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Guide on Moving Home When You Are Pregnant

By · September 10 2021
Guide on Moving Home When You Are Pregnant

For people who have experienced moving to a new home, we all know that it can be stressful. But it can be even more of a hassle if you’re pregnant, from nausea to serious pregnancy fatigue while you’re attempting to pack and move from your old house to a new one.

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With the right planning and help, you can move while pregnant and not lose your mind. Here is a guide that can be helpful when moving home while pregnant in order to alleviate stress and make it smoother and easier.

1. Planning and organising

Pregnancy has a huge effect not just on your body, but on your mind. By planning and organizing your move ahead of time, you have a greater chance to avoid the stress that is usually associated with this process. Write a to-do list and create checklists so you don’t leave anything behind. Knowing what’s supposed to be happening at each stage reduces anxiety and keeps everyone on the same page. So, plan everything and organize it before moving!

2. Packing in advance

As soon as you know you’re moving, get packing but do this process slowly. Set a goal for each day and try to stick to that schedule. Packing in advance gives you time to prepare and carefully pack slowly to alleviate the physical strain. While packing, you have to stay hydrated and have a well-relaxed mind because if not, this will add more stress. Don’t forget to get help from your partner or housemates, stick to carrying smaller things and avoid lifting heavy boxes that can put you and your baby in possible danger.

3. Labelling all your boxes

Just like moving, pregnancy has a great effect not only on your body but also on your mind. There will be so much going on during your move, as well as in your pregnancy and remember which boxes belong to a specific room is a challenge. Thus, labelling is essential. Label all your boxes with their contents, especially your pregnancy essentials. If you’ve already worked out your new home’s layout and the room they should go in, this will keep them on track and the items far easier while packing and unpacking. Separate and clearly mark boxes that contain fragile items so that you can’t forget their contents and have a safer position during the moving day.

4. Bringing all your pregnancy essentials

If you’re pregnant, make sure you also pack a box of pregnancy essentials so that you’re completely prepared as you move in. From pregnancy pillows and baby essentials to your pregnancy cravings. Pack some foods and living essentials that can help you to make everything smoother on the first day in your home. These are the important things that you never ever forget when you move to a new home because pregnancy must have great preparations.

5. Hiring reliable and professional removalists

On your moving day, you have to give plenty of time to yourself and relax since you are pregnant, don’t keep rushing as you may be putting yourself and your baby at risk. The most efficient way to move to a new home is to hire professional movers like removalists Perth if you are moving in Perth, or removalists Sydney if you are moving in Sydney. Professional interstate removalists are more reliable and efficient at handling bulky items such as furniture and heavy boxes during your move. So hiring their service has a higher result of a safer moving process which will greatly reduce your stress and anxiety.

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