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8 Tips in Choosing a Company for Car Transport Melbourne to Brisbane

8 Tips in Choosing a Company for Car Transport Melbourne to Brisbane

Need to transport a car from Melbourne to Brisbane?

Find and compare the best transport companies in Australia, helping you get an unbeatable price and a schedule that suits you.
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Many car owners or sellers have spent a lot of dollars on car shipping but the services have not satisfied their expectations. Here, we stress the importance of relying on trustworthy companies that are capable of handling all the aspects of car transport.

Since the car industry remains steady as it continues to improve, it is anticipated that the number of auto transport customers will also increase. The countless development of car models is key to the expansion of car shipping businesses all over the world.

Thus, the dynamics of car transport must be convenient and an overall wonderful experience for all clients. Only an impressive company will be able to carry out the matters of shipping vehicles without any issues. If you want to achieve this experience in your car transport Melbourne to Brisbane, read through the article. 

When you're ready to find a carrier that suits your needs, you can compare and review multiple companies that provide car transport from Melbourne to Brisbane in a single request via Upmove.

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How to Choose a Company for Car Transport Melbourne to Brisbane

Set Ample Time for Car Preparations Before the Shipping

Eliminate all objects inside the vehicle to ensure that nothing will harm the functionalities. The car tank should contain enough fuel for the duration of the shipping and must not be filled full so that it doesn’t contribute to the weight of the vehicle.

Wash your car prior to the day of transport. Make sure the surfaces are wiped clean and coated with a protective wax to avoid scratches and dents while being shipped. You may take pictures of your car as evidence of its initial condition before being shipped. This is optional but would be of great benefit to you.

Look closely for the dents and scratches that were already present on the car even before it is sent to the depot and list them or take pictures. Examine the tire and battery condition as well as possible leakages.

Look for Shipping Companies that Provide the Necessary Services for Car Transport

Make a list of the services you need for auto transport and this will function as your reference in deciding which company to approach for shipping your vehicle. Check your preferences and search for companies that offer such services. Do not force the companies to offer things that they do not provide. Be specific in the technicalities of the shipping so the company knows what you want and how you want it to happen.

In-depth research must be conducted to identify which companies to compare. You don’t just list the nearest companies within your area. You have to look into their performance and experience. To clear up any clarifications, contact the companies and ask them questions regarding your concerns.

If they cannot answer clearly and properly, then proceed to the next company until you can find one that is able to respond well and with clarity.

Ask the Company About Their Vehicle Carrier Choices

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There are closed trailers, multiple-car carriers, and open trailers used for sending cars to their designated areas. With multiple-car carriers and open trailers, the cars are quite exposed to the external factors of the outside environment.

Inform the company about your preferred shipping method and the type of car you’re going to ship. You also need to ask about the duration of the delivery so that you can manage your expectations of the shipping in terms of the time span.

Depending on the delivery method you’ve chosen for your pickup and dropoff of the vehicle, inform the company about the areas where your car should be sent.

The common shipping mechanisms include depot to depot, depot to the new address, old address to the depot, and old address to new address.

Read Through the Customer Feedback and Testimonials

One of the most reliable sources for evaluating the credibility of the company is the personal narratives of its previous customers because these came directly from their experiences when dealing with the company itself.

If you have an acquaintance or a relative who has availed of these kinds of services, you may approach them for references or recommendations and their experience in transacting with them. Compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of the companies to aid your decision-making. This is one step to making a wise decision in this important matter.

Learn About Their Insurance and Cancellation Policies

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The company must impose an insurance policy to cover the possible damages that may occur during the shipping as this can aid when the car insurance doesn’t apply to a certain vehicle that is shipped. This will ensure that compensation is given should there be worst-case scenarios that will affect your car.

Ask the company for insurance proof before proceeding to other information about the car transport. If they are quite limiting themselves to discussing with you on these things, leave and look for another company. The company is also required to have liability and cargo insurance so that any loss of an item while shipping is covered. Your car and the objects inside should be covered by insurance. Review the insurance policies carefully, and see to it which kinds of damages are covered or are there deductibles and limitations.

On the other hand, the company’s cancellation policy information must be provided to you. Ask if there’s an allotted time for possible cancellation. Communicate with their personnel on the rescheduling or cancelling of whatever transactions.

Take note of the companies that impose penalties for cancellations without notice. Other companies may not be strict about rescheduling. What’s important is that you’re knowledgeable of the policies they establish.

Inquire About the Tracking Methods for the Car

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Being aware of the current shipment status allows you to be calm and set your schedule in accordance with the other appointments. To ease your worries, there are applications or software that allow customers to track the update of the shipping process.

Moreover, the company should also have a commendable customer service team that is known for its friendly and welcoming attitude. It would be easier to deal with a jovial customer handling team and ask some questions as it is guaranteed that they are more than happy to update you on the status of your shipping. Other companies, they have installed GPS in their applications to improve tracking accuracy. You can even access it anytime and anywhere which makes it highly advantageous.

Ask for the Payment Schemes or Conditions

The car transport company could ask you to pay a small deposit or downpayments for their services. Study their payment plans so that you could be able to pay them earlier or on the deadline. Be aware of the transaction systems and payment modes o schemes that they can allow.

Since there are numerous factors to consider in estimating a price quotation, inform the company of all the details of the shipping. This includes the size of the car, mileage, routes taken, fuel price, make of the car, and other else. Remember that cheap rates are not equivalent to impressive performance.

Ask for the Documents Needed to Comply

The usual documents requested are proof of car ownership and registration, insurance policy forms, and other related legal papers that are important in ensuring that the car is yours. There are more documents but expect that you can comply with them to avoid any possible hindrances before, during, and after the shipping.


Just as much as you want a company to be responsible for car shipping, you should also be a responsible car owner. The prerogative of checking the company’s legitimacy and credibility is on your part and the responsibility of managing the entire transaction you’ve made with them too. Make sure the car is in its best condition before and after the delivery. So, take these reminders seriously to ensure a smooth car transport experience.

Need to transport a car from Melbourne to Brisbane?

Find and compare the best transport companies in Australia, helping you get an unbeatable price and a schedule that suits you.
9.8 · 958 reviews
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