Tips For Hiring Quality Removalist

By · October 5 2020
Tips For Hiring Quality Removalist

Preparing for a home move? It can be exciting to make a big change in your life and start anew. But let’s face it, leaving your comfort zone can be unsettling and leaving family and friends can cause sadness. Having to deal with those emotions, plus the actual process of the move can be draining.

Hiring a removalist can surely help decrease your stress and help you focus more on the positive side when moving to a new home. Finding a quality removalist can be a tough task though, so here are few tips you can follow that will surely help you get the best removalist that you need.

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Be upfront with your estimator 

It is important that you let the removalist know the exact number of boxes, furniture, and other belongings you’d like to move so that they can give you an accurate quote and see if they have what it takes to complete your move. Some removalist may refuse to move items that were not disclosed prior to the moving date.

Important information should be disclosed to your removalists like if they will have to deal with stairs in the house, narrow or steep paths that can affect the ability to move. This can be a basis for the removalist's price as well.

Get multiple quotes

Get 3 to 5 quotes so you have a good range to review. Carefully check what services the removalist includes on their quote. Be sure to ask about possible extra charges you may incur to avoid surprises along the way.

Discuss insurance coverage

An accident is something you don’t hope to happen, but if ever it does happen, you want to make sure you’re covered.

Ask the removalists if they are insured. Check to see if their insurance policy will cover your belongings if something goes wrong during the move. Also, this also helps you determine the legitimacy of a removalist.  

Check reviews from previous customers

Your decision should not fully depend on the price, customer experience should be a big factor as well. The cheapest removalist to do the job may be the best for you, but we should also look past the price. Take time to read reviews about the company to get an idea of what type of moving company you’re going to be working with. Be on the lookout for feedback specific to how the company handles issues like broken or missing items.

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