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How Much Do Interstate Removalists Cost in Australia?

How Much Do Interstate Removalists Cost in Australia?

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What are you moving?

Your moving day is a special day you’ve been anticipating for days or weeks as you get closer to the expiration of your house lease. One of the common questions that come up when deciding to move to a new home is the expenses you’ll be making when availing of the moving services of a removalist company.

We understand that there are more questions pertaining to removal services as many are still not aware of them even to this day. The usual impression they have of such services is that it is could be quite costly, especially with the transportation and labour, not to mention the distance to be covered as well if the move is done interstate. As a result, they’d rather opt to do the entire move by themselves. But you don’t have to worry about knowing more about these kinds of services! We’ll make sure to answer your primary question: How much do interstate removalists cost?

With this, we’ve organized a list of things to consider when determining the cost of moving services as your guide when the time comes you’ve decided to try it out.

How Much Do Interstate Removalists Cost Usually?

If you’re moving to an interstate house with three or four bedrooms, it would probably cost you an estimate of $2,000 to $5,000.

We’ve indicated the possible moving costs depending on the number of bedrooms houses have. The usual houses would contain three or four bedrooms but the distance will greatly affect the prices.

Note that the prices below are assumptions for interstate house removals in Australia:

  • If you intend to move from Brisbane going to Sydney, expect the cost would be $2,000 to $3,000
  • You’d be spending approximately $2,500 to $4,000 if you plan to transfer from Melbourne to Gold Coast
  • Expect to pay between $4,650-$5,800 if you’ll move from Adelaide to Sunshine Coast
  • An interstate move from Brisbane to Perth will possibly be priced at $5,500-$6800
  • The average moving price would be $1,650-$2,280 if you plan to move from Sydney to Canberra

Additionally, you need to account for the pieces of furniture you want to move. Let’s say, you have a queen-size bed, a large couch, and a vintage dining table set that you want to be transferred. There is a high chance you’ll be paying more since these items are not only heavy but also would occupy a lot of space in the transportation.

Aside from the belongings, packing and lifting services would also be accounted for the moving costs that you need to pay. Some companies include them in their moving packages but others would charge extra. But you can insist to pack your items by yourself so you won’t have to pay more.

Here’s a list of the possible extra services that a moving company may offer:

Backloading services

Given that you only have small items to transfer, availing of backloading services would be a good choice since it can even help you cut down on moving expenses. However, this would not automatically mean that your belongings would be occupying a truck immediately. Just to avoid confusion regarding the items, ensure that the mover willingly commits to performing the following tasks:

Preparing a written item inventory

Providing labels to the boxes

Allotting a space within the truck specifically for your items so that it won’t get mixed up with the items of others

Insurance for moving services

The removal company should be offering you insurance in order to cover the possible damages to your belongings during the moving process. Inspect whether the moving quotation they’ve provided to you includes insurance. You can also ask them about the different types of insurance they offer in order to make sure that the move goes smoothly.

Packing and lifting services

Packing is a crucial part of moving alongside organizing since this is where after you classify which items are fragile and not, you secure them by placing them in boxes and putting labels on them. Removal companies may offer such services for free, but some companies charge extra for it. You may also insist on doing the packing yourself so you don’t have to worry about additional expenses.

There are items at your old home that cannot be removed easily through the doors and would require hoisting. Moving companies offer hoisting services in order to put the object out of the infrastructure.

Normally, companies would charge such services since they’ll be utilizing special hoisting equipment and identifying ways in removing the objects.

Warehousing services

There’s a high possibility that you have to safe-keep your items prior to the move. It would be a hassle on your part especially if you have multiple items to be transferred, so having them stored in the warehouse of the company would save time and effort. For this, it may cost you more depending on the type of object and the duration of storage.

Transportation assistance for pets

Of course, we cannot leave our fur angels behind and just proceed with the move. They also need to be accompanied by people who are careful in handling them while travelling to the new location. Some companies allow pet transportation but some also do not. However, you can personally try requesting them to include your pets and paying for additional transportation fees, then it would be better.

Scheduling flights and other services

If you plan to transfer to the new location via air, the company can do the flight appointment for you. This is a smart way since all of your transactions are made under one company already and that’s like killing birds with one stone. You won’t have to fret over contacting multiple people since you can immediately approach a single organization. It’s a bonus if they have a package deal that includes availing of their moving and flight services which could help you save more money.

Waste disposal services

There would really be items which we want to throw because of various reasons like they just take up space or are not usable anymore. Removalists can do the discarding for you so that you can focus on other matters related to the move. The fees for such services would also depend on the weight, size, and a number of items to be disposed of.


Yes, we might not have provided the exact costs that you might expect with hiring removal services but we hope that you have gained an insight into the possible expenses you’ll be making when you decide to schedule an interstate move.

Aside from the actual moving services, there are lots of other services that you can consider to make the process convenient and smooth. You may be overwhelmed for now, but the companies are more than willing to assist you every step of the way.

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What are you moving?

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