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Common Home Moving Delays and How to Handle Them

By · October 20 2021
Common Home Moving Delays and How to Handle Them

Whether you are planning to move locally or interstate, a home move is always challenging. Nevertheless, the key to a successful and smooth move is proper planning and preparation. There are tasks you need to monitor because one oversight could lead to mistakes that will cost you more time and money. However, no matter how prepared you are for your move, there are still unforeseen circumstances that are out of your control which can cause delays to the moving process and can add stress to you. 

Even if you hire a removalist and do their best to relocate your belongings on time, delays may still happen. To make this matter easier for you to cope with, we have listed the common causes of moving delays and how to manage them. This way, you are better prepared for your moving day. 

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1. Harsh weather

The weather is one of the common causes of moving delays.  Having harsh weather such as heavy rain or snow will make the roads slippery. Driving a large truck is not as easy as you think driving a smaller vehicle. This is even more challenging if you will be travelling interstate which means a longer time of travel. Thus, there is a big chance your removalists Perth will be late on the scheduled time since they need to be very careful and sometimes, they need to pull over and wait until the condition is better. Remember, this is an inevitable cause of delay and you need to be ready for whatever mother nature will offer to you.

2. Traffic

If you are living in a big busy city, you need to keep in mind that traffic jams are common. If possible, plot out your moving route ahead of time for you to be able to identify the best way to your new home. This way, you will be able to identify in advance the things you need to avoid such as busy roads, community events and even road closings. However, road accidents are unpreventable so, if possible, choose a less busy day and month for a home move which gives you a big chance of a faster and convenient home move.

3. Break downs

Fixing breakdowns can take hours, which will cause a delay in your move. Before you hire removalists to help you out with your move, you may ask them how old their trucks or vans are and how often the vehicles are serviced. Yes, breakdowns are unavoidable even if you ask these questions since it is part of the normal wear and tear of moving trucks or vans. However, there is still room for hope. On the other hand, removalists surely inspect their moving trucks before they start going to your location. However, there is still a possibility that issues will arise when on the road.

4. Location

Your home location is another factor that may cause delays. If your home is in an urban area, you need to make sure you have reserved a parking spot for the moving truck of your hired removalists Adelaide to make loading faster and convenient. Furthermore, if the road to your home is along an unpaved and curvy road or worse, a narrow one, it will be difficult for their big truck to pass through. In this case, you need to make sure to inform your removalists about the road for them to prepare a smaller truck but it will surely require multiple trips especially if you own a lot of belongings.  

How to Handle This Potential Delays

Above are the most common reasons for moving delays which can make you worried and disappointed during your moving day. For this reason, you need to change your expectations and expect the worst. Don’t worry, your hired moving company will do their best to be able to arrive based on the estimated time of arrival they have provided. Also, they will inform you of any delays that may happen. Here are the things you can do to handle these potential delays.

  • Have a backup plan if some delays may occur.

  • Remain calm and positive even if there are some delays.

  • Inform your realtor and the utility companies about possible delays in leaving your old home.

  • Be sure to set aside a budget not only for the moving cost but for unexpected ones such as delays.

  • To remove all the stress, do something fun with your friends and family rather than sitting in an empty home thinking about the delayed move.

Moving home is just a temporary event you may experience even once in your life so don’t be stressed out. How you handle moving delays is very important. Be sure to remove all the negativity and hire trusted, professional, and experienced removalists. If you are in Australia, Upmove is here to help. This way, you can start a fresh and positive life in the new home.

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