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Things You Should Never Put in a Storage Unit

Things You Should Never Put in a Storage Unit

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In the past few years, many people need additional space or even temporary space for personal or business purposes. For this reason, storage unit facilities gained popularity. Whether you are renovating your home, moving to a new home and need a temporary place to hold your belongings or yet you are moving to a smaller residence and need a safe place to store some of your belongings, storage units are there to help. These facilities offer short- or long-term options to keep all your valuable belongings safe and secure from the environment.

You definitely wanted to make out the most of your storage unit and store all items you can store. But of course, you need to be aware of the items you can’t leave in your storage unit since they may cause some issues. If you are not sure what those things are, here’s a list for you.

1. Food items 

A lot of people are thinking that a storage unit can be used as an offsite pantry. Perishable food items such as dairy, meat and fresh produce is a big no. If you think cereals, grains and rice are okay, it is also not a good idea. All these food items will surely attract unwanted pests and rodents that may destroy not only the items of your unit but also the neighbouring unit. 

Additionally, it is also risky to store canned goods as the temperature inside of the unit may be much hotter or colder than the outside temperature which will cause spoilage. Remove all expired food that will rot and will certainly start emitting unwanted odours that will certainly create a bad odour and will create favourable conditions for mould and bacteria to grow and spread inside your unit.  

Before your removalist arrives to pick up your things to be moved in the storage, consume the food items they have or donate to food banks. This will lessen the load and at the same time, avoid any issues in the unit. There are some facilities which do not allow food, so as much as possible, just avoid storing any kind of food items in your storage unit.

2. Dangerous materials

Hazardous materials that may burn or corrode or explode are a big no-no in storage facilities. This includes explosives, chemicals, fuels, acids, pesticides and even batteries. These items may react to extreme temperatures inside the unit. Remember to remove any fuel from vehicles and all batteries from electronics before you store them to avoid possible problems. 

Any items that can pose a serious risk to humans and to property should be avoided. To be sure, you can ask the managing person of the facility about what items are prohibited inside the storage unit. This will avoid issues such as eviction in the storage unit. 

3. Living things (plants and animals)

This one is pretty obvious, right? You may consider your unit as a haven but then again, you cannot keep any living beings inside it.  

A storage unit is dark when you are not inside, thus this is not an ideal place for your plants as they need sunshine, fresh air and of course water to survive. Furthermore, it attracts insects that will cause more problems. Instead, you can ask a family or a friend to plant-sit your plants if you need time for your move.

On the other hand, storing animals inside is an act of abuse and cruelty. These beings are made to live and not to be stored. If you think you are no longer capable of taking care of your pets, the best thing to do is to ask a family member or friend to take care of them temporarily or adopt them. If there’s none, you can take them to an animal shelter.

4. Valuable items

Storage facilities make sure to keep their units safe and secure by using padlocks and even having some guards. But still, you should avoid storing valuable items like jewellery, money or even important personal documents such as your passports, licenses, birth certificates, etc. 

Wherever you are in Australia, even your removalist Adelaide or removalist Perth will advise you to move your valuable items by yourself and keep them in a safe, deposit box or bank. It is because there might be problems that will occur such as the neighbouring unit prohibited items that may cause fire or explosion which will clearly affect your unit.

5. Wet Items

Once you have already made up your mind about the items you will be storing in your storage unit, keep in mind that those items are completely dry. While your removalists are unloading your items in the storage, check each item and make sure it is 100% dry. Cardboard boxes combined with moisture will surely result in mildew, moulds and bacteria thriving. These microorganisms will destroy everything you own inside the unit or will cause you hours of cleaning just to save your belongings. 

Now, you have learned above what things you should never leave in a storage facility. It’s time for you to prepare and plan for your storage move. Of course, you want all your items to arrive safely in the facility, so you also need to take precautions during transit. The best thing is to search for trusted and reliable moving companies to transport your belongings safely. Upmove is the answer. This platform will connect you to a network of professional removalists in Australia. Whether you need storage, a home or piano movers, you will surely find the right one to make your move as safe and easy as possible. 

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Budget-friendly removalists. Trusted by thousands of customers. Door to Door delivery. Same Day service. Fixed Prices.
9.7 · 1,052 reviews
What are you moving?

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