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Hiring a Removalist Engadine | 7 Things to Do During Relocation

Hiring a Removalist Engadine | 7 Things to Do During Relocation

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What are you moving?

Moving to a new residence is one of the most exhilarating events of your life. It may also cause distress because of the many things you need to oversee and handle to ensure everything goes smoothly. This requires adjusting your work schedule to cater to the demands concerning your move such as the legal documents and other important papers needed to comply to avail of the services of a removal company.

What to Do Aside From Hiring a Removalist Engadine When Moving

Relocating shouldn’t be a stressful activity. It also needs to be smooth and unforgettable. That is why we’re here to give you some tips to note before planning your relocation and hiring a removalist Engadine.

1.  Declutter

This can be done before approaching moving companies while waiting for the results of the paperwork you’ve submitted to the moving company you’ve contacted, or while deciding on your relocation date. Make use of the time given to concentrate on sorting and classifying which items should be moved or removed.

Start small by focusing on one room first and setting up three sections. One section is where you put the things that will join you in the relocation. The second section is for the objects that will be up for donation and the last section is for those things that will be eliminated from the house.

2.  Organize the Items You Want to Move as Early as Possible

Hiring a removalist Engadine

We know cramming the packing process is tempting but don’t commit this mistake. You’ll surely suffer the consequences as soon as the actual date of relocation comes nearer and will leave you more distressed. We highly advise you to allot three weeks or more before the week of your moving date, or possibly a month before it. 

Begin with the objects that you rarely utilize until you have your hands on those items you use most of the time. For guaranteed convenience, limit the number of items that you’ll bring with you to the new house.

3.  Separate the Essentials From Other Items

Hiring a removalist Engadine

Those things that you’ll utilize on most days until the relocation date and as you arrive at the new place have to be isolated from the other belongings. These items are for your hygiene, food, electronic devices, medicines, and a few clothes. Put them in a bag or box that you need to bring with you in the vehicle and do not put them with the other boxes so that you can immediately get what you need with ease. Items such as liquid soaps, gels, bleach, and the like should be wrapped with cling film to prevent spillage and damage to your objects.

4.  Take Pictures of all Your Boxes 

hiring a removalist Engadine

As soon as every box is packed and prepared for sealing, make sure you capture the contents and the label with your phone camera. This is to remind you of the items that belong to each box and identify whether you have forgotten something. Remember to clearly label the boxes with a dark-inked marker and colour code the boxes accordingly.

The boxes should be labelled correctly with a list of the items inside and colour-code them based on the nature of the items. Applying this method will help you identify easily which boxes should be loaded with care and arranged in a way that they are protected during relocation.

5.  Dismantle Furniture Days before the Relocation Day

When the date of your relocation comes near, slowly begin removing furniture from the room by disassembling those that can be disassembled. If the beds have detachable parts, then remove their parts and keep them in a box or bag. The same thing applies to tables and chairs as well as the couch. Be careful not to lose the screws and bolts and gather the assembly manuals of these pieces of furniture as your guide once you’re about to reassemble them.

6.  Keeping the Clothes During the Move

hiring a removalist Engadine

You don’t have to fold all the clothes you want to keep and bring with you during the move. You may leave those in hangers and put them inside the wardrobe or cupboard so that you can lessen the number of boxes or bags to load into the truck. Just make sure to keep the wardrobe or cupboard doors shut and sealed before putting them inside the vehicle to keep your clothes inside while the furniture is transported to the new residence. 

7.  Make Sure the Children are Oriented and Prepared for the Relocation

It is an undeniable fact that most kids find relocating uncomfortable and distressing. This is a normal scenario so there’s no need to extremely worry about it. There are some major adjustments needed to be made to calm them such as leaving them to plan out the design and arrangement of their belongings in their new room. In this way, you transform their feelings of unsettlement into excitement and anticipation in seeing your new home.

Final Thoughts

Moving has got to be the exciting and stressful part of experiencing a new home. But all of your efforts will finally pay off, especially since you've dedicated most of your time to the preparation and execution of your relocation. No one wants to encounter unexpected dilemmas and other unwanted circumstances along the way even if it's part of the experience that we cannot avoid most of the time. To prevent those predicaments that are avoidable, we need to equip ourselves and predict in advance the probable lapses or things we failed to consider and think of ways to resolve them so when they happen, we can respond quickly.

Most importantly, finding the right removal company is also a crucial part of relocation because they’ll be handling your objects for transfer and delivery to your new residence. That means you need to look for a credible and trustworthy company that you think can satisfy your relocation needs and has great value for the money you have paid for their services.

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Budget-friendly removalists. Trusted by thousands of customers. Door to Door delivery. Same Day service. Fixed Prices.
9.8 · 979 reviews
What are you moving?

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