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Tips for Unpacking After A Move

By · December 18 2020
Tips for Unpacking After A Move

Home move requires a lot of energy and time, starting from packing to researching and hiring the best moving company to help you. But still, it is fun and exciting as it gives hope and new opportunities in the new location. After you or your home movers have unloaded the last of your boxes and furniture, you will surely want to take a break and the last thing you will think about is unpacking. Since it does not have a definite target date compared to packing (i.e. moving day), you will not feel the necessity to unpack all the items and furniture which may lead to procrastination.

Thinking about unpacking may be overwhelming, regardless of how big your move was. If you do not know how to start and want to avoid procrastination, here are a few tips you may follow on unpacking and organizing after your move. These tips can be done in any order that you prefer to do. 

Have the Essential Box

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The most important thing to prepare before and after a move is the essential box. This box should include toiletries, foods, medicines, few changes of clothing, and other necessities for each member of the family to be used for a couple of days or a week. This is to avoid digging through a great number of boxes just to find the thing that you need.

If you are having an interstate move and hired a long-distance removalist, an essential box is even more necessary. There are some problems that might occur like movers getting delayed because of some circumstances like bad weather, so you should have enough stuff to get you through a couple of days or a week at your new place.

Clean the House

Cleaning the entire house is vital before moving any of your stuff in. Typically, the former occupant or owner have done some cleaning but sometimes only the surface or visible dirt. As a result, you need to do a deep cleaning before unpacking and arranging your items and furniture. 

Make sure to make a box for cleaning materials and label it properly. Remember to include things like paper towels, all-purpose cleaners, and a broom. This way, it will be easier for you to identify the box and make it accessible as you unload it from the car or truck and unpack these items easily.

Place your boxes in the correct room

When you plan to start unpacking, be sure not to open boxes randomly since it may cause confusion. Instead, use the inventory list you or the removalists created while packing your items. Putting labels on the boxes is also a great idea to be sure that you or your hired removalists will put the boxes in the correct rooms. This way, it will be easier for you to unpack the boxes.

Create an unpacking order

Make a list of the rooms and spaces you have in your new home and be sure to sort rooms based on their importance. Start with the rooms that you frequently use like your bedroom. After the move, you want to get a good sleep and rest, so unpacking boxes that belong to your bedroom is a good idea. Afterwards, you can tackle the kitchen since you need to prepare food.

Once finished, you can follow your unpacking process with the lesser-used spaces like the guest bedroom and formal living area. Lastly, you can do the storage areas like a basement or garage. This way, you will have an organized unpacking of the items. Also, in each room, you should create a room plan where to place furniture pieces and other stuff for you to arrange each room easily.

Create and Follow Schedule

Choose a date that you want to finish unpacking all your items and furniture and make sure to stick to it. Remember to base the schedule on your availability and the items you have. This gives you enough time to finish unpacking within your schedule. 

But let us be real, procrastination is common and the main reason why you cannot unpack everything by the plan.

To avoid procrastinating, better to have something at home like a housewarming party. With this, you will really stick to your plan and schedule since you want to make sure that your home looks orderly and wonderful when your friends and family members pay you a visit.

Hire Effective Moving Company

Hiring a professional and experienced moving company is a great choice for your home move. You will have a smooth, fast, and stress-free move since they have tangible experience in both packing and unpacking any items you have. Be sure to inform them if you need help in unpacking.

There are plenty of moving companies with these qualities and you can easily find them on Upmove. With a network of Australia’s reliable and trusted moving companies, local and interstate removalists, you will surely find the moving service that is right for you. You can get quotes that are up to 75% lower than the standard price, you can save time researching and of course, can help you find men that move who can provide excellent help with unpacking too. You will have your options before making a decision which makes you less worried about your unpacking process.

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