Nick's Express Car Transport

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Nick's Express Car Transport is a family owned and operated interstate car transport business. We specialize in express services to & from Perth with trucks departing daily.

We are fully insured up to $1 million for all vehicles on board our trailers. We also transport many prestige and luxury vehicles for the various dealerships we service across Australia.

Are you relocating or buying a car interstate? As we all know, Perth is such a long distance away from most of Australia. This is where we step in. At Nick’s Express Car Transport, we understand the complexities of moving to and from Perth or even purchasing a vehicle from WA. It simply isn’t feasible or worth the hassle to drive such long distances across the Nullabor in unpredictable terrain and low service areas, especially if you have a young family and restless little ones.

At Nick’s Express, we take the hassle away from you by transporting your vehicle fast and efficiently across the Nullarbor to & from Perth.