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Best Vans And Dealers For Removalists Businesses in 2024

Best Vans And Dealers For Removalists Businesses in 2024

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What are you moving?

It’s crucial to choose the right van for your removalists company. Your van is one of the most significant investments into your business you will ever make, and a good van will ensure you’re able to keep moving people for years to come.

A great van is reliable, spacious and affordable to run so that you can keep your removalist business running seamlessly. For an extra piece of mind you'd surely like a van dealer you can trust as well.

We’ve scoured the market and researched some of the most popular vans available in Australia and dealers who offer them.

We’ve put together this list of the best vans for removals businesses and where you can purchase and service them from today. Use this guide to influence your van shopping and ensure you buy a van that is a perfect fit for your business.

Here are the best new vans and dealers for any  removalists business:

New Van Dealers


Ford Transit 350L

2.0L EcoBlue Engine

2750kg towing capacity (Braked)

Cargo Payload starting from 11㎥

Fuel economy of 7km/L

From $51,090AUD

The Ford Transit Van is a powerful workhorse available in a 10-speed or 6-speed manual or automatic transmission and is widely recognised as one of Ford’s premier vehicles for businesses.

There are many options available for the Transit, making it one of the more versatile vans available, these include:

  • Optional high roof available to expand the cargo volume to  15.1㎥
  • Optional Long wheelbase increasing the length to 6.7m
  • Optional Interior upgrades
  • Optional 8” floating touchscreen

The Ford Transit is a very boxy shape with a square tailgate making it very suited for removalists to manoeuvre their cargo into the space.

This van comes with four speakers, a floating 8.0’ touch screen, 4.2’ colour cluster screen and a stylish interior. With automatic start and stop and leather-wrapped steering wheel behind standard features of the 350L, comfort is a priority for the Ford Transit 350L. This van has a reverse camera, power & heated exterior mirrors, Apple CarPlay and Dynamic Stability Control.

The Transit 350L comes with an EcoBlue engine and a total fuel capacity of 95L. This van takes diesel, which means it’s cost-effective to run for your removalist business. From $51,090, this van is a reliable workhorse that is incredibly spacious and is perfect for your removalist business.

You can purchase a Ford Transit 350L from Byrne Ford, Ford Dealer Brisbane

Located minutes away from the Brisbane CBD, Byrne Ford's facilities are based at 496-512 Gympie Road Kedron QLD. They offer a full package of services you'd expect from a well-established dealer - an extensive selection of Ford Vehicles, Service, Maintenance and Parts. 

Tony White is the owner and a leading force behind one of Australia's fastest growing automotive dealer groups. Great management team, dedication and attention to detail is what drives success for Byrne Ford.

Volkswagen Crafter

2.0L TDI340 BlueMotion Engine

 4x4 can carry up to 4500kg

Fuel Economy of 16km/L

Cargo Payload of 18.4㎥

From $49,890AUD

The Volkswagen Crafter can be completely customised to suit your needs and is one of the stand-out vehicles on this list. With three different wheelbases to choose from and three different drive concepts, you can tailor your VW Crafter Van to suit your needs.

The crafter comes with a very high roof space making it exceptional for payload, this will make getting objects into the back of this van as simple and stress free as possible. 

This van can carry an impressive load of up to 18.4 cubic metres depending on the configuration of the van. Driver fatigue detection, reverse camera, electronic stabilisation program, and anti-lock braking systems are unique safety features that the Crafter comes with.

This van also offers a 6.5’ composition audio system, stylish interior and three seats so you can transport your entire team with ease. Innovative and stunningly designed, this affordable van is the perfect investment for your removalist business.

Check out Moss Vale Volkswagen in Brisbane, Australia, if you’re ready to shop the Volkswagen Crafter.

Volkswagen offers one-year roadside assist on every single purchase of their Crafter vans, which is sure to provide you with some ease of mind.

Moss Vale Volkswagen is a family owned operation since 2007. Well-equipped and trained, Moss Vale can offer you New & Used sales, Service & Parts, Finance and Fleet Programme.

Renault Master

2.3L diesel

12.4 - 17 cubic metres load capacity

Cargo Payload of 17㎥

Fuel Economy of 20km/L

From $45,990AUD

Renault’s Master Van is described as a ‘cargo-carrying powerhouse.’ With up to 12 anchorage points in the cargo area and a load capacity of up to 17 cubic metres for the most giant van in the range, your load will be secured in Renault’s Master van. Renault boasts a comfortable interior with a 7” touchscreen to keep you connected on the go. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are in-built, allowing you to answer calls and communicate on the road safely with ease. 

Master Van offers an efficient 2.3L turbocharged diesel engine in the 6-speed manual that delivers 120kW of power. Safety features like a rear-view camera, clever side wind assist system and numerous airbags mean you and your load are secure at all times. Plus, Renault’s fitted this van with a 100l fuel tank, which keeps you moving on the road longer.

The Master Van is more of a flat rectangular shape, making it wider but shorter. This will be more suited to bigger roads but also makes loading cargo easier.

Ready to take this van for a test drive? Cricks Highway Renault is located at 2 Carlyle Street, Springwood QLD 4127.

Specialising in New & Used Renault Vehicles, Renault Servicing, Renault Parts, Finance, Insurance and Warranty options. They’re honest, professional and are great to deal with.

Fiat Ducato

Fiat Euro 6 Multijet II engines

11.5 cubic metres load capacity / 800-2100kg payload

11.5㎥ payload

Fuel economy of 13km/L

From $38,500AUD

Style meets functionality in this van offering from Fiat. The Fiat Ducato has a striking design tailored for practicality, helping you stay on the road for longer. Each Ducato comes fitted with a Uconnect radio, a 5-inch touchscreen, and Bluetooth, helping you stay connected on the road. Reverse cameras, rollover mitigation, Electronic Stability Control, hill holder and Lande Departure Warning Systems are just some of the safety features included in the Fiat Ducato. 

The Fiat Ducato is a very similar shape to the Volkswagen Crafter, just a smaller option. With a taller, slimmer shape this makes the Fiat suited to the smaller roads and alleys.

The 2.3L Multijet turbo diesel engine packs much power and is incredibly fuel-efficient, helping you stay on the road for less. It only requires yearly servicing and oil changes every 12 months, and a 3-year warranty covers each new Ducato.

Ready to give this exciting van a test drive? East Coast Fiat is prepared to help you.

Running since 2007 in a purpose built 4 acre site, East Coast Fiat are well-known to the local community. Open daily for any customers looking for New & Used Fiat Sales, Finance & Insurance, Servicing, Genuine Parts & Accessories.

Volkswagen Transporter

Multiple engine options

5.8 - 9.3 cubic metres load capacity

5.8 - 9.3㎥ payload

12km/L Fuel economy

From $38,990AUD

Volkswagen’s Transporter has been a trusted Aussie work partner for over 10 years. With safety features like City Emergency Brakes and Front Assist, you can confidently complete any job.

The Transporter is a square boxy shape maximising space for the size of the vehicle. This is suited to smaller jobs without big furniture. 

BlueMotion Technology, Rear Park Distance Control and Bluetooth connectivity are all unique features the Transporter boasts. There are three engine options to choose from, ranging in power from 81kW - 186kW. MOTION technology means it’s ready for any off-road challenges it may face. The Transporter Van comes with plenty of customisation options so you can tailor the vehicle for your businesses needs. Ergonomic interior design allows you to stay on the road in comfort.

4MOTION technology means it’s ready for any off-road challenges it may face. The Transporter Van comes with plenty of customisation options so you can tailor the vehicle for your business needs.

Customisation options include:

  • Rear-wing door optional
  • Towbar kit
  • Cargo barrier
  • And more!

Ready to take this van for a test drive? Visit Austral Volkswagen to test drive the Transporter today.

Highly experienced and focused on impecable customer service, Austral Volkswagen are Queensland's largest Volkswagen dealer. A wide selection of commercial vehicles available as well as Contactless Car Buying, Service, Maintenance, Finance and Warranty.

LDV Deliver 9

2.0L turbo-diesel 4cyl engine

10.97 cubic metres load capacity

9.6㎥ payload

Fuel economy of 13km/L

From A$39,990 for ABN holders

LDV’s Deliver 9 Large Van offers affordability and a spacious cargo area that means you can transport more easily. Advanced safety features like Autonomous Emergency Braking, Lane Departure Warning and a Bosch Electronic Stability Programme are all featured in this vehicle. 

Powered by a powerful diesel Euro V engine that delivers 110kW of power and 375nM of torque, the Deliver 9 van makes transporting furniture, tools and more a breeze. Automatic stop/start ensures the fuel efficiency of this vehicle, meaning you can make deliveries all day long. 

This van is the perfect budget option for your removalist company.

Today, Westpoint Autos LDV are ready to take you for a test drive in the Deliver 6 van. 

Westpoint Autos LDV is the newest member of the Westpoint Autos Group in Indooroopilly and has a range of deals and offers not seen elsewhere! It's a family-run operation, hence you can expect core values applied at every step they take - from commitment to community to providing a leading example. 


Multiple engine options

Load capacity: 7.3-19.6 cubic metres

Payload capacity of up to 5,000kgs

Fuel Economy of 6.25km/L

From A$58,700

IVECO’s Daily E6 van is packed with exciting features like Adaptive Cruise Control, ESP9 suite of stability control technologies, best volume and GVM performance in the market, Electronically Controlled Air Suspensions and heated seats. This van is an industry leader in multiple categories and is one of the most affordable vans to run long-term. 

Fuel economy savers like Eco Mode and Ecoswitch come standard in the Daily E6, and the engine uses less fuel than any of its predecessors. Low emissions, this van is innovative in its design and boasts comfort and performance for your removalist business.

Test drive this van at Brisbane IVECO today.

Strategically located and well-known around Iveco prouds itself in offering world-class services like aftersales care, extended warranty, breakdown support and personalised maintenance contracts.

Mercedes Sprinter

Payload of 17㎥ 

Fuel Economy of 15km/L

Towing capacity of 2000kgs

From $$50,466AUD

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Panel Van is large, stylish and incredibly powerful. Technologically advanced, this van has over 1,000 possible configurations tailored entirely to your needs. Its high safety rating, comfortable interior and incredible reliability are what makes this van a standout on the list. 

Each Mercedes Sprinter Van offers a 5-year warranty and three vehicle lengths and roof heights to choose from; the Sprinter is an excellent choice for any removalist.

You can find a Mercedes-Benz dealership near you at Mercedes-Benz Brisbane.

Located at Breakfast Creek Lifestyle Precinct, Mercedes-Benz Brisbane offers an unparalled service and where a customer always comes first. Part of world's largest Mercedes-Benz retailer group, Brisbane branch offers Sales, Service & Parts and Finance & Insurance. 

Toyota HiAce

1500kg towing capacity

Multiple engine options are available

Fuel economy of 15km/L

9.3㎥ Payload

Starting from: $39,740

The Toyota HiAce is a rear-wheel-drive van that offers functionality and power in a stylish package. There are multiple engine options available to suit your needs, and the TURBO 4 engine boasts 130kW of power and 450nM of torque. 

Packed with safety features, this van has a 5-star ANCAP safety rating. The comfortable interior means any removalist will enjoy comfort even when on the go. Tailored for businesses, the HiAce is an affordable option if you want to expand your business.

The Toyota HiAce boasts an 8.4L/100km fuel efficiency, making it an excellent option for busy removalists who want to stay on the road for longer.

We recommend speaking to the guys at Torque Toyota for more information.

Conveniently located in North Brisbane, multi award winning Torque Toyota pride themselves for serving local community for over two decades now. Highly experienced staff who are always happy to lend a hand is what makes this branch stand out. Offering New & Used Sales, Mobile Service, Maintenance and Parts & Accessories.

Hyundai iLoad

2.5L 4cyl turbo-diesel

2000kg towing capacity

Fuel economy of 11km/L

Payload of 4.4㎥

From $39,680

The Hyundai iLoad is practical and robust and comes packed with unique features to ensure comfort and practicality when you are on the go. With a high ceiling and long wheelbase, the iLoad allows you to indeed carry it all. The 3-seater iLoad has a 4,426L load capacity, which is perfect for your removalist business. 

Enjoy practical security features to ensure your load is protected. The iLoad comes fitted with unique safety features to ensure you always get to where you are going and offers unique features like a touch display and Apple CarPlay to guarantee your comfort on every drive. Outputting 441Nm of torque, the iLoad is fun to drive whilst being fuel-efficient.

Ready to test drive an iLoad today? Bartons Capalaba Hyundai has one ready to test drive the iLoad in person.

Bartons has been serving local residents for over 73 years. What started as a small workshop has now grown into one of the largest family-owned dealerships in Queensland. Customer service being key at Bartons business, they also offer Sales, Service and Parts for any removalist business needs.

Best For Used Vans

Car City

12 acre site

40 independent used car yards

35 years industry experience

Melbourne and Sydney branches

CarCity is the largest used car dealer in the Southern Hemisphere, established in 1985. Their 20 locations provide a very convenient access for anyone in the removalist industry as well as a dedicated teams providing new & used car sales, onsite financing and extended warranty options.

No wonder a number of removalist businesses go straight to CarCity for their car transport shopping needs. There is a car for everyone, so find a bargain from a range of cars in stock for a very fair price.

Conveniently located at 415-473 Maroondah Highway in Melbourne and 591 Carlisle Avenue, Sydney.

Best In New South Wales

Greg Watts

Located in New South Wales area? It is one of the busiest areas for any removalists, Sydney in particular. Therefore, make sure you choose right when looking for a new van for your business - Greg Watts is one of those offering quality, convenience and great customer care!

Best for Used Vans In Western Suburbs

M&G Motors

A family-owned business you can trust - M&G Motors - offer quality vehicles and exceptional mechanical servicing for any removalist in Melbourne. Over 30 years of experience and running since 1988 they always have over a 100 vehicles in stock for you to drive away immediately. 

As with any small business - the benefit is in attention to detail, so rest assured that whenever you call, M&G will be there to answer!

Best For European Vans


SWEA are the experts in automotive parts, vehicle and fleet servicing and used van sales. What's great for any removalist is a fact that SWEA has four  branches in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne areas. So, even if you are running a Canberra removalists business, are on an interstate job and need parts - you'll always find SWEA guys along your route. Established in the 80's as a family business SWEA prides themselves in exemplary service, quality maintenance and great customer care.

  • 35 years of experience with European vehicles
  • Wide range of Used and New OEM parts
  • Professionl service at unbeatable value

Authorized distributors for brands such as Bosch, Hella, and Mann-Filter.

Removalists Summary On Best Vans

Removalists need to invest in a van that offers power, fuel efficiency and load capacity for an affordable price. Your van is one of the most significant investments you will make into your business, so it’s essential to use the information in this article to choose the right car transport for your needs.

Each of the dealerships mentioned in this list has the expertise needed to help you find the right van for your removals business. Contact them today to book a test drive and discuss financing options to suit you.

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Great job, excellent service, still looks as good as new, even after being transferred from Canberra to Perth 3700km. Highly recommend them.
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Very happy with the service i received. Would use again.
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Highly recommend Jamie! Great customer service, fast transport, great care taken with my ride!!!!!