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7 Home Improvements to Make Before Moving In

7 Home Improvements to Make Before Moving In

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Now that you have finally purchased a new home, you surely will be very busy planning and getting ready for your move. You will be occupied with a lot of pre-moving tasks such as decluttering and packing your stuff. And if you plan to hire a removalist, you’ll have spend time to do your research to ensure you hire a reliable home mover in Australia. That’s a lot of things to do that home improvement will be the last thing on your mind. However, home improvement is best tackled before you move into your new home, according to experts.

With no furniture to worry about, whatever improvements you want to do in your new home will be easier and faster. Plus, you won’t be risking your health by being exposed to hazardous elements such as dust from the renovation, paint odours, etc. while renovations are being made. 

So here are some of the important home improvement projects you should do before you move in.

1. Change the locks

Even if you think you can trust the previous homeowners, you don’t know who has a copy of the keys to your new home. You and your family’s safety should be your topmost priority.

So make sure to contact a locksmith and have all the locks changed, most especially the external keys, before moving in. It’s also a high time to consider adding heavy-duty deadbolts for added security.

2. Replace the batteries of the alarms and detectors

It may not seem like an urgent matter to replace the batteries of smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, especially when you are busy with your home move. But it’s best you put this on your to-do list and tackle this before moving in to avoid forgetting to do so.

3. Paint the walls

When there’s no furniture to move or cover, the painting will be much easier and faster. If you are going to hire a professional to paint your new home, you can save money since the job will only be focused on the painting job rather than moving your furniture to keep it from any spills. This is also important if you consider doing a bathroom renovation.

4. Remove popcorn ceiling and walls

If you have purchased an older house, there is a chance that this probably has popcorn ceiling and walls as this was the thing before to hide imperfections of the ceiling and walls, but you have to remember that this may contain asbestos and other irritants. It is better you have this removed, and the best time to remove this is when you and your family have not moved in yet, as it is a very messy task.

5. Replace the Flooring

Whether you are replacing the flooring of your new home because you don’t like it or because there is a lot of visible damage to it, the perfect time to do so is before you move in. You don’t want to be moving your furniture twice, do you? It is an added hassle. Also, it can save time, and money (if hiring a flooring company) because they won’t have to deal with moving your furniture away from their work area. This is also a great option to maximise space in your bathroom and other key areas in your new home, without committing to any major renovations.

6. Call Pest Control

There should be no place for termites, bugs, mice and other pests in your new home. Make sure to take steps to prevent pests from settling in your new home. These pests can be very destructive, aside from the fact that they are unpleasant or frightening. So before moving in, make sure to deep clean your new home, seal possible entry points and reinforce barriers. If your neighbours have barriers and you don’t, insects will find your new home very suitable for them and will relocate the whole colony. If you noticed that there could already be pests in your new home, the best way to go is to fumigate before moving in.

But all these can be avoided by hiring a trusted professional to conduct termite and pest inspections prior to you buying a new home. A building inspection prior to purchase is also a must. If you are relocating to Brisbane, Action Property Inspections provides a comprehensive pre-purchase building inspection which includes house interior inspection, roof interior and exterior inspection, allotment inspection etc to help you ensure that the property you are buying is safe and secure for you and your family to live in.

7. Child/pet-proofing

If you have kids or pets, necessary adjustments to your new home are essential to keep them all safe. If the previous homeowner has children or pets, lucky you because you won’t be needing that many adjustments. But if not, making necessary adjustments to your new home is best done before you move in. You don’t want your kids or pets running around your house, especially on moving day, with all the hazards hanging around.

The process of relocating is very stressful and it is only right to be able to relax and settle in as soon as you move into your new home. By having your new home in tip-top shape after tackling major home improvements, settling in will be easier for you and your family.

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Budget-friendly removalists. Trusted by thousands of customers. Door to Door delivery. Same Day service. Fixed Prices.
9.8 · 1,022 reviews
What are you moving?

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