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Apartment Moving Tips for a Smooth Relocation

By · February 6 2021
Apartment Moving Tips for a Smooth Relocation

Almost every person has experienced moving from one apartment to another, especially if new opportunities knock on their doors. If you are one of them, you should consider yourself lucky. You have new journeys ahead of you, you’ll experience new adventures and live in a new neighbourhood. But let’s be real, moving to a new place is challenging. From finding an apartment that suits your needs for space, overall comfort, and location and then planning how to move your stuff to your new apartment.

To help you out, here are some simple tips you can follow for a smooth relocation. 

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1. Proper Notice

Once you decided that it’s time to move, remember to review your lease of agreement. The lease will outline all necessary steps you need to take before leaving the apartment to avoid any additional charges for the apartment you are no longer living in. This includes giving a proper notice which is usually a written one. Make sure to start writing 30 to 60 days before the moving day, or even 90 days for some lease. This will alert your landlord and your nice neighbours about your move and will give you enough time to have a fond and unforgettable farewell to everyone.  

2. Timeline and a Checklist

Procrastination is one thing that you should avoid especially during preparation for a move. Be sure to make a timeline at least a month in advance with all the tasks that you need to do and of course, make sure to follow this timeline accordingly. This will give you enough time to pack each belonging carefully and to do other necessary tasks which include cleaning the whole unit and moving out all items.

On the other hand, creating a checklist will be a good idea to avoid forgetting important things and items before the move. Your checklist should include all belongings for each room, cleaning process, move-out inspection, utilities, and removalists that can help your move easier and more convenient. Plus, you will also feel great once you cross out each activity you’ve finished on your checklist.

3. Move-out Inspection

A move-out inspection is usually required before moving so don’t forget to contact your property manager and schedule an inspection. You will have the opportunity to ask for any repairs required on the unit and can avoid any surprising charges. It will make you confident once you receive the statement of your security deposit. Additionally, you can ask for advice on how to clean the whole unit especially those areas which people usually forget. By this, you will get enough time to do all the repairs and cleaning required to have a smooth process of moving out.

4. Repairs

Having normal wear and tear on the surfaces and appliances occurs in every apartment which is acceptable. But for other damages that are beyond the normal wear and tear, you will be responsible for making any repairs and paying all charges for it. Be sure to check your lease document about the required conditions before leaving the apartment which includes patching nail holes in the walls, painting walls back to their original colours, and particularly any other damages the unit has undergone since you moved in. This will avoid any last-minute issues during the moving day.

5. Deep Clean

If you were able to find an apartment that already charges a fixed cleaning fee on their leases, you do not need to worry about this step anymore, you can just leave your apartment as it is. But you need to follow this step and clean your whole unit if your place doesn’t hire any cleaners. Be sure to deep clean the apartment the way you want your new apartment to be once you’ve arrived. Even if you are tempted to leave some items in the place like rugs, expensive couches, or any cleaning supplies which may be beneficial to the new resident, you need to remember to follow instructions as stated in your contract.

Cleaning can be challenging since you need to do it thoroughly and you need to follow the right order of cleaning. Be sure to work from the top (walls, ceiling fans, windows) to the bottom (floors, carpets, baseboards). This will allow dust and dirt from the top to fall to the ground while you are cleaning so you don’t need to redo sweeping or vacuuming several times which will definitely consume your time. Thus, following your timeline is vital to avoid any issues before your move.

6. Documentation 

Once everything is ready for your move, documentation is necessary. When you have crossed out almost everything in your checklist including the move-out inspection, repairs, and cleaning, be sure to take photos or even a video of how you will be leaving your old place. These photos or videos will serve as evidence that will prevent you from being charged for damages created after you move out and particularly avoid any conflicts with the property manager that may arise.

Remember to keep the photos and videos until you have already received your security deposit back. This will serve as proof that you did your best in cleaning thoroughly the whole apartment leaving the place in good, clear, and clean condition. This is also applicable once you arrived in your new apartment. Make sure to check the whole area and report immediately for any damages to the property manager even if the damages don't concern you for them to do proper actions and avoid paying charges for damages you haven’t made.

7. Hiring a Moving Company

Preparing for an upcoming apartment move is tough so asking for help is necessary. You have the option to recruit family or friends to help you out or getting a trusted moving company. Moving with the help of family and friends is like a double-edged sword. It will make your relationship with them closer before moving out and it might be less expensive. But one downside is that without proper knowledge of the moving process, it may lead to moving mistakes like damaged items or worse, injuries to you or to the people helping you which will cost you more money.

If you wanted to have a smooth apartment move, hiring trusted and professional men for that move is a great choice. Your move will be executed and handled carefully and efficiently since the people working are experienced and knowledgeable enough to handle the move. Looking for a removalist in Australia? Upmove is your best choice to hire trusted movers in your area. With just one request, you will receive multiple quotes that you can choose from.

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