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Guide on Shipping Motorcycle Interstate in Australia

By · May 27 2021
Guide on Shipping Motorcycle Interstate in Australia

Are you planning to ship a motorcycle interstate? Having a second thought because of the price? If yes, you are one of the many people that are thinking that interstate motorcycle transport costs an arm and a leg. This is somehow true but with proper preparation and planning, you can surely get a good deal. Whether you’re selling your motorcycle, purchasing a motorcycle, moving home interstate or even just travelling, here are some tips we have gathered to serve as your guide on shipping a motorcycle interstate in Australia.

1. Getting multiple quotes

Gathering multiple quotes from professional and trusted removalists is necessary not only for your motorcycle transport but also for other types of transportation needs such as car transport, boat transport or even your home move. Doing this will surely give you a good range of quotes to choose from. Once you receive quotes from different removalists, make sure to do some of your research by checking what type of services they offer, reading some reviews from previous customers and contacting removalists about the things you need to clarify.

2. Searching for a removalist who specialise in motorcycle transport 

Finding a removalist who specialises in motorcycle transportation should be your goal. You will be sure that they are an expert and that they have enough knowledge on how to move your valuable motorcycle properly and safely. You may prefer to choose the cheapest quote you received but you need to check if the company specializes in motorcycle transport. If not, there’s a big chance of problems that may happen during the transportation like possible damages on your motorcycle.

3. Deciding how would like to transport your motorcycle 

You have two options on how you transport your motorcycle with the assistance of a removalist. It could be with the help of an open trailer or an enclosed trailer. 

Motorcycle transport with the help of an open trailer is cheaper than an enclosed one. But you also need to consider that your motorcycle will be exposed to different elements, such as rain and snow, to dirt and dust, and even debris kicked up from other vehicles on the road. This puts your motorcycle at risk as it will be prone to some minor damages and the worst part is this type is possibly susceptible to thefts. Thus, this is only recommended when shipping in a short distance, an immediate one, if the motorcycle is not easily equipped with elements or if your motorcycle is not so valuable for you.

On the other hand, an enclosed trailer is more expensive but this way, you are confident that your motorcycle will be safe from any outside elements during transit. You will have peace of mind knowing that it won’t be scratched, damaged, or stolen which makes an overall safety for your motorcycle. This is recommended for long-distance shipping or if the motorcycle you have is of a higher-value, luxurious, and even vintage.

4. Considering additional insurance

Choosing a removalist with insurance for your motorcycle transport is a wise thing to do. But purchasing your own insurance is better most especially if you are transporting an expensive and valuable motorcycle. Usually, your removalist’s insurance is not enough to cover the whole amount of an expensive motorcycle. Thus, getting your own insurance is a smart thing to do for your motorcycle to have enough coverage in case unexpected things may happen.

5. Preparing your motorcycle 

Once you have chosen the removalist for your motorcycle transport, don’t forget to prepare your motorcycle before they arrive to collect it. This will help get a good look at its current condition before the transport and it will be easy to identify damages incurred during transit. 

  • Wash your motorcycle to remove all the dirt and dust.

  • Check fluids and report or resolve leaks

  • Inspect the battery and tire pressure (if the motorcycle is in operational condition).

  • Remove any accessories and loose items and pack them separately.

  • Reduce the fuel level of your motorcycle to at least ¼ tank 

  • Look for any scratches, dents and any other damages

  • Make documentation of the current physical and mechanical status of the motorcycle

Wherever you are in Australia, motorcycle transportation will be easier if you have assistance from reliable and skilled removalists. If you are still searching for a company for your motorcycle transport, just submit one listing with Upmove. You will surely receive multiple quotes and you have the chance to choose the company that best fits your needs. This will give you a trouble-free search for a motorcycle transporter.

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