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Tips on Keeping Kids Busy on Moving Day

Tips on Keeping Kids Busy on Moving Day

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Moving is an exciting yet challenging task you may experience once in your life. It is even trickier if you have little kids. You are not only planning and preparing for all the necessary tasks before your move, but you also need to answer their numerous questions and help them adjust to the changes for their well-being. Once the moving day arrives, there are people coming in and out of your home such as your removalists to load your belongings in the moving truck. For this reason, you need to make sure your kids are entertained for them to avoid distracting people working and keep them away from the people moving appliances or furniture to avoid any injuries. 

Are moving soon and thinking of ways how to keep your kids busy on a moving day? Don’t worry, you are not alone. If you are not sure what to do, here are some tips you can follow to make your move safe for your whole family.

1. Get your kids involved 

One of the best things to do is to get your kids involved during the preparation. This will not only lessen the burden of doing all the tasks but will affect your kids positively if they accomplish the tasks in a fun and optimistic way. Also, this will give them confidence and a sense of control over the changes that they are currently facing. 

  • Let them pack their own "First Night" box

Let your kids pack their own first-night essential box or bag. This way, you will make them busy and at the same time, they can pack all the things they need. It usually includes a change of clothes, towels, pyjamas, favourite blanket and pillow, doll or stuffed animal, electronic games and toiletries. These items, especially their favourite toys will make them more comfortable and will make sure that the items are safe when arriving at your new home.   

  • Let them decorate the moving boxes 

Once they are done with their own box or bag of essentials, you can also let your kids decorate moving boxes. Give them some stickers, coloured markers or pens, and even crayons and let them draw anything they like. This is applicable to toddlers as they have wild imaginations. If you are worried about the visibility of the labels of each box, you can label the box and assign your kids to follow or fill the letters to make it more visible. 

2. Take your kids for a walk

When your removalists Adelaide are loading the boxes and appliances in the moving truck, you can use this time to take your kids for a walk in the neighbourhood. If you are a couple, both of you don’t need to moderate the whole moving process.  One of you can step away from moving activities and let your kids take one last walk to look around to have a proper goodbye to the area. 

3. Ask relatives/friends or hire a babysitter to look after your kids

If you and your partner need to oversee the move, you can ask nearby relatives for help. Your relatives can walk around your kids in the area if the weather permits. If the weather is not suitable for a walk, they can just stay at your relatives' home to play games or even watch movies.  

But if you don’t have nearby relatives, asking your close friends to look after your kids is also a good idea. On the other hand, if your children have close friends, you can ask their parents if it’s okay with them to watch them over while you are busy with the home move. This will also give the kids an opportunity to properly say farewell and play with them one last time.

However, if there are no friends or family nearby, hiring a babysitter to look after your young children during your move is the best choice. This will still give you peace of mind that your kids are safe and will enable you to focus on the moving process such as last-minute packing, cleaning and even checking the work of your removalists.

4. Keep your kids busy outside by playing in the backyard

Playing in the backyard is also one of the things to keep your kids entertained on your moving day. But before doing this, make sure that the weather is pleasant. You also need to prepare snacks and drinks for them to avoid going in and out of the house. Take note that you should check the backyard’s safety and have some rules if you leave them playing.

You can suggest games they can play without unpacking their packed toys. You can tell them to play hide and seek, games of tags or even hopscotch. The kids will surely have a lot of fun and they will also have less energy at the end of the day which will give you time to relax after the moving day.

5. Create a safe room for kids on a moving day

Creating a safe room for your children is also a good idea especially if the weather is not good.  Select a room for your kids and let them play whatever they like. Just make sure to notify your removalists Perth that the room is off-limits since the kids are playing or doing activities inside to be entertained or you can place a sign on the door. 

  • Books

Books are one of the best options for your kids to be entertained during the moving day. If they can read by themselves, you can buy new books and make sure it’s their favourite genre or from their favourite author. If your kids are younger and can’t read yet, you can give them some picture books to look through. This way, your kids will be busy and will surely stay inside the safe room. 

  • Playing video games

Another activity for them to enjoy is playing video games. If you have already packed your TV, desk computer and other video game consoles, you have the option to use portable electronics such as smartphones, tablets, or a laptop. This will keep them entertained for several hours until the moving process is already finished.

  • Movies

If your kids are too young to play video games or don’t like to play video games, you can also let them watch movies or cartoons during the day. Just make sure they are interested in the show. This will attract their attention and will surely stay in front of the screen.

  • Toys and games

For your little kids, let them choose and keep a few of their favourite toys like dolls, action figures, building blocks, or car miniatures and pack the remaining toys. This will make them comfortable during the moving day and busy during the moving day especially when your removalists are already loading your heavy and large belongings. 

If your kids are old enough, you can let them play board games, cards or introduce indoor game activities. This will keep your kids occupied during and at the same time, they will be more interested and excited if it is a new game for them. Both young and young kids will surely appreciate it if you will buy a new toy or just introduce a new game.

6. Hire a trusted and reputable removalist

Hiring a trusted and reputable removalist will be the best and most convenient way to move mainly if you have kids. This will lessen your tasks, particularly the physical labour of loading your belongings in the moving truck. This will also help you avoid moving mistakes that may cause injuries to you and your family while moving and damage to your belongings. 

Searching for the right removalist can also be challenging. But with the help of Upmove, you can reach all trusted and reputable removalists around Australia quickly, with just one enquiry. You can also find transport providers for motorcycle transportation, car transportation and even boat transportation within the platform.

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