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Removalist Trucks for Sale: Moving Truck Size You Should Choose

Removalist Trucks for Sale: Moving Truck Size You Should Choose

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What are you moving?

Deciding to do your relocation will have you setting a budget to accommodate for the moving costs, anticipating the possible risks along the way, enumerating the number of tasks, and assessing if you can carry out the numerous demands of the move.

You’re aware that carrying on such tasks will not only consume most of your time and energy at the same time but will also test your patience and planning skills in almost every phase of the moving process.

Without having to rely on removal companies to assist you with the move, the tasks are left to you to handle individually which will involve planning and strategizing on how you can make every step convenient and hassle-free on your part.

Decision-making is also an important aspect that you must take into consideration as it is essential to the success of the move.

Removalist trucks for sale

Of course, with relocation comes searching for the right vehicle that will be utilized to load your belongings and have them transported safely to your new address. If you have large and heavy objects that cannot fit the usual cars, this would immediately mean you'll have to rely on moving trucks to make the transition easier.

Looking for the best one shouldn’t be inconvenient on your part as there are credible companies that offer rental services for their quality moving trucks that are already equipped with the necessary tools and devices that will surely help make the relocation process manageable.

Now, choosing between the numerous options would be quite difficult as there are many considerations to put in mind before finalizing your decision. So before you go deciding between several removalist trucks for sale, you have to learn about the characteristics of these vehicles.

Estimating the Size of Removalist Trucks for Sale

The size of the removalist truck that will best suit your belongings during the entire relocation should be highly considered and will vary depending on the number and size of the items you want to move. The distance is another important factor to remember too.

Specifying the Size of Your Home

If your home has a very large space, tendencies are there will be a lot of things that you’ll have to move. So, if your home houses four or more bedrooms, it’s safe to assume that you’ll be moving several things compared to a studio-type apartment or a two-bedroom home.

Planning the Number of Things You Want to Transfer

Removalist Trucks for Sale

As previously mentioned, the number of stuff you want to bring to your new home is another important matter that you must consider in choosing a removal truck. Say, you live in a studio-type apartment, which would mean you only have to limit the objects to fill in the spaces. If too many objects will occupy the room, then there would be only little breathing space left. 

This would have you eliminate those unnecessary or unusable items in your old address in order to limit moving a lot of objects to your new home. Decluttering your belongings is a good way to set a fixed number of items so that planning how they’re going to be moved would be identified immediately.

The truck size will greatly depend on the number of things you’ll move. As for studio-type apartment relocations, a 16-foot truck is suitable to accommodate such a move.

Determining the Size, Shape, and Volume of the Items to be Moved

You probably have three or lesser number of appliances or furniture to move, but if these are a large refrigerator, couch, and washing machine, then expect to rent a removalist truck that is spacious enough to cater to these items. You need to account for the size, volume, and shape of the objects before choosing which truck to rent.

Indicating the Distance of the Move

The distance between the origin location and the destination is a big consideration to note when deciding on the right removalist truck. Depending on the type of move, domestic or interstate, the number of trips that need to be performed to ensure all of your belongings are transported to your new location greatly matters.

For cross-country relocations, you won’t have to make several trips to and from the old address so it’s best to secure a truck that caters to all of your things for such moves.

Moving Truck Size Samples

Removalist trucks are classified depending on the number of rooms in your home that they can move and the cubic feet that they can manage.

Number of Rooms in a House

Usually, removal companies or even those companies that offer truck rental services provide a list of the specifications of the trucks they have. It also includes the number of rooms in a house so that customers can distinguish between the different truck sizes.

10 ft. – 12 ft. trucks  are suitable for studio or a small one-bedroom homes, guaranteed no large furniture and appliances;

14 ft. trucks can also be suitable for one-bedroom houses and small two-bedroom spaces;

16 ft. – 17 ft. trucks are perfect for those apartments or homes that house two to three bedrooms;

20 ft. – 22 ft. trucks can load the items for a large three-bedroom establishment;

24 ft. trucks can hold the contents for 4-bedroom spaces;

26 ft. trucks are right for spaces that hold five bedrooms or more;

Cubic Feet of Belongings 

Selecting a truck size depending on the number of rooms in a home may be a reliable factor but it’s not only the one that you must consider. To ensure accuracy in choosing the best truck, considering the dimensions of your belongings in terms of cubic feet should also be applied.

removalist trucks for sale

Here are the classifications of truck sizes according to your measurements of your items:

10 ft. – 12 ft. trucks can store 350-450 cu. ft. and hold 3,000 lbs.;

14 ft. trucks can store 700 cu. ft. and a holding capacity of estimated 4,000 lbs.;

16 ft. – 17 ft. trucks can store 800-850 cu. ft. and can hold about 5,000 – 5,500 lbs.;

20 ft. – 22 ft. trucks can store an approximate of 1,000-1,200 cu. ft. and hold about 7,000-8,000 lbs.;

24 ft. trucks can store an estimate of 1,500 cu. ft. and a loading capacity of about 9,000-10,000 lbs.;

26 ft. trucks can store 1,700 cu. ft. and hold more than 10,000 lbs.

When companies list the truck sizes in cubic feet, they account for the availability of trailer space from the ceiling to the floor and the walls. But of course, we know that it’s quite impossible to fill every space available inside to the point that every area is occupied with objects.

It’s safer to choose a truck that’s a bit larger than what you assume you need for your belongings.

Final Thoughts

By now you should have gained basic knowledge about removalist trucks, so now you can commence by visiting the websites of truck rental companies near you and discover their specifications and other features that could be helpful to your relocation. Look into the list of removalist trucks being offered for rent, if they post a table of all the trucks then it would be easier to compare the features and the prices so that you can select your top three or four choices.

If there are calculators on the site itself, it would be faster to compute the possible renting costs it would take depending on the truck size you’ll choose. This also includes all other fees to consider such as insurance. Just simply enter the rates and other details relevant to your relocation to get a close estimate of the rental fees. Make sure that the truck you choose holds about 10-15% more storage space than the cubic footage of the items that you initially measured.

Lastly, contact the companies personally before concluding your decisions. You may email, call or physically visit their establishments to ask about their rental services such as the insurance system, additional fees, terms and conditions, promos or discounts, and other information that are connected to their services. Remember to check the backgrounds of the companies as well as the feedback of their previous clients to ensure that you rely on trustworthy and reputable ones.

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Budget-friendly removalists. Trusted by thousands of customers. Door to Door delivery. Same Day service. Fixed Prices.
9.8 · 754 reviews
What are you moving?

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