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Car transport Brisbane to Melbourne - everything you need to know

This all-inclusive guide covers everything from how to get the best price, transit times, the main transport route and much more
Car transport Brisbane to Melbourne - everything you need to know

Need to transport a car from Brisbane to Melbourne?

Find and compare the best transport companies in Australia, helping you get an unbeatable price and a schedule that suits you.
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Looking to move a vehicle from Brisbane to Melbourne? Whatever the car type or age, this guide will give you a breakdown of your available options, the expected time frame and, of course, how to get the best price.

How much does it cost for car transport from Brisbane to Melbourne?

The cost to transport a car from Brisbane to Melbourne is $550 to $950, with an approximate time frame of 3 to 6 working days. Below are the key components that make a difference to the price.

  • The car type and size (see full breakdown on vehicle types)
  • If the car is operational vs non-operational
  • If belongings will be in the car during transit
  • If you need the vehicle delivered to a specific address or pick-up from a local depot
  • The location of the destination

How long does it take to transport a car from Brisbane to Melbourne?

On average it takes 3 to 6 working days to transport a car from Brisbane to Melbourne. When making a booking, you can specify an exact pick-up or drop-off date to ensure the move is convenient and works on your schedule. Many car carriers can store vehicles both short and long-term, so if you're relocating and need some extra time, this option may suit you. 

Alternatively, if you're short on time and need a speedy delivery, companies offer choices that allow you to have your car transported in the quickest way possible, often referred to as 'express car transport'.

The final duration of the transport will vary depending on the carrier you choose and how frequently they service that route. Other factors are unexpected weather conditions, traffic, road construction, and other unforeseen causes of delays.

To make your car transport a stress-free experience, opt for a car carrier that provides vehicle tracking so that you get to check the updates on the movement of your car.

Delivery routes and distances

The distance of car transport from Brisbane to Melbourne is around 1,800 km. This means the journey will take around 18 to 22 hours by road. That's a lot of Kms saved from your vehicle.

Different car transport providers will operate different routes depending on their schedule and other pick-ups or drop-offs they have booked. The majority of providers will use a combination of the Pacific Hwy A1 and the M31 as this provides the most direct route.

How to accurately estimate the shipping quote for your car transport

To ensure you're getting the best price, you're advised to obtain multiple quotes from different car transport providers that service the Brisbane to Melbourne route. The easiest way to do this is to use an interstate car transport booking website like Upmove. You'll only need to submit one delivery request that specifies your vehicle's details and when you need it moved, and from there, you'll receive quotes from multiple trusted and verified car transport companies. 

The process of transporting a vehicle from Brisbane to Melbourne

The process of car transport from Brisbane to Melbourne is relatively straightforward. You'll need to find a reputable car transport company that offers the service and then book your car in for transport.

Once your car is booked and the deposit is paid, your transport provider will collect it from your address in Brisbane and deliver it to your destination in Melbourne.

The process in summary:

  • Submit a transport request on Upmove HERE

  • Expert car carriers will quote your job

  • You select your preferred company

  • They'll arrange pick-up on your vehicle

  • Your car will be in transit for 3 to 6 days

  • Finally, your car will be delivered to its destination

Types of transportation and delivery options for car shipping

The distance, duration, and routes of the transit are just some things you should consider. The kind of transportation and delivery method are also important things that must be decided as they highly affect how your car will be transported. Listed below are the usual options that you can choose from:

  • High-end car transport - When transporting a luxury car, extreme care and caution will be observed to prevent any possible damage or risk at all times. The appropriate choice is a high-end only transport provider, many of which offer enclosed transport and single-car transport.
  • Open carrier transport - Open trailers are utilised to transport cars and are relatively more affordable than other transport options. 
  • Closed carrier transport - The opposite of the open trailer transport here, your car is completely safe and secured from harsh weather conditions and dirt or dust that may ruin its quality. Although quite expensive, you are paying for the car’s security from possible elements that may affect its surfaces.
  • Depot to depot delivery - This option is the most affordable. However, it does mean more effort from the customer and, therefore, less convenience. Depot to depot means you will need to drop off and pick up the car from the transport company depot, which is often located on the outskirts of each major city.
  • Depot to door delivery - Similar to depot-to-depot, this option is sent directly to your home address of the destination instead of being delivered to the destination depot.
  • Door to depot delivery - Your car is picked up from your home and then delivered to the destination depot, where you have to pick it up yourself once it arrives
  • Door to door delivery - The most convenient method to transport a car; your vehicle is picked up from one address and dropped off at another. This option is slightly more expensive, but it offers a complete hand-off approach.


By now you'll have a good understanding of what's involved when transporting a car from Brisbane to Melbourne. We've covered everything from prices you can expect to pay to all the transport methods available. 

Top tip: use Upmove to get multiple quotes from car transport experts across Australia; this will help you save money and make an informed decision about the right transport provider for you. 

Need to transport a car from Brisbane to Melbourne?

Find and compare the best transport companies in Australia, helping you get an unbeatable price and a schedule that suits you.
9.8 · 958 reviews
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