How to Pack and Move a Flat Screen TV

By Β· November 17 2021
How to Pack and Move a Flat Screen TV

TVs provide us with endless entertainment and have become a staple in most living rooms. Although they have become the standard, flat-screen TVs do require some care and attention, especially when moving.

Moving your flat-screen TV means moving one of the most fragile and expensive pieces you own. Although it seems easy to pack, it is actually quite challenging. Incorrect packing causes problems. You think you can do this alone, but let me tell you, it is a two-man job. You have an option to hire a removalist to help you out. However, if you are determined to do it yourself, here are some tips to minimize the stress when packing and moving a flat-screen TV and to save money and time.

Step 1: Gather your supplies

You’re a superstar if you kept the original packing but if you didn’t, you can either ask your moving company or truck rental store for secure boxes and packaging for flat-screen TVs. Make sure you have the right measurements and buy only the double-walled box to ensure the TV’s safety. Also prepare a foam sheet or a bubble wrap, packaging tape, zip lock or rubber band, and a packing bag. 

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Step 2: Clean your television

You may think of skipping cleaning the screen, vents, and casing before packing but what you do not know is that the dust accumulated in the vents may be damaging the interior electronic components of your TV. Moreover, trapped dust between the packaging and the screen is detrimental to the screen’s quality because of the friction the moving process creates.

Make sure to use a compressed air duster to clean the crevices of the TV. Afterwards, use a cleaner and a soft dust cloth (made of either microfiber or cotton) to wipe down the TV. Note: do not apply the cleaner directly to the TV but apply it to the cloth first.

Step 3: Dismantle the base or stand and gather the cords

Take apart any base or stand. If you cannot take the base or stand, you can pack around it, but it is going to be much awkward to do so. Next, take a picture of the cords when they’re plugged in so you will know how to reattach them after unpacking. Once you have all your components off, clean them in the same manner you did the television itself. Secure the cords with a zip tie or a rubber band, put them all in a labelled box together with the stand, remote control, instruction manual, and other components.

If you are not so sure how to dismantle the base, you may ask for help from your removalists Adelaide as they have years of experience in dismantling and moving these items.

Step 4: Protect the screen

Before anything else, record the TV’s model number in case there will be a mix-up.

Place the bubble side up and the smooth side down. Place your TV in the middle. Wrap your bubble wrap around the outside. If you have a larger TV, 2 or 3 layers of bubble wrap are fine. Fold it over the corners and tape it to protect them. Make sure all your padding is beyond the edges.

Step 5: Slide it into the box

Put the box vertically. Don’t lay it down to make sure it will not get pressed down and damage your TV. Both partners pick up the TV and gently slide it inside the box. Consider using additional protection, such as Styrofoam peanuts or bubble or foam wrap to fill in the empty spaces to secure the TV in place when moving it. Seal the carton completely.

Clearly indicate the location of the screen so you and the removalists will not put anything in front of it that may cause any damage to the screen. Add labels to help with the handling and orientation. The most common label you can put is “THIS SIDE UP”. Last but not the least, add the model number to the carton and packing list to ensure that your TV is as ready as it can be to be moved.

Step 6: Load it upright

Once you’ve got the television packed and ready, slide it into the moving truck or car in an upright position. Remember, it should always be stored upright and be elevated if possible.

 It is advisable to put it between other items, preferably between a sofa and a mattress, so there’s less chance of it moving around, or securing it against a wall (with the screen facing away from it) using a bungee cord. The cord should not make contact with the screen, especially if they are being pulled taut to secure your unit, to prevent any kind of scratches or damage to the screen.

By doing these steps, you will be able to pack and move your TV safely and securely by yourself. However, if you have reservations about doing all these on your own and want to bring in a team of professional removalists, you can consider hiring removalists Perth or any leading moving companies wherever you are in Australia by using Upmove.

Booking an appointment is as easy as ABC. All you have to do is create a request along with the description of your shipment, set your preferred collection and delivery dates, and voila! You can rest assured that everything will be taken care of by the movers while you enjoy your afternoon tea.

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