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Understanding the Cost to Transport a Car

By · January 12 2021
Understanding the Cost to Transport a Car

If you are thinking about transporting your car locally or interstate, one of your biggest concerns is likely to be the price. The cost is not just any numbers picked randomly so it’s hard to nail down. You need to consider several factors to identify its cost. Understanding how removalists calculate will help you plan an efficient and cost-effective transport. Here are some common variables that identify how much it costs to transport a car.


This is one of the most obvious variables affecting the cost of transporting your car. No need to be a rocket scientist to know that the further the distance the car is to be transported, the higher the car transport cost. The reason is mainly because of increased labour charges, fuel charges, ferry costs, and tolls. Payment type can also make a difference for example paying cash for cars will usually be cheaper than doing it online.

Car Type (Size, Weight, and Modification)

Car type contributes greatly to the cost of transportation. Bigger cars like SUVs, vans or trucks occupy larger space on the trailer and it’s heavier which requires more fuel to haul making it more expensive. While sedans or compacts are cheaper to transport because they occupy only a small space on the trailer thus more cars can be carried by the moving company.

Modifications on the car such as changing the size of your tyres and changes you’ve made to your suspension (like being lowered or lifted) will definitely alter the price of the transport. This is because the transporter needs to adjust the standard vehicle height of the trailer to accommodate your car and occupies greater space. This also requires more effort and time for the carrier to haul your car safely thus making it more expensive.

Condition of the Car

Another thing to consider is the condition of the car. If your car is not operational: non-running or non-drivable, this will require additional time, effort and special equipment for the transporter to winch or even pull and push the car on and off the trailer thus making it more costly. But if your car is in running condition, it will be easy for them to load and unload it on the trailer and will not require special equipment and additional effort and time, so it will not require an additional cost as well.

Type of Transportation (Open Or Enclosed)

You have two options on how to transport your car - open or enclosed. It depends on you what you will choose. Their difference is quite simple. For open car transport, it is cheaper because they use an open trailer. It is usually a double-decker type of vehicle that can carry up to 10 cars on two separate levels thus making it more cost-effective since the shipping cost can be divided with all the cars in the trailer. But take note, open trailers have no sides and no roof, so your car is exposed to many elements while on transit. You can check some of them out at tow truck Sydney, for example.

If you own a luxurious and expensive car, better choose an enclosed car transport. Yes, it’s more expensive since enclosed trailers are smaller compared to an open trailer, having only a capacity of up to 6 cars. It holds fewer vehicles on a trip that is why its cost is higher up to 40% to 60% than an open trailer.  But your car will be in a fully-enclosed trailer which has a roof and four sides which provides a safe and secure environment for your car during transportation. Your car will be protected from the elements, so it is a lot safer than open car transport.

Popularity of the Route

Living in a big city is a major advantage if you want to transport your car. If your area is easily accessible and there is a great number of removalists servicing your area, expect to pay less for the transport. Remember, time equals money which means that if you are shipping a car on a popular route, then it will cost less.

Living in the rural area means your route is less popular and you are making the removalists drive out of the main route to pick up or drop off your car. This will incur additional costs for gas and time, making you pay more.

Timeframe Flexibility

If you need your car to be delivered immediately, you will surely pay more since expedited ones require fast and correct planning for transportation. Transport companies will have to prioritize your transport making it more expensive. On the other hand, it will be less if you are flexible about your car arrival on the delivery destination. This way, the removalists have the time to plan for the transport to make it cost-effective and efficient.

Season of the Year

Expect to pay more if you're moving during peak months. Just like other services, moving companies are based on the cost of the demand for a specific route. If there are a great number of cars going in one route, it drives the price up since the demand for the service is high. Making the spots available on the trucks for transport limited and their ability to fulfil the job according to customers’ timeframe.

If you want to reduce the cost of your car transport, make sure to prepare everything in advance. Remember to do a lot of research about the carriers available in your area based on their credibility and professionalism. If you don’t have time researching, using Upmove is the perfect option to do. You can reach all Australia’s trusted car transport companies with just one enquiry, which truly saves your time.

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