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Gold Coast Removalists Reviews: 9 Trusted Moving Companies in the Gold Coast

Gold Coast Removalists Reviews: 9 Trusted Moving Companies in the Gold Coast

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What are you moving?

Do you have plans in the near future to buy a new home or get a job outside the city? It’s common thing for us to dream about residing in another city or working in another state.

But planning for a fresh new start in another place is not easy and could sometimes build doubts about your ability to achieve those big goals. For you to reach those goals much easier, you’ll be needing the help of a reputable moving company that will make the entire relocation a memorable experience in your life. That’s right, we were referring to hiring the best movers within your location.

If you’re residing within the Gold Coast, this guide would be of very big help to you. Here, we’ve made a list of the details of the companies along with the Gold Coast removalists' reviews to help you find the right one for your move. Keep in mind that these companies on the list are the most recommended ones within the area.

The Removals Group

If you’re looking for super-secure and free from pest storage areas with adjustable temperatures, then The Removals Group is the perfect company if you’re seeking a good place to store items, they have an environmentally friendly warehousing system that accommodates almost all kinds of items.

Located in Burleigh Heads, the company is capable of handling all types of relocations. Whether moving to another home, workplace, or establishment, they make sure every phase of the relocation is trouble-free and efficient. This is even supported by their numerous positive reviews from former customers.

Robina Removals

Since 1987, this Gold Coast removal company never failed to offer exceptional removalist services and is still consistent up to this day. The quality is shown in the services and capabilities of their team. With their own set of moving vehicles and packaging materials, it is guaranteed that all of your things will be delivered with utmost care.

What’s even better is that they introduce you to different types of relocation setups that you can choose from. They are provided with a particular budget range and the set of requirements you need to comply with since these major factors will assist you in what setup suits your preference and budget best.

The company also offers you the following extra services once you rely on them for your moving needs:

  • Full coverage of different insurance types over your items and services
  • Free on-site pricing
  • Neat and safe storage areas

GC Removals

When you want a customized moving setup specifically arranged according to your relocation needs that still displays impressive service quality, GC Removals is the company for such a job. They are known as a family-owned and operated business that provides smooth relocation services at budget-friendly rates since 2011.

They also offer well-organized and smooth packing services that you can avail especially if you don’t have enough time for the entire packing process. Just inform them ahead of time so they can make adjustments on the time to allow for the packing phase and proceed to the delivery afterward.

A Smooth Move Removals

One of the most trusted removal companies in Gold Coast since 2009, they are also owned and operated by the family themselves. They ensure that only the competent and excellent people joining the team are qualified to handle the packing, lifting, delivering, and unloading of your items.

Some perks you can enjoy when you book under the Smooth Move Removals:

  • Free relocation quotes
  • Free transport
  • Public liability insurance coverage
  • Set of 55-cubic moving vehicles

Greater Gold Coast

Another moving company that is directly owned and operated by a particular family, Greater Gold Coast is located in Robina. This company has reached 14 years of providing numerous removal services all over the Gold Coast. They have been a trusted company guaranteed to make your relocation a worry-free experience, regardless of the moving demands.

First Choice Removals

For those who prefer full-service removals, the company that you should rely on to cater to your moving demands is First Choice Removals due to their awe-inspiring 25 years of delivering outstanding services. This has solidified their reputation as one of the trusted moving companies for the longest years. They also provide free insurance covering their employees, less expensive prices, and fixed moving quotations.

Richards Gold Coast Removals

This is a known name of a moving company that is recognized for its high-caliber moving services. Packing, transporting, and safekeeping your items are just some of the wide array of services they provide. They also earned being the top removal company in all of Gold Coast due to their quick, cheap, and remarkable responses towards circumstances occurring during the move/ Regardless of whether you move into a house or change workplaces, you won’t have to worry about anything as they are all managed well by the company in every step of the way.

Brighten Your Day Removals

In their 20 years of being involved in the estate industry through removalists, they’ve already gained a general idea about certain behaviors of their clients and situations arising during a move within Gold Coast or country-wide. Their personnel wants to make sure that the full insurance coverage is applied as they are aware that unexpected events or accidents can happen at any time of the day.

Elanora Mini Moves

This company sees to it that every relocation they oversee is managed well. Also a family-owned and managed company, they only hire the most qualified people and let them undergo rigorous training involving all phases of the move. They are taught to pack efficiently, lift correctly, load heavy things into the vehicle properly, and many other essential activities that require due care and attention.

Final thoughts

The list above isn’t the only list of companies that were considered the best among the rest of the removal companies on the Gold Coast. However, you may choose not to rely on anyone from the list. Just remember to check on the background of the company and assess if they’re competent enough to handle your relocation needs. Read through the feedback and verify if these are true.

Gold Coast removalists — book now!

Budget-friendly removalists. Trusted by thousands of customers. Door to Door delivery. Same Day service. Fixed Prices.
9.7 · 1,139 reviews
What are you moving?

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