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How to Make Your Home Move Sustainable

By · October 31 2020
How to Make Your Home Move Sustainable

For the past years, a lot of major environmental issues took place: including climate change, environmental destruction, and pollution. More and more people are now becoming more aware of these problems and are doing their own ways to help lessen the environmental impact of their daily activities. But when moving to a new home, you might think that it's impossible to make it sustainable. 

Although it might seem impossible to make your home moving sustainable for the environment, it does not mean that there are no ways to do so.

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If you are planning a home move and is concern about its impact on the environment, then you are in the right place. Check out some of the tips for a sustainable move.

1.   Declutter home before the move

Decluttering your home should be your first and major task. This is the best opportunity for you to re-evaluate all your possessions. This is the time for you to ask yourself what you are going to do with the things you are not going to bring. There are some options for you.

First, if you have a lot of great and expensive items that you prefer to sell, you can have a garage sale a few weekends before your move. This is a great way to find new homes for your old belongings and at the same time making a few bucks.

Then, you can donate remaining items that are in decent conditions to a charity rather than throwing these items away. This initiative can benefit people who are less fortunate in your community and it will be easier for you to get rid of those things before moving.

2.   Dispose of any materials in an eco-friendly way

When you move, there are some materials that you need to dispose of properly; especially those hazardous materials we kept in a safe place. Most of them need to be disposed of carefully like gasoline, ammonia, kerosene, and acids. You can give them to neighbours or friends if you can. Or if not, you can contact any local waste disposal company, so they can properly dispose it for you.

There are some whitegoods and other materials which are longer valuable and usable. We also need to dispose of them accordingly. These may include paints, lighting, and batteries.

3.   Use eco-friendly moving boxes

Needing a lot of boxes is a common thing when packing. First, you look for old boxes or bins available at your home and use those. Also, instead of buying new boxes, you can ask families or friends for their pre-loved boxes. It is sustainable and at the same time will help you save a lot of money from buying new ones. Another way is to rent reusable plastic crates. You can use these a lot of times before they need to be recycled again. Aside from that, it is easier to stack them in the moving truck and is much durable than cardboard boxes which means lesser chances of damaging any items during the move.

Using bubble wraps and foam peanuts is necessary to protect your belongings al throughout the journey of moving, but think twice. There are eco-friendly materials you can use that can do the job just as well.  Get those towels and some clothes that you have. You would also need to pack these items anyway, so why not use them to protect your other belongings instead? You can save money, space, and the environment as well.

4.   Hire an eco-friendly removalist

Many companies in the moving industry are aware of the possible effects of their business on the environment. Thus, a lot of removalists are now adopting eco-friendly moving practices through having energy-efficient vehicles and most importantly, reusable the materials for packing. 

All these tips are easy and hopefully, are a great help for your home move. If you want to look for an eco-friendly removalist, Upmove is the best marketplace to use. Just submit one listing and Upmove will reach out to its network of local and interstate removalists that are ready to help you with your sustainable home move.

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