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7 Useful Tips for a Home Move in a Rainy Day

7 Useful Tips for a Home Move in a Rainy Day

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Getting ready for your move? Planning ahead of time your moving, sometimes, still does not go as you originally planned. Rain can be predicted but can occasionally be forgotten to be checked due to hectic schedules and admitted carelessness.

To help you be prepared, we have gathered useful tips that you can easily follow to keep your belongings safe and dry even it is raining.

1. WRAP IT ALL IN PLASTIC! Make a chance to transform everything into waterproof!

Let the rain pour itself out because you've got plastic in your back, pal! Sometimes, even the best laid-out plan can go astray. So, when life treats you with a little downpour during your move, thank it back with the handy-dandy plastic in your hands.

Wrap everything as much as possible: your electronics, clothes, comforters, some furniture, and appliances. Ideally, anything can be damaged because of the rain. And there is only one common solution to deal with this problem and that is to wrap everything that needs wrapping. You can either wrap these belongings before putting them in a box or box them first then wrap the box with plastic. Make sure everything is sealed before heading to the truck to ensure that no drop of water can penetrate the box. 

2. TRASH BAGS: THE SAVER OF THE DAY! Toss everything in your little unsung hero and proceed to move.

Toss clothes and paper items in the trash bags. The most commonly neglected but most usable thing you have in your house are the trash bags. Use this underrated hero in your move during rainy days to save you from all the hassle. Keep each family's clothing separate for easier access after the move. You can also put your teddy bears and anything else you want to put in as long as it does not easily break eg. glass.

3. COMFORTERS TO GIVE COMFORT TO YOUR FURNITURE. Sometimes plastic ain't enough for these bulky furnaces.

Sheets might be too thin to repel water, so instead of using one, you can opt to use comforters as a temporary measure to protect the furniture in light rain. Consequently, plastic wraps can be easily torn apart if used in these big items, so it is advisable to use comforters instead. It is never too late to come up with this solution for this tip will never let you down.

4. SKIP SKIMPING YOUR RAIN GEAR. Do not just take precautions on your movables, but also on yourself.

Do not ever forget to include yourself to take safety measures during moving on a rainy day. Everything is more prone to happen during this dilemma so as much as you take good care of your things, try to include yourself on the list that needs protecting. Gear yourself up with non-slip shoes, rain slickers and boots, umbrellas, and baseball caps or hats.

5. BE THERE BEFORE THE MOVERS. Carve out some time to prep your new home before the movers arrive.

If you are hiring removalists to assist you with your move, make sure to arrive at your new home earlier than them. A few simple and useful steps can make all the difference between an unorganized, chaotic moving day and one that runs smoothly. Prep your house before your removalist Adelaide or removalist Pert arrive. You can lay down a welcome mat to delimit the dirt and mud in your new home. Use your best judgement when choosing a particular mat for this purpose. You can't just put your expensive wool rug to be stepped on. That's not worth its price, right?

6. PUT OUT PLENTY OF OLD TOWELS.  Make use of these oldies to aid everyone from being too wet.

Have towels on hand that you don't mind getting potentially dirtied or ruined. When the removalist arrives, lend them some towels to wipe the water and dirt off their bodies and clothes. They will need these to wipe their hands and faces, and even to dry off the items they are moving.

7. LAY DOWN DRY CARDBOARD BOXES. Create an anti-slip surface on the floor to avoid accidents.

Make use of your extra boxes to lay on the floor to avoid unpredicted accidents. Bare tiles, marble, and wood floors can get really slippery especially when you go in and out with wet shoes, so it is essential to create these walkways. Aside from it giving another source of extra protection, it can absorb mud from shoes and boots thus lessening the amount of dirt in your new home.

As we all know, moving is challenging and will add more challenges if it’s raining. The tips above will surely help you big time in your move, especially on a rainy day. Getting help from trusted removalists Perth or removalists Adelaide can also make a big difference. If you decide to do so, looking for help from trusted removalists in your area is easier with Upmove. Just submit one request and Upmove will connect you to a network of moving companies all around Australia. Select the best removalist that will ensure you a smooth move even when it’s raining.

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Budget-friendly removalists. Trusted by thousands of customers. Door to Door delivery. Same Day service. Fixed Prices.
9.7 · 1,052 reviews
What are you moving?

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