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How to Move Heavy Furniture Without Damaging Floors

By · November 20 2020
How to Move Heavy Furniture Without Damaging Floors

It can be a challenging task to move heavy furniture from one space to another particularly if you are doing it yourself. You may harm your back during the course. A lot of people are having a rough time doing it without damaging the floors. Whether they are made of carpet, tile or hardwood, your floors are especially vulnerable to damage during the process.

Dropping suddenly of heavy furniture or other items can leave your floor with dents. On the other hand, dragging can cause an entire tile to break and may leave large dents or scratch marks to your hardwood floor. It may also cause rips or tears in the carpet. These are some worst cases that may happen if we are not familiar with how to move furniture the right way. Use these effective and safe ways of moving heavy furniture without damaging floors.

Disassemble the Furniture

Moving heavy furniture is not an easy job so it is better to avoid moving furniture as-is. Therefore, disassembling furniture if possible is a great start to lighten the furniture items.  Reducing the moving load will also reduce the strain on your body when moving, a more convenient way to shift items and of course may avoid possible dangers like shattering the glass of your valuable dressing table or even sliding of the drawers of your favourite desk on the floor.

If you own a lot of luxurious and heavy furniture and you are not familiar with how to dismantle the items, getting assistance from two men and a truck will make your move convenient and stress-free. Also, you are sure that you are not damaging any parts of the home like the walls and most especially the floor. But keep in mind, you need to inform them in advance for them to bring the necessary tools for disassembling your furniture.

Clear the Floor

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Cleanliness of the floor is essential for every home especially if you are planning to move heavy furniture. Make sure everything is off the floor and to clear the path. This is to avoid tripping which may cause you to drop the item that you are carrying or even bumping into things in your path.  This will not only damage the furniture and floor but can injure yourself. Significantly, sweeping and mopping are necessary to remove all the gravel and grit which can cause scratches on the floor during the move. 

Have a Dolly

For the things you need before the move, moving dolly is a great tool that could be of most help during a move because it can simplify the process. It comes in various shapes and designs to allow you to move any type of heavy equipment to its place. You need to remember to choose an appropriate dolly for your job. To avoid any scratches on the floor, ensure to use dolly with rubber wheels but make sure those tires are clean, too.

Now, you have two options, you can buy your own dolly or rent one. If you will be using it frequently, it is better to purchase your own dolly in a local convenience store or in a hardware store. But if you will just be using it one time and you do not have any space to store it after, better to rent one. Most moving companies have dollies for rent at a very reasonable price so you can save more money.

Have Moving Blankets

Another way to move furniture safely is with the use of moving blankets. They provide ultimate protection to your furniture since they are padded. All you need to do is lift the heavy furniture, slide the moving blanket underneath, and wrap the whole item. In this way, you can prevent any damages on the floor and at the same time, avoid any dents to the walls and in the item. Now, you can easily manoeuvre furniture out of your home.

During an interstate move, moving blankets are very useful to protect valuable furniture while they are in long transit. Use tape or straps to hold the moving blankets in place during the move.  Buying moving blankets is fantastic since you can reuse it for your next move but if you are on a tight budget, old towels and cardboards can be used as alternatives.

Proper way of Lifting

Now, you have all the items needed, moving the items is the real challenge.  You need to make sure you move heavy furniture slowly and carefully to avoid hurting the floors and mainly yourself. Property damage is bad, but personal injury is worse, so you need to make sure this will be prevented. Here are some ways to have a proper way of lifting furniture according to some reliable removalists in town.

Lifting heavy furniture by yourself is strenuous, so remember to lift weight not with your back muscles but with your legs.  All you need to do is bend on your knees but maintain your back in a straight position and use the force of your lower limbs to lift the furniture or any other heavy items. Also, keep heavy furniture close to your body and your eyes in front of you to avoid any distractions. Lastly, it’s no secret to do the task slowly and carefully.

Ask for help

Moving heavy and valuable furniture is a complicated task.  Now, if you are planning to do it yourself, you need to think twice. As mentioned above, there are a lot of possible risks – damaging heavy furniture, scratching, and denting the floor and worse, personal injury. Asking help from strong and fit friends or family members is a good choice.


Following these steps can make a big difference in how you move your expensive and cherished furniture without damaging your equally cherished floors. But if you are still intimidated and want to avoid mistakes (especially damaging the floor), hiring professional men that move is the best option.  Connect with Australia's trusted home movers, local and interstate removalists through Upmove. With these professional mover's vast experience with any type of move, surely you want to keep your home free from any damage once you move out and of course, you can sleep without any worries.

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