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How to Make Money in Australia's Gig Economy

How to Make Money in Australia's Gig Economy

Living in a world where change is inevitable is challenging and overwhelming. In this year, the whole world faces the COVID-19 crisis which is set to shake things up even more. It affects the normal rhythm of people’s lives and gives us new measures to pursue. The impact is clearly visible, especially in Australia’s workforce.

Are you also one of the affected people because of the pandemic? Looking for a job or an extra income? You can start with Australia’s gig economy which is dominant in the current workforce. There are plenty of gigs for everyone ranging from food and package deliveries, moving services, to writing and data entry, and more other options to choose from. Thinking of the way to start? Just follow this guide on how to make money in the Australia Gig Economy.

Definition of Gig Economy

The gig economy or also known as sharing economy is based on flexible, temporary, or freelance jobs which often involves associating with clients or customers using an online platform. It threatens the traditional full-time workers who seldom change positions and usually focus on a lifetime career.

The evolution of technology, which is the main driver of growth of the gig economy, has a great impact making it more common and available to people. But before getting too excited to start with gigs, here are some things you need to consider first.

Things to Consider Before Working

Here are 2 important things you need to consider before working in a gig economy.


Working as a freelancer is never easy especially in terms of taxes. These may be the last things in your mind when trying to make money but remember this should be a priority. When you are earning more money, it also means paying more taxes.

If you are used to having deduction of your taxes directly in your paycheck by your employer, now is the time that you need to deduct money by yourself and proactively manage your cash flow for future tax bills. Take note, you do not have a finance team to back you up anymore.

Therefore it is best to leave it to professionals like an accountancy firm or registered agents who will help you establish an entity and advice on the rest.

The Right Type of Gig

After thinking for more than a hundred times and already came out with a plan that the gig economy is good for you, choosing the right gig is extremely essential. Each job is different from each other, so you need to make sure to assess your skills and personality and plan for your goals.

It is really tempting to choose the first thing that comes on your way especially if you urgently need money. But with this, it may cause problems and headaches if you are not prepared. Better to give time researching for potential gigs that you may work on and check which ones are best suited for you based on your skills and personality.

Types of Gig Available in Australia

There are a lot of gig opportunities that you can try in Australia. Here are the top gigs you may choose from.


Uber is one of the most famous platforms worldwide. They offer a wide range of services from vehicles for hire, food delivery (Uber eats), package delivery, couriers and so on. They are best known for their ride-hailing business. In this way, you may turn your car into a taxi providing you with additional income. If you are interested to be a part of their ride-sharing community, you can do it easily. 

All you need to do is sign up which is quite easy and fast and of course, you must possess a smartphone and your own vehicle which are the requirements. Once done, you may start making money instantly.

The task is remarkably simple. You just need to drive customers from pick up (point A) to the destination (point B). Once done, customers may provide ratings on the system so make sure to have a good one and make sure you are good in driving, communication and especially customer service.


Another gig that you may try is a food delivery service. Deliveroo is quite popular in selected countries including Australia. If you are not comfortable driving customers around, better to deliver food instead. 

It is extremely easy and fast to sign up once you have all necessary requirements. The good thing is it is not needed to own a vehicle. It allows you to use a motorcycle or even a bicycle as long as you have the necessary safety equipment.

Your task is just to pick up from restaurants and deliver it to customers. This is easy and great since you have a flexible schedule. If you are having a day job in the morning and wanted additional income, you may try working at night.  You may start your shift whenever you like.


Upmove offers gig opportunities specific only in Australia. They offer moving services varying from home moves, furniture moves, car transports, motorcycle transport, and even boat transport, which requires men that move.

If you own a truck, trailer or a van and are interested to help people move things around, you can register on the website to become a removalist. You can offer different all types of moving services like local or interstate move, furniture move, and piano move.


If you have extra rooms in your house that you think is no use or another house that you seldom use, maybe once a year, this gig is perfect for you. Airbnb is one of the most famous platforms for providing access to unique homes, experiences, and places around the world.

All you need to do is advertise your rooms or property on the site and customers may rent it depending on their preference and of course your preference. They may rent it overnight, for a week or whenever they like as long as you and the customer come out with an agreement. 

Freelancing Sites (Airtasker or Fiverr)

Last but not the list are some freelancing sites that are getting popular nowadays. Two of the largest and popular sites in Australia are Airtasker and Fiverr. If you have specialized skills for home or office tasks, you may consider this gig.

This gig requires you to have your own computer and especially access to the internet since you need to sign up to their sites and create your profile. Then you need to decide what type of services you want to offer and make sure to emphasize your skills to attract customers. It is also important to charge your customers right and offer the best and quality services for them to hire you again in their future needs or they may recommend you to their friends and family.

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