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Moving a Fridge or Freezer the Right Way

By · March 27 2021
Moving a Fridge or Freezer the Right Way

Moving home soon? There are a lot of things you need to think about, especially how you will manage to move heavy and bulky appliances such as the fridge and freezer.  If you are not properly prepared for moving these items, your fridge and freezer could be damaged. You need to keep in mind that it is not only cumbersome to move but these appliances also cost a lot. Of course, you don’t want to spend extra cash on buying new ones especially if it’s a result of an avoidable mistake during a move.

If you are looking for some tips on how to move a fridge and freezer, we gathered these tips on how to move these household appliances including preparation and how to carefully carry them to the moving truck. The preparation should start before the moving day, so make sure to check all tips before making a move.

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Disconnect the fridge or freezer: This is the first and most simple step for the preparation. You just need to unplug the fridge or freezer and roll out the power cord. Be sure to use tape to tie the cord to avoid tangling while in transport.

Clear the contents in your fridge or freezer: Once disconnected, empty the contents of your fridge or freezer. Both you can find inside and outside should be removed. If possible, eating your perishables a few weeks before the moving day would help. This will lessen the items you have inside. Also, don’t forget to remove items that can be found outside of the fridge like magnetic stickers.

Allow your fridge or freezer to defrost: You must allow your fridge or freezer to defrost before you move especially if you are using them for quite some time. It typically takes about six to eight hours to defrost, so it is ideal to leave the fridge or freezer all night to defrost. Remember, to start your preparation ahead of time to avoid problems during the moving day.

Take out the removable items: The next step you need to do is removing removable items such as trays, glass shelves, drawers and other loose movable items inside your fridge or freezer. Once removed, clean and disinfect all those items and separately wrap them carefully. Make sure to label each item before putting it in the boxes. Not removing the glass shelves inside the fridge is one of the most common mistakes people do. If you leave these items inside, they can bounce around and shatter, making you spend extra cash for new glass shelves which you want to avoid.

Wipe the fridge or freezer clean: If you have completely defrosted and empty your fridge or freezer, it’s time to clean and disinfect the interior and surface of the appliances. Of course, you want to avoid dirty and smelly items in your new home.

Lock and seal the doors of the fridge or freezer: A fridge or freezer cost a lot so it’s really essential to protect these items. For you to protect the inner mechanism, you should lock and seal the door using a sturdy rope or bungee cord to lock. If you are trying to move a double door fridge, make sure that both door handles are tied together. If you are planning to use tapes, make sure to avoid direct contact with the surface of the fridge or freezer since there is a possibility that it would leave a permanent mark on the surface.

Moving your fridge or freezer to the moving truck

Once the fridge or freezer is ready, it is now time to move them in the moving truck. Here is the step-by-step process you need to do.

Get an extra pair of hands: A fridge or freezer is usually heavy and awkwardly shaped. You need any help you can get especially if you will be lifting the items into the moving truck. Asking help from professional furniture movers is ideal especially if this is your first time to move.

Use a moving dolly: Making use of a moving dolly to move your fridge or freezer will make it easier. If you are planning to hire a moving company, they certainly have this on their moving equipment. If you are having a DIY move, do it carefully.

Moving a fridge or freezer needs a lot of care. Usually, you can move these items by just sliding them into the dolly or sometimes you need to lift them gently. Once the appliances are placed in the dolly, make sure to secure them in the dolly by using straps or bungees to fasten them.

Exercise cautions while moving the fridge or freezer: Once the fridge or freezer has been placed securely and safely into the moving dolly, you need to exercise caution on moving the dolly to the moving truck. You need to have a helper to secure the items on the moving dolly and to avoid any obstacles in your path. If you are moving through staircases, communicate effectively with your helper and take your time to move your fridge and freezer.

Place the fridge or freezer into the moving truck: You have two options on how you will be placing your fridge or freezer into the moving truck. First, you can use a ramp but make sure it is properly fitted into the moving truck for you to easily roll the items inside. Another option is lifting the items but remember, you need more hands or movers to do it.

Important Transportation Tips

Fridge or freezer should be transported in an upright position: If possible, always keep your fridge in an upright position. Avoid titling them since it will cause the oil from the compressor to seep into the cooling tube. If oil from the compressor is in the cooling lines the fridge cannot cool or break down.

Wait an hour before reconnecting the fridge or freezer: Once your fridge or freezer arrives safely to your new home, wait for at least an hour after transportation before turning it on. Even if your items were placed in an upright manner, some oils from the compressor might have leaked causing some negative effect such as damage to your fridge or freezer.

Moving the fridge or freezer is not an easy task. If this is your first time, it’s better to get a trusted removalist in Australia to help you out throughout the move. If you are looking for someone to hire, Upmove is a great platform to use. This platform will help you find experienced, knowledgeable and well-equipped removalists to move your heavy and bulky items such as a fridge or freezer. They can also look for piano movers and other types of moving services such as car transport, motorcycle transport and boat transport. Submit one delivery job request, and Upmove will look for removalists whether in Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, or anywhere in Australia.

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