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Essential Contacts to Notify When Moving Home

By · August 10 2021
Essential Contacts to Notify When Moving Home

Moving to a new place involves a lot of planning and preparation. You will surely feel overwhelmed since it seems like you’re not going to run out of tasks you need to achieve. To help you big time, creating a list of tasks will help you make your move organized. At the same time, you will feel satisfied when you see each of the tasks cross out your moving checklist. Your list should include decluttering, packing, cleaning, supervising your removalist and of course the task that people usually forget, notifying important contact before a home move.

Not sure who to notify when moving? Don’t worry, we have gathered this list of important contacts you should notify when moving. This way, your moving stress will lessen and avoid further problems.

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1. Postal Service 

First on the list is the postal service. You need to make sure that all your mails will be redirected to your new address to avoid any issues such as lost mail. Nowadays, it is easier to make an address update online since you have the option to set it up for a specific address. Just search online for a change address at the Australian post office. Do this at least a week before your moving day or better as soon as you have an exact address to your new place.

2. Utilities / Service Providers

All your service providers should be aware of your home move. Make it a priority to inform service providers ahead of time since you need to arrange a transfer of your utilities such as water, electricity, and gas and of course, your service providers for your cable, telephone, and internet. Doing it at least a week before the moving day will remove all the struggle without these services when you arrive at your new home and will surely avoid unwanted bills that you haven’t even used.

3. Financial Institution

Nowadays, identity theft is common so make sure to notify your bank and credit card company about your approaching home move. Your address is a piece of sensitive information that is also a factor in your identity. So, if possible, notify them as soon as you have the date to avoid any issues. You may try to call them and see if you can update your address online or doing it in person would be a better idea.

Before hiring a removalist Adelaide, or removalist Perth for your move, you surely want to make sure that all statements and important documents are sent to the right home address. Thus, you also need to notify your insurance providers about your new home address. It’s essential to have it transferred to your new address, particularly the insurance of your home.

4. Job

Even if you receive your payment directly to your bank account, informing your employer that you will move to a new home is necessary. If you wonder why, it is simply because your employer will need your new address to send your tax forms, insurance information, pay stubs and other important documents related to work.

5. Healthcare

Health is wealth so don’t forget to inform your trusted healthcare institution or individuals about your move. This includes insurance companies and doctors’ offices. They need to get your new address for billing and mailing purposes. If you need to move long-distance, you can also ask for referrals from them for you to find new healthcare providers without difficulty.

6. School

If you have kids who are already going to school, make sure to contact your kids’ school as soon as you finalise your moving date. Finding a new school ahead of time for your kids to transfer will be a big help. This way, you can arrange for school records to be transferred early. This will avoid any issues and will guarantee that your kids will have a smooth transition. Also, make sure to schedule a visit to the new school for your kids to meet their school principal and soon-to-be teachers. This will also give them an idea of the new environment they are going to adapt to.

7. Removalists

To make a move easier and more convenient, hiring a removalist is on top of the list. You need to find trusted and professional removalists to make sure that everything will be arranged before the moving day. Remember to keep in contact with them and don’t forget to confirm the correct collection and delivery addresses for your big move. If you still don’t know where to look, Upmove can help. You just need to submit one listing and Upmove will reach out to its trusted and professional removalists all over Australia.

8. Friends and Family

Last but not least are your friends and family. Of course, you want to inform them about this exciting news of your life. Also, if there’s a special occasion such as birthdays or holidays, your friends and family will send cards or even gifts. You definitely want to receive it, right? So, don’t forget to notify them as soon as you already have the date of your move.

Notifying everyone in the list above will certainly take so much of your time. However, this is necessary to avoid any issues such as lost items which will do more work for you in the future. So, make sure to update your new address as soon as you have the moving date.

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