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5 Hassle-Free Ways in Moving Your Stove or Range at Home

By · July 23 2021
5 Hassle-Free Ways in Moving Your Stove or Range at Home

Stoves are heavy and one of the things that we don't move often. Are you one of the many people who don’t have any idea how to move a stove or range? If yes, we highly suggest getting assistance from trusted and professional removalists, as they have a lot of experience as well as proper equipment to ensure your stove or range is moved in the right way.

However, if you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to move your stove or range by yourself, be it by moving or for house remodelling, here are some 5 hassle-free ways you can use in moving your stove in no time!

1. CLEAN IT! Deep cleaning for stoves is best.

Greasy stoves are harder to transfer compared to clean ones. You can't grip when it's greasy, right? Nonetheless, carry it without hurting your finger or toes. Cleaning your stove or range calls for a lot of benefits especially when you want your transfer to be as smooth as possible. You don't want traces of grease all over your place, aren't you?  

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To clean your stove, you need to start with detachable parts like the knobs, oven racks, stove grates, and broiler pans. You can clean these straight at your sink. Once clean, wrap it up and make sure you dried the water from it completely. Then put these parts in a safe place or put them in a temporary box so as not to misplace them or for easier access later.

Next, if you already lose your stove's manufacturing guidelines, you can check out on the internet your stove's brand guidelines on cleaning it. Most of the time, it will require you to have a degreaser, dishrag, cleanser, and water. Follow all the necessary steps written there and make sure not to skip a step!

2. DISCONNECT IT! It is better to arrange a professional service for this one. Say no to your 'let me do it instead' self.

Disconnecting your stove is not just unplugging it from your wall. It takes a lot more than that. Before proceeding to this step, you may want your gas line to be shut off as much as possible. During this process, never unplug your stove from its electrical outlet for this may create a very small risk of sparking. Make sure the pipes are capped. It is better to let the professionals handle this to eliminate the risks of accidents. You may pay a little more, but life is more important than anything!

3. UNPLUG IT! Safely unplug the unit, off to your sweaty hands.

Most important of all! Unplug it unless you want to keep it there that way. You can't transfer your stove when it's still connected to the socket, right? Using a little common sense, this should be the easiest step there is. Just make sure to unplug it with your hands completely dry.

4. WRAP IT AND PULL IT AWAY! First things first, wrap it and keep it cushioned.

Before pulling the stove away from the wall, you may want to wrap it first and make sure it is cushioned well to prohibit dents and keep it from being dysfunctional. Make sure to secure the cords properly. You can use tape to keep the cords in the stove's body and remember to hold the doors of the oven to keep it from flapping while you're moving it.

5. DOLLY IT BABY! Move smoothly with a dolly!

When transferring your stove, it is a must to use a dolly to refrain you from having too much strain and stress. A dolly is a great transferring tool that will enable you to move the stove anywhere you like with lesser hassle. You can also use a dolly when you need to transport your stove to another place. You can find it online if you don't have one. Promise, a dolly saves time, sweat, and stress.

6. LET REMOVALISTS HANDLE IT! Avoid the hassle and stress!

This is the advantage of hiring professional moving companies. If you hire them, they will surely do all the moving and packing of your stove or range which will keep your mind at ease as they are experienced enough. At the same time, they have all the right equipment to pack your items, so you don’t need to rent or buy a dolly and even the packing materials.

Finding a trusted and reliable moving company can be daunting. But with Upmove, it makes all your work as easy as pie. With their network of removalists Perth, removalists Adelaide and movers all around Australia, you can just easily submit one listing and receive multiple quotes in no time. Giving you a hassle-free move of your stove or range.

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