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Relocation Needs | Are Removalists Essential Services?

Relocation Needs | Are Removalists Essential Services?

To answer you directly, yes, removalists are considered essential. Wherever you live, there are removalists present near your area. The variation that may occur is the amount of work that needs to be carried out as some movers are already hired for future removals. You must try searching for local movers within your area that offer affordable rates to see the services being offered and their price range. These things are involved even in interstate relocations but you also need to account for the restrictions in every state which may vary.

To guide you with your planning, we have listed the essential factors you need to know once you’ve expressed your intent to hire removalists or start your own moving business.

Are Removalists Essential Services? 7 Tips to Stay on Top of the Competition

With entering this kind of business endeavor, you have to let potential clients consider your business as important as other industries. So when they are asked the question, ‘Are removalists essential services?’, they won’t hesitate to inquire about your services.

  1. Identify the Type of Services You Aim to Provide

Before anything else, you have to list the kind of services you want to begin offering.

A Single Mover and a Moving Truck: This type of service is appropriate for a single mover laborer. So, if you’re the only one working and with no other companion to accompany you yet, you may begin this service in starting your relocation services. This is also preferred by many, especially for those with small households since the rates are budget-friendly. Here, you only operate the vehicle and assist your customers in loading and unloading their belongings the entire move.

Self-service Move: This is usually preferred by customers who want cheaper alternatives to relocation. The customer won’t have to ask you to load and unload their belongings from the truck. All you have to do is drive the vehicle and let the customer manage the other parts of the relocation process.

Home Relocation: This service type is a bit costly and if you want to offer it, you need to find a trustworthy business partner that you can rely on. Expect clients with medium to large households to avail of this kind of service and the houses to contain two or more rooms, meaning more objects move.

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Commercial Relocation: Even private properties utilized for commercial purposes would also need assistance in relocating. There are several establishments, stores, and other industries that would require help in moving fragile objects and machinery most of the time. One consideration to make is that when you want to offer this service type, you need to hire other individuals to help you in performing the move. This is necessary because you might be required to move a large number of technological equipment which are very heavy.

Packing and Organizing: A lot of customers demand professional packing services for organizing their belongings. This is a tedious job that many wants to avoid, so it’s a big plus to your business if you offer such a service. Thus, learning how to effectively pack various items that differ in size and shape while budgeting the packing materials would be a necessity. Although this may be easy to learn, it would also mean having to invest in the materials too.

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Warehousing: There are instances during the move when your customer would need a storage area where they can keep their belongings. Say, a very harsh thunderstorm occurred in the middle of the relocation, which would have you cancel it but you can’t return to the old address just to return the items. In this scenario, warehousing the items is the best decision.

  1. Choose the Variety of Work You Cater

You need to identify the extent of the service you aim to offer. You may assist customers in relocating depending on the distance. So, if your services can’t cater beyond city limitations, then you don’t need to force it. Focus on what you can offer for now, but once your business expands, that’s when you can include additional services like interstate moves or maybe, international relocation services.

Remember to take one step at a time because once you’ve decided to offer a particular service, you need to account for the expenses that come with it.

  1. Comply with Certification or Registration Requirements

Regardless of the type of business you’re currently operating, you have to comply with the legal requirements that allow you to run it. This also goes for your belongings such as your vehicle and equipment, especially if you’re providing local and interstate moves.

For international moves, additional requirements are needed like the Registered International Mover and the OMNI (Overseas Movers Network International) certifications to allow you to carry out such relocation services. The Federation of International Movers or FIDI is an international alliance of global moving companies that you can also be a member of. Once your clients know that you are part of this alliance, then that means you provide credible services that they can trust.

  1. Avail a Wide Range of Insurances

Insurance is a crucial part of your business endeavor since this serves as a guarantee that the items will be provided compensation if ever damages occur during transit. The same goes for the vehicle and the movers as well.

  1. Establish a Fixed Budget

The computation of your budget depends on all of the expenses you’ll be making. These are the things that will have you spending to keep your business running:

Moving Vehicle: To make relocations possible, a truck is needed to cater to most types of moves. This also entails the maintenance needs of the vehicle and the fuel for it to operate during relocations.

Moving Tools and Equipment: The moving truck should also be prepared for loading and unloading objects so ramps and straps are needed to keep them in place. Dollies are also recommended especially when transporting heavier things.

Packing Materials: If you want to include packing services, you need to be prepared with packing materials like boxes of all sizes, packing tape, bubble wraps, fragile stickers, scissors, markers, and papers for labeling.

Marketing and Advertising: How can you look for potential clients if no one knows about your service? You have to put your business out there by employing various marketing and advertising methods so that many may know about your services. Digital marketing and print media are one of the most reliable ways to spread the word about your business.

Lastly, you have to be in your best physical well-being to be able to perform the demands of the relocation like loading and unloading a variety of items. Hiring other individuals would also mean handling their salaries and compensations too.

  1. Conduct Investigations on Your Potential Competition and Compare Prices

To operate well in the relocation industry, you have to look out for your competitors. As much as we hate to say this, competition will always exist and you need to explore things that will surely set you apart from them. Look into their feedback and think of ways that you can outperform them. What changes would you like to apply that is certainly unique from other moving companies? Consider that aspect too.

  1. Get Involved with Multiple Removal-Related Organizations

Being a member of the different relocation-related organizations would definitely be an advantageous quality to your business because this only means you are recognized by the organization itself as they’ve carefully reviewed the quality of service you offer. That way, potential customers won’t have to question the credibility of the work that you provide.


Establishing a removal business requires a lot of things and having to let people feel that your industry is a necessity is the first step. Many still do not know the significance of having professional movers handle the relocation process and this is your sign to address this misconception through your business.

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