avoid inconvenient routes and those with higher chances to cause delays. Moreover, they will also have to avoid roads that are not in the best condition should bad weather occur.

3.  Deciding Between Closed Car Carriers and Open Car Carriers

Enclosed carriers give better protection to the vehicle while in transit but expect it to cost more since you’re paying for guaranteed safekeeping. This is highly recommended if you’re owning a car of a luxury brand and you want to best preserve its condition.

You have probably seen a trailer being driven with numerous cars piled inside. What you saw is an open car carrier or trailer. Several car owners or sellers opt to have them as cheaper options in sending the vehicles to their respective destinations. However, since the sides are not entirely covered, the cars are directly exposed to the outside environment where dirt, dust, and other elements are present.

4.  Time and Date of the Car Transport

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The schedule where you want your vehicle shipped is also an important factor in determining the quotation. If you opt to ship it during the holidays, expect higher costs because it’s one of the busiest parts of the year for the companies. Expect that during breaks, many people will be moving since it’s when they are vacant and convenient.

So to avoid moving during these times, we advise you to choose the dates in the months when a lot of people are busy with their usual routine like work since there will be few who would be moving. This also means cheaper shipping costs for you.

5.  Types of Car Transport Based on Delivery Method

There are also many types of car transport depending on where you want your car picked up and dropped off. It would be super costly if you opt to have the company pick your car up from your old address and dropped off directly at your new one.

Other methods include depot-to-depot delivery where the car is picked up from the company and is delivered to the destination depot. This choice is cheaper than the rest and the most common.

You can also choose depot-to-door delivery or vice versa where your car is either picked up or dropped off at two areas, the depot and your address.

6.  Competition Between the Companies

Car transport is one of the competitive industries out there since a lot of customers are now patronizing such services in delivering cars to any part of the city or even country.

Since many companies have shown up, this kind of scenario will prompt them to alter their rates in order to provide their clients with competitive rates. But, affordable rates are not equivalent to excellent services.

7.  Fuel Prices

Companies tend to ask for extra whenever the fuel prices increase so that their fuel costs are compensated well.

8.  Size and Weight of your Car

The weight and size of your car heavily influence the shipping quote provided by the company. Heavier and bigger cars will obviously cost more as these will take up larger spaces in the carrier as well as the challenge of driving them would be greater.

9.  Duration of the Shipping

The delivery speed also affects the company’s rates because as the customer, you will specify how fast you want the vehicle to arrive at the destination depot or your new address. The faster you want it delivered, the costlier will your rates be. Some companies even offer rushed shipping which would also mean additional fees.

The Steps Involved in the Process of Hiring a Car Transport Company?

Choosing the right car shipping company would involve background checks on the track record of their operations and transactions with previous clients. Here are the things you need to consider as soon as you’ve chosen your preferred transport company:

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Step 1. Ask for an Estimated Quote

To get a price estimate, you may contact the company directly or navigate through their official website. You may be required to input details about the shipping information such as the size and weight of the car as well as the model, year of production, and make. The distance, delivery speed, delivery mode, and trailer type are also important specifications to be indicated so the company will be aware of what preparations to make.

Another option is personally visiting the company’s establishment to communicate with them directly about how you want the shipping to happen. With this, they can easily take note of all the important information and confirm them.

This is also advantageous especially if you have any queries about the shipping since they can respond to you immediately.

Step 2. Discuss Preferred Shipping Arrangements

As previously discussed, the staff will be accommodating you and will be asking some questions about the details of the shipping. They will also be giving out some reminders for your preparations prior to the shipping.

Reminders such as clearing up unnecessary objects inside the vehicle and checking that the car’s tank isn’t filled full, only enough for driving it to and from the pickup and drop-off locations. On the pickup day, you will be making one last inspection to check the initial condition of the car with the company representative before it is sent for shipping.

Step 3. Clarify Any Confusion About the Shipping

We understand that there may be aspects of the shipping process that appear confusing to you, so it’s best to ask the company staff so that you are aware of what exactly happens. They must be open to answering any questions you may have.

Wrapping up

We will repetitively remind you to make comparisons of rates between several companies so that you can decide on the right company for your car transport needs. By comparing, we also mean choosing reputable and credible companies with several positive reviews from former customers.

Car transport services in Melbourne at low-cost

Expert car shipping services. Trusted by thousands of vehicle owners in Melbourne Door to Door Transport. Any Car Type. Fixed Prices.
9.8 · 1,035 reviews
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