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Removalist Cartons and Other Packing Materials Needed for Moving

Removalist Cartons and Other Packing Materials Needed for Moving

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What are you moving?

Relocating is an event in your life that gets you excited and at the same time causes worries due to the several matters you have to deal with. With moving, you have to anticipate how the entire process will be smooth and convenient as possible without spending over your agreed budget.

This also means having to plan and organize your activities and things earlier so that you can maintain your peace of mind during the actual day of the move. If you opt to do the packing yourself, making sure you have the right amount of packing materials like removalist cartons, packing tapes, and bubble wraps is a top priority.

To better assist you in this particular aspect, we have come up with a list to make packing a trouble-free experience.

Here’s the list of materials necessary for packing your belongings prior to your relocation:

  • Packing or kraft paper
  • Any type of packing tape
  • Cardboard box or any thick box
  • Furniture covers
  • Moving blankets
  • Permanent markers
  • Cleaning materials and supplies

Packing or Kraft Paper Will Do

Packing and Moving

When we say packing materials, bubble wraps are the common items that come into mind since we are aware of their effectiveness in providing item protection for most objects, even fragile ones. But you don’t have to purchase a lot of bubble wrap for every item you want to move. Non-fragile objects can be protected with packing or kraft paper. You can even re-use your scrap papers or newspapers that are stacked on your tables or shelves to reduce your expenses.

Wrapping the objects with paper is necessary to prevent them from moving easily inside the boxes while they are being delivered to your new home. Be careful with generic type bubble wraps since they can mark the surfaces of your furniture during delivery. One suggestion is to avail the Furniguard which functions exactly like a bubble wrap but is primarily used for furniture as these things require extreme caution and protection.

When you purchase Furniguard, the amount will be based on the size and number of furniture and fragile objects. It would be better if you have measurements of all the objects that would require extra protection so that you can get a better estimate of the amount of Furniguard that you will be using.

It is very important to avail item insurance with your moving company so that there will be compensation for any broken or damaged items during the move.

Packing Tapes

Wrapping the items with paper or bubble wrap and sealing them with packing tapes guarantees their security and protection. When the bubble wrap and packing papers are not taped appropriately, tendencies are the objects will freely move inside the boxes when they’re delivered to their destination. Worst case scenario would be the items being broken and severely damaged.

To avoid such a dilemma, it is highly suggested that packing tapes are placed as soon as the items are wrapped with papers and bubble wraps before they’re placed inside the boxes. You don’t have to go overboard with sealing the items since you also have to budget the tapes in order to cater to all of the things you need to wrap.

Why Use Removalist Cartons or Any Type of Thick Boxes

Packing and Moving

Another packing essential for relocation is the thick cardboard boxes that you will need in keeping the items and loading them inside the truck or any vehicle to be sent to your new home. To save you from spending too much on packing materials, you may ask supermarkets or grocery stores if they have spare boxes that they can offer for free. If they are selling it, make sure to pay only for the amount that you need. You can also ask your friends or relatives if they have extra boxes that you could utilize for packing.

However, you can’t just simply be using whatever type of box you have or received since you need to conduct a thorough inspection for each box. You need to assess which are capable of handling the heavier items and those that cannot be utilized for storing the lighter objects.

Boxes that store fragile and heavier things would require a lot of tapes to secure that all openings are sealed tight.

The Importance of Furniture Covers and Blankets

Furniture is another important object needed to be considered when relocating as they require the most protection alongside fragile items among other things. If you prefer to hire a moving company, they could offer you covers and blankets to protect them.

Most furniture covers are commonly made of polyvinyl chloride or PVC as well as cotton to protect the surfaces of your furniture. On the other hand, the blankets are larger and are thicker materials that also serve a similar function to the covers. These materials ensure that your furniture is protected while inside the truck being delivered to its designated location.  

Leaving your furniture without any protection during the relocation is like leaving them prone to damage and disfiguration.

Why Labeling Boxes is Necessary

Packing and Moving

Labeling the boxes is often the most ignored phase in the process of packing the items. We need to stress the importance of labeling since it saves from the stress of identifying and distinguishing which boxes store fragile objects and which those don’t. Moreover, it also spares from the stress of looking into each box when you can simply stick the list of items that are inside a specific box so that it would be easier to check which items you have not packed yet.

Why permanent marker pens? It’s because they can hardly be removed even when the ink gets splashed by water or any other liquid. So when the boxes are loaded during rainy weather, the labels remain the same. No smudges and no erasures would be found.

Separating Cleaning Materials and Supplies

Packing and Moving

You need to separate your cleaning essentials from your other items just as you do to your fragile objects. This is for your convenience as soon as you arrive at your new residence where you might not be aware of the present condition of the house. The previous tenant may not have cleaned the house properly and still has left minimal dirt and dust in the rooms. You can get into cleaning mode easily once you grab your cleaning supplies and begin the tidying process before placing the items inside the house.

Start with the kitchen and bedroom as these are the places where you’ll be doing your essential activities and items. Begin with the shelves and storage spaces to provide areas for keeping the condiments and other cooking supplies. For the bedroom, make sure the closet shelves are neat so you can keep the clothes inside.

Wrapping Up

The packing phase of every relocation preparation is a very tedious process that shouldn’t be taken lightly. You may opt to carry out the tasks on your own or have the relocation company do it for you but expect additional fees. If you prefer doing it by yourself, you need to consider the materials to accommodate all the things you want to transfer to your new home.

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What are you moving?

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