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Tips on Organising a Self Storage Unit

Tips on Organising a Self Storage Unit

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Nowadays, more and more people are using self-storage units in Australia. These facilities usually offer short or long-term options for keeping a home, personal, or business items secure and in a safe location that’s protected from the environment. There are a lot of reasons why people use storage units. Simply because they are running out of space in their homes or offices, moving to a new home,  or are downsizing. Getting one is easy, but you may find it difficult to organise it.

Thinking of doing a storage move? Is it your first time using one? If your answers are yes, planning is essential before taking a step. Before you move all of your belongings in, make sure to read these tips to organise your self-storage unit.

1. Cleaning of the storage unit and the items you will be storing

Cleaning should be done first when organising a storage unit. Be sure to clean the storage unit by sweeping the dust, debris or dirt that may be dwelling in it. If you want an extra clean one, you may also want to mop the unit. For the items to be placed inside, every stuff should be cleaned thoroughly as well. Remember to clean the appliances with disinfectant wipes, vacuum couches and cushions and wipe the surfaces with cleaning spray. This way ensures that your unit won’t get smelly, especially after storing your belongings for a long period of time. 

2. Creating an inventory list of all the items

Once you decide to use a storage unit, you need to keep in mind that it is hard to memorise or even remember all of the items that are going inside the facility, especially if you are planning to store a lot of stuff. To make it organise, make sure to create a list while packing and if possible take photos of your items inside the unit. Of course, you can remember big items (sofas, beds, etc.) since they are visible in storage. However, for small items (electronics, pictures, etc.), looking for them will totally give you a headache. Thus, creating some sort of map is also a smart move. This way, you can easily track where your belongings are located inside the unit.

3. Using clear plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes

Thinking of using cardboard boxes? You need to think twice. Yes, these boxes are cheaper and sometimes free but it is not advisable to use them. This is because these boxes are not water-resistant and can get crushed easily. If you want to protect your stuff, use clear plastic bins. It is sturdy and water-proof and you are sure the items inside it are safe. Another good thing about this is that you will have the capability to see what is inside it. Thus, it will be easier for you to locate items in the bins compared to cardboard boxes where you need to open and dig into each of them.

4. Organise your self-storage unit by priority

If you plan to store your items for a long time, put items that you frequently use near the exit for easier access. This will greatly save a lot of your time moving bunches of bins every time you will be needing some of them. For items that you seldom use, such as sentimental items or extra couches, store them in harder-to-reach places like at the back of the unit. If you plan to store for a short time, you can just think of a way how you want to get to your stuff so you can arrange them properly.

5. Organise your self-storage unit with labels

The label is crucial in every box or bin you will be using during your storage move. If you will be using cardboard boxes, you can use a marker to label them. Be sure to label both sides and on the top. If possible, give each box a unique number for you to identify which room the box came from and the content inside the box. Don’t forget to list all of this information in your inventory.

If you will be using clear plastic bins, you may try to write or type labels, laminate them and put them on the side of the bin where you can read them. You may also use those rectangular plastic plates you can see outside the doors of an office building or hospital for labelling. Labelling would be a great help for your removalist to arrange everything on the storage as planned. On the other hand, it will be simple for you to notice if some of the items are missing in your storage which will make it easier for you to file a claim with your storage unit insurance company.

6. Place items inside the storage unit by starting at the bottom

Maximise your storage unit by disassembling large furniture such as tables, bed frames and chairs and organising them in a vertical position. If you are planning to get help from a moving company, make sure to tell them to place heavy and large items on the bottom. But avoid putting a mattress at the bottom since the items on top will be putting pressure on the padding and springs, which can cause damage. If you place items in a vertical position, you can have more space on top of your storage unit thus, creating more space even on the floor part, giving you more storage space for other items.

Whatever reason you have for using a self-storage unit, organising your move is definitely important even these tips will take up much of your time. But on the bright side, in the future, you can save much time from digging up bins or boxes just looking at one item that you need and at the same time maximising the space for you to make out the most of your storage space. 

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9.8 · 958 reviews
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