How To Properly Pack Boxes For Your Move

By · October 14 2020
How To Properly Pack Boxes For Your Move

You’d think that packing boxes is a no brainer, but you’re probably wrong. If you’re packing boxes for moving, you don’t just toss random items in the box. You wanted to make sure that your valuable possessions will arrive safely to your new home. And to ensure that, the packing should be done properly.

Here are some tips on how to make sure your items are well-packed for your move.

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Prepare your packing supplies  

Before you start the packing, make sure you have all the packing supplies you needed.

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Cushioning materials (bubble wrap, packing paper, paper towels, and     fabrics such as clothing, beddings, and towels)
  • Packing tape
  • Permanent markers
  • Scissors

To be more sustainable, you can source moving boxes from friends, neighbours, or nearby local stores, but make sure that the boxes are still sturdy enough to hold the items that you put into the box.

Wrap the items well

Wrapping your items before putting it in the box is essential to keep those items from scratches, dents, or worst, from breaking. Use bubble wrap to protect fragile and delicate items then secure with tape. You may also use cloth or paper towels and old newspapers to wrap your items. Just make sure you avoid using newspaper when wrapping light-coloured items, as the ink can rub off. 

Pack heavier items at the bottom

Heavier items should go into the box first, then put the lighter items on top of it. This way, you keep the light items from being crushed by the heavier items. This will also give the box a solid base, making it easier to lift.

Do not overload or underload your boxes

As much as you wanted to save the space in your box, you also wanted to make sure that the box will survive the trip.

If the box is too heavy, it may rupture. If the box is under load, it may collapse when another box is stack on top of it. So, you need to make sure that your box is full, but not too heavy. Boxes should weigh around 30 pounds. Keeping the contents of the box on the right amount of weight makes it easier to lift it as well. Fill in empty spaces with packing peanuts or crumpled paper to prevent the items inside from shifting.

Seal it up

Tape your moving box tightly using packing tape. Seal the top, the bottom, and the sides – including the seams, with a decent amount of packing tape to keep it from splitting open during the trip.

Label each box

Label each box with the room it belongs to. This will help you or your removalists to identify which room should the box be placed. If it holds fragile items, remember to label it ‘FRAGILE’ too.

Avoid labelling the box with its list of contents. This may attract potential thieves as it will make it easier for them to identify what’s inside the box. Instead, make a list of the contents for each box.

Moving can be stressful, so the least we wanted is to discover damaged items when unpacking. Following these tips will make your move easier. Combine that with hiring professional removalists, you can ensure a smooth transition to your new home.

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