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List of Items You Should Toss Before Your Home Move

By · October 31 2021
List of Items You Should Toss Before Your Home Move

Owning plenty of items is a big challenge when you plan to move. Thus, home move is the ideal time to declutter for you to get rid of unwanted items you currently have. Decluttering means lesser stuff you need to pack and move which also means lesser efforts during packing and lesser space in the moving truck and fewer staff needed when moving. As a result, you will be paying less to your hired removalists. Additionally, you can make new room for your new belongings at your new home and lastly, you will live clutter-free.

If you are moving out soon and are not sure what items you need to toss before you start the packing process, here is a list of items you should toss before your home move. 

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1. Broken or damaged belongings

Sometimes, people tend to keep belongings due to their history or sentimental value even if it is already broken or damaged. So, before you start the decluttering process, you should already decide whether you will bring them to your new home. Once you finish weighing things, it’s time to start identifying the items you will be bringing and throwing away. If possible, create an inventory list of items you want to bring to your new home, both big and small for you to avoid forgetting any belongings.   

For items that are no longer repairable, make sure to correctly dispose of these items. For items that only need some TLC, you can still sell these items on release sites which may also help you earn some cash. Remember, the less items you need to pack and move, the less time and effort you need to do these tasks. But if you plan to get help from removalists Peth, it means more affordable rates for you.

2. Flammable or toxic materials

You need to remember that any flammable or toxic materials can pose a threat not only to the belongings you will be moving but also to the lives of your removalists. Hence, all removalists Adelaide and all removalists all over Australia won’t allow these items to be loaded in the moving truck. This includes ammunition, car batteries, open paint cans, acids, gas tanks from a grill, gasoline and all other flammable, corrosive, and explosive items.

If you decide to bring these items to your new home, you need to transport them yourself. The removalists will not take a risk to move these. If not, you may dispose of these items properly or donate it to a neighbor or a friend who can use these items. Another alternative is to take the products to a collection point for hazardous waste in your community. This way, you can avoid any issues if disposed incorrectly.

3. Unused and unneeded items

A home move, especially an interstate one usually means a chance to start fresh. Thus, a lot of people declutter before the packing process. During this process, you will surely find multiple items you and your family are not using and needed anymore. These include old clothes, kitchenware you no longer need, books, out of date electronics and even furniture or appliances you think you no longer need in your new home.

You have two options for these items. You can either sell, or donate them. If you still have a lot of time to have a garage sale, do it! This way, you will be earning extra money for your move. However, if you are quite busy, you can offer the items to your friends or neighbors who are willing to take them. If not, you can also donate them to a local charity who will be happy to accept the items.

4. Old or expired food items

Cleaning your fridge and freezer should be done before your home move. During this time, you will also have the opportunity to check on how much food you currently have. Identify the expiration dates of food, beverages, and condiments. If possible, consume these food items immediately. You also have the option to donate them to your friends. If not, to a local charity in your area and be sure to throw out expired food items.

When your moving day is almost near, you should limit your tips to grocery stores and if you can, cook the left-over supplies instead of spending money on buying take out foods or eating out. This way, you can save money and avoid wasting food.

5. Trash

Last but not the least, don’t forget to throw away all the trash you have accumulated once you have finished decluttering and packing. The next owner will not be pleased to see the trash you have left. Also, if you have left your junk by the curb and were unable to get picked up in a timely manner by wasting the collector, your neighbors would surely be irritated. So, it is important to properly dispose of all your garbage before departing your old home.

Once you have finished distinguishing what belongings you will be bringing and tossing away, it’s time to decide if you will hire a removalist or not. If you think hiring a moving company is the better thing to do, you can visit Upmove. With just one enquiry, you can reach out to all Australia's trusted and professional removalists, saving you time and giving you a more convenient move.

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