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Relocation During Pandemic | Can Removalists Work During Lockdown?

Relocation During Pandemic | Can Removalists Work During Lockdown?

People play an important role in keeping businesses alive so your health and safety as our customers must be monitored at all costs. We understand the concerns that comes with moving during this medical crisis, especially since there are lots of doubts and concerns all over the country while every state undergoes various lockdown measures and limitations to protect everyone from the increasing COVID-19 variants.

Can Removalists Work During Lockdown?

Local governments are now allowing domestic and cross-country moves as these are considered essential services. Can removalists work during lockdown? Yes, they already can! Although changes in the operation of moving companies should be noted.

Companies are also expected to abide by the health protocols established by the government and employ precautions because the health of the customers and employees is a top priority. Considering that removals involve moving places from time to time and from state to state, health precautions are necessary.

We’ve come up with this guide to inform you of the things that you must anticipate upon scheduling your relocation during this pandemic. Rest assured that we will clear up confusion and keep you updated in these trying times.

At this very moment, relocations are possible and free to operate…

The situation in the country is now changing as the restrictions began to lessen.

During the earlier days of lockdown, every time we switch our televisions on, there would always be news about the pandemic situation and government orders about the lockdown. The setup changes most of the time which adds to our worries about whether relocations are possible or not yet.

But don’t fret! We’ve got you covered and we will ensure that all aspects of your relocation will be convenient and smooth. Should an event emerge that may impact the move, we will inform you quickly and provide an immediate solution. You will also be receiving a COVID text message consecutively until the scheduled day for your relocation.

Note: If you have to make changes or cancel your relocation because of COVID-related reasons, we will not be charging any fees.

Local Government Areas in New South Wales

We have teams that reside outside of these areas but we also provide services in these locations since the government has allowed them. All of our workers who enter these areas undergo testing every three days for safety.


  • Customers from COVID-19 hotspots are required to undergo testing 72 hours prior to the relocation.
  • We are aware you have no control over the test results once you receive them, but you need to inform us immediately for us to reschedule your move.
  • Inform us within 24 hours after receiving your results, so our team can quickly decide on the next course of action regarding your move.

The following are the COVID protocols we exercise at our company:

Our working teams:

  • All employees, whether in-office or outside, are regularly updated with the latest information from the government and the AFRA (Australian Furniture Removers Association).
  • All staff is required to wear face masks constantly and QR codes are checked before entering various areas. Packed lunches and snacks are highly encouraged so that road stops are lessened. One employee can only go out to refill the fuel tank of the truck.
  • All staff is required to undergo testing to abide by the government’s health protocols. This means they need to stay in their respective homes and be tested if they manifest COVID-19 symptoms.
  • We are strict in observing personal hygiene which is why we require each employee to be knowledgeable of the best hygiene practices and bring a hygiene kit to work at all times. Our establishment, as well as the trucks, are equipped with personal protective equipment or PPE which consists of alcohol, gloves, masks, and wet wipes.
  • Should the main moving team have workers that will be sick or have to isolate on the day of the move, we’ve also prepared backup teams of movers that do not engage in physical contact with each other. We’re always ready to make your relocation possible at all means.
  • Our moving teams are already organized in order to decrease the chances of the spreading of the virus throughout our workplace. The scheduling of the arrivals is made sure they do not overlap one another to ensure social distancing and reduce personal contact.
  • We also ensured that all employees can employ a work-from-home setup. You may still contact us during work hours to schedule an appointment, cancel, reschedule or inquire about anything relocation-related.
  • Our moving teams continue to operate, however, they will be examined at the beginning of the day just to ensure that they don’t manifest the symptoms of the virus. Should they exhibit the symptoms, they will be prohibited from duty.
  • All employees will need to self-isolate themselves at home if their travel history indicated that they have previously traveled outside of the country or they’ve had direct contact with a potential COVID-19 infected person. They cannot enter the establishment for work unless they have evidence of being cleared from the symptoms.

Constantly communicating with our clients:

– We do not leave our customers behind, we update them via text message prior to the relocation just to ensure that everyone is aware of any cases to stop the virus from spreading.

– Box deliveries and collection services will not require any physical contact. We need to employ such a scheme to ensure safety for our customers and the driver, who needs to visit a lot of houses daily. He may deliver to the doorstep or an agreed location directly, but will not enter the premises.

Vaccination updates:

– COVID vaccination shots: All staff is vaccinated to ensure that they are protected from contracting the virus and as protection when dealing with our customers as well. 

– The majority of our staff already had their flu vaccination as well and may provide proof as well.

Other relevant information:

– Interstate relocations will be done by trains as a result of shutting cross-country borders. Rest assured we will inform our clients immediately upon receiving updates about the borders from the train authorities.

– Each truck undergoes disinfection processes before they depart our establishment and the process is carried out thrice every week.

Wrapping up

Our request from our customers:

We will ask questions about your travel history. Have you traveled internationally, had contact with a known COVID-19 infected person, or manifested symptoms similar to COVID-19 symptoms? Inform us within 24 hours prior to the move so our team can determine what changes to make. We also request our clients to observe health and hygiene protocols as well.

Also, do note the following:

  • Inform us ahead of time if you have to reschedule due to your health situation.
  • We require you to wear masks and gloves at all times during the move.
  • Avoid making physical contact with the movers as soon as they began performing their relocation duties. You may choose to quarantine in a single room that isn’t entered by our staff most of the time, or you may leave your house throughout the relocation period.

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